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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:55 am 
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1. She was late. Didn't want to meet her at the train control station. Ask her to come up to meet me instead.

2. She texted me. "Turn around." I was standing with my back facing her looking across the road.

3. I saw her. Shook her hand. And asked for her name again.

4. Walked with her and asked her how do you know who I was. She said because of my profile on the dating app that she scrolled through.

5. Began to ask her questions. Can't remember but one of the questions I asked her is why she look so thin. She claims she is fat. Overweight. I said you have an hour glass shape. So it's fine. She laughed. But I was feeling awkward trying to guide her across the road towards our first cafe.

6. As we walked on the zebra crossing, I nudged her to one side so that my body is facing the oncoming traffic. In between, I was doing that but I felt unnatural.

7. Then I asked her about her horoscope, if she is cancer? She said:" Long story." Something along the line of her being adopted so she has 2 birthdays. As she talks, I physically escalated with her by holding on to her shoulders and said: "I didn't expect to bring up sad story." She was shocked by my empathy but not evasive. I told her I should have gotten tissues as I didn't bring it along tonight. She laughed it off and said it's nothing.

As we walked, I nudged her again so that my body is facing the oncoming traffic.

8. As we were about to reach the place, she was walking everywhere on the road. I nudged her again saying: "This is not your grandfather's road." She laughed it off again. I noticed she laughed to anything I say. Well, it could be because I am dressed very nicely.

9. We arrived at the place. Opened the door for her. Looked at the menu. She was hesitant about ordering. I invaded her space and went to speak softly into her ears. She was apprehensive and stepped back. I didn't step back. She ordered the drinks and accepted my recommendation and I proceeded to lead her towards the table. First, I wanted the armchair but realize that we cannot get physically intimate as we will be seating across each other. Then I proceeded to the table nearer to the washroom but she pointed out it was a toilet and then moved to a place beside the window. She sat. And I went to order the food.

10. As I took the fruit tart to her. I purposefully sat across her. She asked: why don't I sit beside her? (this was because she was hesitant about ordering the fruit tart. She doesn't like the sweetness of the look and I told her if she tasted and doesn't like it I'll take over).

11. She didn't touch the fruit tart and asked me why I don't want to eat it. I mentioned the above and was annoyed at her over exaggerated kindness and went to buy a cheese cake instead as she mentioned she loves wine.

12. I brought the cheese cake and asked if she would like to swap. She said no. I tried to eat the cake by first removing the layer of plastic covering the cake. I was a little clumsy and then the drinks came in. It was hot. We didn't like it and I went to get it changed.

13. After I came back. I continued with peeling the plastic but it wasn't there. And I knew it was removed by her as I saw the plastic cover but I proclaimed heaven must have love me because I could finally have my cake. I asked if she saw anyone touched my cake. She said no and laughed mentioning something which I can't remember. This is where we began to get a little closer.

14. How was your fruit tart? I prompted. She said it's sour. She asked me about my cake. And told me it could be dry. I've tried it. And concurred with what she just deduced.

I mentioned something along the line of CSI. That she might have the potential to be a criminal detective and help SPAM instead. She laughed.

Seriously by now I think she laughed at anything I say. She's into me. My instincts tell me. By I am still feeling nervous.

15. I continued the conversation with her on having a fruitful life. She has more life experience than me. And I denounced my mission to stop playing world of war craft. She asked if I've watched it. I didn't say I did, but I just mentioned the plot was way off from what I've played.

16. She mentioned it was good. The movie was good. I brushed it off rushing to physically escalate with her a 2nd time. She asked me what do I do for a living? I said one of my jobs is to sell dreams and hope. (this part got blurred) And she asked if I sell religion. I said no and I'll show her what I do.

Asked for her hand and told her that she is unhappy at her job. She said I was wrong.

I told her she was either full of worries or full of thoughts. She said I'm wrong again.

I told her she has tonnes of savings because of bulging palm. She said this is definitely wrong.

I was embarrassed. And I said you just killed of one of my jobs. She laughed.

17. She asked how many jobs you have. I said I have 6 including the one you just killed.

18. In between I think I've tried to touch her hands plentiful. She wasn't resisting. And I tried to look at her right eye which claims to be more emotional. No evidence though.

19. We were interrupted by the staff. And she asked where do we go. I mentioned wine. As we stepped out, I told her I didn't do my homework and so we were frantically searching for a nearby bar. I lied. I have already prepared the place. Saw this roof bar near the hotel. A walking distance away.

