New to the Art of the pick up.... Where should I start?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:24 am 
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New to the Art of the pick up.... Where should I start?

Someone from introductions said start approaching immediately, what next, start flirting, ask her out...?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:43 pm 
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Where to start,

1st and easiest, make sure you are styling, you can’t change the way you look but you can change your look. Make sure all your clothes look new and clean, including shoes. There is a saying, single men who shop at Costco stay single. Get clothes that are stylish, if you are on budget shop Macy's when they have sales, you get some very stylish paints and shirts for $20 to $35 on sale. Women pay very close attention to how you dress!

2nd. start watching as many PUA videos you can, they are adding some great videos on this site.

3rd. get in the mindset you are better than the women you are talking to, this does not mean be arrogant, just confident.

4th. get in the habit of talking to every woman you come across, regardless of age or appearance. This helps you build a natural conversation technique

5th. Watch comedians and romance comedies. This helps you become witty, which goes a long way. Learning Improv is a great conversation technique. Avoid wasting time listening to talk radio crap. Especially political junk, these things will put you in the wrong mindset and adds nothing worth talking about with a woman. As they always say, never talk about Politics or Religion.

6th. Avoid spending time on social media. Get out and meet people in person. Socialize. Get involved in hobbies, sports or activities you’re passionate about. The more things you are involved in the more things you have to talk about or have in common with someone.

7th. Get a wingman, one who is a PUA or working on it. This is great for building game. Better yet, get a wingman, there is a thing called the pre-selection process. When women see you with or talking to an attractive woman, automatically instinct subconsciously puts you in a higher value.

8th understand the key points of the game
• Approach
• Flirting
• Conversation
• Push/Pull
• Adding value to yourself
• Escalating the relationship
• Sex triggers
• Closing

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