Over 75 lays from PoF and OKC.. some things I learned

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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2014 9:49 am 
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I like you have had many meetings with girls over the year Ive used internet dating. One thing I would always suggest is like you say meeting somewhere out of there social circle, I usually suggest a local bar where I know there's little booths, makes it a little more intimate too!

I would say I'm an average looking fella, I rely a lot on my humour and confidence, I always use kino and I can count on one hand the number of girls that I haven't laid from around 80-90 dates over an 18 month period!

The thing you mention about flakes I also agree on I myself had a similar situation once, and after I called her out on her flakes and then suggested we "meet as friends with no pressure" she agree'd and after a drink in the bar we were back at her place and I was getting action in no time, and she kept coming back for more!

My advice would be, find a good opener, not a canned one, make your own... I use a tongue in cheek line, something to get there attention, after the open 90% of the time they'll then proceed to check out your profile; Make sure you have a good array of pictures I have one of me at my friends wedding, one of me in a club and one of me holding my friends puppy!

My profile is and Ill admit it a copy cut and paste profile I found on here a few months ago and it gets a lot of attention!

The online game for me is great for getting laid, If I wanted to settle down I'd move more towards meeting girls through social circles etc.


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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2014 12:00 am 
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Yea agree with Logan on meeting outside their social circle, if you meet them with their friends you are walking into a situation where you are already plan B, meet 1on1 you are plan A. Pretty rare a girl will suggest this anyway except maybe younger chicks, 1on1 you can get laid first date 90% of the time, throw friends into the mix you can slash that number dramatically, and if you think about it not hard to figure out why.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:23 am 
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You must be a very good looking guy to get that many lays, but haven't admitted this, so post a link to your OKC and POF profiles for us to check them out.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:49 pm 
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how in the flying fuck does someone get 80-90 dates in a year and a half from a dating site?? Fuck me, if I got that many dates I'd get laid too sometimes. I've been doing it for about 10 years and I've managed to get about 10 dates, got laid with just one of them

btw online dating is my only hope, never gotten anything, not even a kiss, through other means. And I'm actually a slightly above average looking guy, but probably one of the worst people you'll ever meet when it comes to talking to women.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:17 am 
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You - like me - are very good at getting women online. And a few years ago I came to the realization I was using online dating as a bit of a crutch because I was deathly afraid to approach women. And I worked on that part of myself and am MUCH better. Yet I still meet some women online/through Tinder.

I aree with the following:

"Once the messages start, it's very time sensitive. You want to build a connection fast and get her number and get out of there. Any normal, high value woman is going to delete her profile within a day or two of making it because of how many creeps are bombarding her. Otherwise you're stuck dealing with the "lifers" who are usually the least likely to meet up anyways. "

I pretty much never ask for a woman's number though. They give it to me. I'm just very good at putting a woman to ease and my friends are amazed by the number of women who come to my house without having ever met me to watch a movie or hang out (half the time they want to meet right away and I tell them I don't feel like it and tell them I'm going to watch a movie instead and at least half of them are down with coming over).

And I love that you call them "lifers." That made me grin. A lot of these women have self-esteem issues and I agree - the high-quality women typically delete their profile within a few days or weeks. I typically push meeting with the high-quality women because of this - I say something like, "You seem pretty fun. I want to meet up for a drink" and it tends to do the trick.

I decided to write a free e-book on the subject of online dating but am not yet done with it.

And to the other guys - yes - being good-looking helps. In the realm of online dating, it helps more than it does 'in real life' (especially on Tinder).

Though of course, without confidence and social skills a guy is going to be hindered (me in high school).

To get responses from women you can't go with the usual "Hi" or "What's up" garbage. Attractive women get that 100 times a day along with "You're beautiful/hot/etc."

You need to stand out. Your first message should be under 20 words. And keep this in mind - men are analytical and women are emotional - which is why my dating profile is written from an emotional POV.

Tell women what you're passionate about - make it exciting.

OK - I'll stop now. I didn't mean to hijack your thread OP. But I do think you're a cool guy for giving advice and sharing your experience.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:19 am 
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Online dating is a great tool if you're looking to have more sex and meet women. I've used it almost exclusively and have some really crazy stories and have had tons of sex over the years. However, I'm still completely clueless when it comes to bar/club game and socially a little inept as well. But if you're just looking to increase your lays, online dating should always be considered.

It's very true that pictures are a major part of the battle. Find out what your best pictures are and use them. Try to be wearing a different outfit and be at a different venue in each picture. Don't use any selfies in front of a mirror unless you're extremely good looking. I use a picture of myself at a bar, a casino, and home with my dog.

