How to Get Back in the Game after a few Years of a Relationship

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:30 am 
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Let me start off with I never thought I would be back on here. I was in a great relationship for years with a beautiful, successful, amazing, fun, yadda yadda yadda lady. But it got to a point where things didn’t work out.

Now that I’m back on the prowl again, I don’t have the same type of swagger as before. It was so frustrating remembering how easy it use to be. But getting back into the action felt ice cold. And for the life of my I couldn’t figure out why. Was I too old now? What the hell is up!? Thankfully I was able to overcome the challenge and through a bit of reflection I was able to pin point the problems and get back to my old self again.

Below is a list of things I did to get my groove back.

1. Forgive yourself out of the gate. You haven’t been in the mindset to talk to ladies in years. It’s going to take a minute to recover. Think if you use to be a great runner then you didn’t run for two years. It’s going to take a couple of runs to get back in shape.

2. Reflect on your life and priorities. I realized I use to devote a bit more time and energy to talking to the gals. Currently I’ve been working on some pretty big projects that are time and energy intensive. At this point in my life they are pretty important and I want to see them succeed. If it means a few less nights out - so be it. They will have bigger returns in the long term and will make it easier with the game once completed.

3. Get enough sleep! This is a simple one but ultra important. Because I’ve been working so hard on the projects, I’ve been sleeping about 60% less than normal. This weekend I gave myself a break and slept in on Saturday. The effects are immediate. I felt so much better so quick.

4. Build your physical testosterone back up. Go to the gym and lift heavy weights. Lay off the dairy. Eat healthy and a lot of unprocessed plants. Eat a lot!

5. Take a trip down memory lane and visualize how you use to feel prior to going out of a night of crushing it. Then visualize that same powerfulness in this current day.

6. But new clothes. If you’ve been with someone for a couple years, it’s easy to let your threads go out of style. Get some fresh new ones to feel confident again. Go full Barney Stinson and do a suit out night.

7. Go out by yourself. I have some of the best night when I go out by myself. Much more nimble and easier to talk to people. Forces interaction. Put your phone on airplane mode, leave it in your pocket and be in the moment.

Hope this helps for anyone who has dated someone for a few years, goes through a break up and trying to find their swagger again.

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Solid post brother. Great straight up advice.

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