20. The good news is as we were walking to the destination, I noticed we have to cross the road. I held her wrist and pulled her. But there wasn't much traffic so we literally walk across the road and I held her wrist for like 8 seconds. She didn't resist.

21. We were in the lift. I stood near her to press the lift's button and stepped backwards again. I can't confirm this, but I knew she is comfortable with me invading her space.

22. We bounced from one table to the next because the noise is horrible. The air is horrible and the traffic noise sucks. Worst part of all, the menu wasn't attractive enough as I remember I love the Vodka and red bull mix from Thailand. And she didn't have the beer she wanted.

23. We bounced again calling grab to CHIJMES.

24. At CHIJMES we sat down at a place where she is familiar with. Something about her ex and her friends at the place. We talked about beer and I exaggerated my ability to finish a tower of beer. And she told me that she can finish a Vodka bottle in 2 hours.

25. We didn't physically escalate alot. But we talked about her trip in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand. She had many memories with her ex. (ex husband)

26. Probed her asking about the hostility in Hong Kong. She concurred. Any funny things happened in Hong Kong? She mentioned about getting scolded by an auntie who told them to move to the back with the big luggage and all. (as we alighted from the cab. I told her the only memories I had in CHIJMES was diarrhea and food poison. I was a waiter and after the job is done we threw garbage into the trash and run straight to the buffet spread left over by the customers. Needless to say I described what we throw and on how we lick our fingers not knowing the bacteria that still reside from the garbage.)

27. We bounced from one table to the next. I didn't lead because I didn't know where to sit. But once we settled, I bounced her again but I didn't hold her hands or anything. She was super easy to move around.

28. She wanted to go back. Claimed she has work tomorrow at 6am. I told her my dilemma whether should I listen to the bad boy in me or mommy boy. She said middle. So I called grab and we went to Clarke Quay.

29. During the ride I found out about her phobia in water and I teach her. And I touched her knees. Pausing there for at least 3s. She didn't show any resistance.

30. At Clarke Quay as we walked, I play my hands at her shoulders and told her I sell dreams and hope and I'll charge her cheaper for my service. She didn't resist or duck.

31. I do not know how should I react but whenever she needs to find toilet I would initiate with the strangers and ask for directions and walk pretty far with her behind me. I assume I should lead.

32. Whenever I physically escalate with her, I would look at the direction of the touch instead of her eyes.

33. I don't look at her when my fingers are being naughty except when talking. This is one aspect I need to change.

34. While sitting down. I held her hands and told her to be careful not to fall. As I reminded her that she has small feet for a tall body. She laughed.

35. We talked, I stepped up and told her she has some white hair. And I pointed my fingers to her ears.

36. It became funny when I was playing with her ears instead of her hair and I told her. "you know I was being cheeky." she laughed nodding.

37. We talk about her addiction to horror in the comfort of her bed and insist she must have many pillows. When she said no. I told her I have 5 pillows. She said I was insecure. I told her my ex girlfriend likes a lot of pillow.

41. I swear when I first saw her. She had an hour glass shape.

43. I do not know how to physically escalate with her in Clarke Quay. So I brought her back to her home. She was resisting about bringing me to her home but I knew she was renting so I thought I could escalate just below her house.

44. She wanted to buy me a drink but I didn't take it. I should have let her invested but because I thought I could share the drink with her.

45. In the car she did offer to share the drink. But I didn't take the offer. I spoke very close to her ears and told her she look very sweet when she smiles. She was apprehensive, almost to the point of not believing me. I reminded her about the water and I touched her knees again.

46. Dropped of. Hinted her if I could go up to pee. She said I have to be quiet.

47. I bid goodbye. Grabbed her hand and pulled her lips to mine's.

48. She closed her eyes. I stuck out my tongue, but she didn't reciprocate.

49. We kissed again. I sent her back to the lift. On the way, I pulled her hand. But there wasn't any reciprocity.

50. We didn't let go until we reached the lift.

51. Kissed her before we went in to the lift. I was hesitant about leaving. She assume I needed the toilet.

52. I was afraid and excited. And kissed her one last time while squeezing her butt. She didn't resist. I should have finished the job.

53. Left the place. Ask her if she would be OK. She texted me after she reached home.

54. We met again another time at her place.


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:13 am 
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there was a lay ? where ?

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 Post subject: Re: Tinder Date and Lay
PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:48 pm 
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Why is this writing so awkward? This bullet point interaction better have not been close to the way it went because it made me uncomfortable with how you explained it. Gave me the chills. Weird.

 Post subject: Re: Tinder Date and Lay
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:04 pm 
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you didnt lay you left as an afc.

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