Don't obsess over openers like some of the people on here seem to. If your goal is just to get a response, then sure... send some crazy paragraph. I can't tell you how many women I've met who tell me about some of the openers they get like the "I've married and divorced you in my mind" one and we both have a good laugh over how pathetic that is. You may get a response due to the shock factor but you're most likely not helping your cause to get laid with a calculated opener like that. Seriously, "hey. how's it going? What do you think about this crazy online dating thing?" works pretty well for me.

When I send a message, a woman will usually view my profile within 2-3 minutes. I can then expect a response within a minute and if I don't get one, it means she isn't interested 99% of the time.

As far as profile construction, again don't obsess over what to write. Keep it brief since writing huge paragraphs just makes you look like a tryhard. Also try to include things that are universally liked such as traveling, the importance of family, ambition.. etc. Basically only include things that you feel confident every single woman on the app can relate to. DON'T mention video games. DON'T mention religion or politics. DON'T say you're a vegetarian or big into hunting. Things like that could cost you a lay here or there. I'm an atheist and I used to put that in my profile and I can't imagine how many women it turned away.

Once the messages start, it's very time sensitive. You want to build a connection fast and get her number and get out of there. Any normal, high value woman is going to delete her profile within a day or two of making it because of how many creeps are bombarding her. Otherwise you're stuck dealing with the "lifers" who are usually the least likely to meet up anyways.

One quirk I've learned about getting a girl's number is never to give out your number and tell them to text/call you. It usually ends the communication completely unless there's very strong interest. Remember, a girl with any value is going to be juggling a lot of conversations. If you just give out your number she will most likely dismiss it. Ask her for her number and be direct about it. "What's your number? Texting is easier" usually works. If she spins some BS about wanting to talk more first or not being comfortable giving out her number, GET OUT. She's not worth the effort and almost certainly won't hook up with you.

Resist the urge to try and meet the girl the same day you start talking. I know it can work sometimes but in my experience it usually creeps a girl out and makes her reconsider talking to you. It reeks of desperation when you immediately are trying to meet someone in person. However, setting up a date a week in advance is a surefire way to have the girl flake. Oh yeah, flakes. They're common. Girls will get sick. Called into work. Things will come up. I've heard every excuse under the sun. It takes a lot to drag a girl out of her comfort zone.

I love using the word "spontaneous." It really resonates with women for some reason. Every girl thinks of herself as spontaneous. Work that into the conversation and watch her qualify herself by saying how spontaneous she is. From there, you can suggest putting that spontaneity to the test and meeting up. "Nothing to lose, right?" Girls almost always agree when I do this... but there's still a high flake chance so be advised.

I see a lot of advocates of these elaborate dates where you take a girl go-karting and out to dinner and salsa dancing... etc. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have the money to blow on hundreds of internet girls for that stuff. Coffee is almost always what I suggest. It's cheap, you can get it literally 24/7, and it's pretty non-threatening to a woman. I treat the coffee date kind of like a daygame approach where you go in, demonstrate value, and impose a time constraint and leave. I usually work in a kiss too. The second date is when I F-close and it works pretty well that way.

An almost foolproof way to judge your success after the first date is to see if they text you. DO NOT tell them to text you when they get home or anything like that. Just see what happens. If you get a text within 24 hours you're almost surely going to lay them. And if you don't hear from them, it's probably going to be an uphill battle / lost cause. Again there are exceptions but I've found this to be pretty accurate.

Most importantly, always keep messaging girls and keep them flowing because whoever is in your current pool is bound to fall out sooner rather than later. I make it a habit to immediately get on the apps and message new women after a date just to get some new prospects. I've had days where I went on four different coffee dates in one evening. Fortunately online dating is becoming more and more mainstream so it's not just for socially awkward fat chicks. I hope some of this helped.

So basically what you are saying is just lie about who you are, hide what you do for a living/your hobbies, religion etc in case you put her off and then have the fucking nerve to get angry and don't put up with HER BULLSHIT when she wants to get to know you better by talking on the phone first before meeting you and don't put up with HER BULLSHIT if she's not comfortable about giving out her number? You actually have the fucking nerve to sit there like some fucking jumped up, little shit and laughably tell us that SHE'S not worth it?? Why? She's asking you two perfectly normal and reasonable requests so why is she not worth it? Is it because you couldn't give a flying fuck about HER comfort zone or what SHE might want and because she's not singing to your fucking tune then you have to GET OUT and fast.

You know what you are dude. A shallow, pathetic, creepy, lying, desperate, two faced, little cunt.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:27 pm 
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brandnew2, i admire your information, and was wondering if you could help me with my online dating skills, my profire is sweetfuturecpa on okcupid and jewishgangster138 on pof. please help, im going nuts

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 11:50 am 
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Wow, thanks for that long list. I don't personally like online game but it's always good to learn new aspects of game from experience.

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