I said something I didnt mean and created a misunderstanding

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:57 pm 
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I was friends with this girl for about a year, got along great with her for the most part. We had great conversation and she even mentioned I was one of her best friends. Unfortunately, she texted me she wanted a break from texting after she also texted me that I "said things about people, like the way they look", I took about ten days to call her back, she either didn't know it was me or she pretended and texted me to find out if it was me. We texted a bit and I mentioned I wanted to see her new hairstyle after she mentioned it on our text conversation. she texted back lol on one text and OK on a second and I didn't text her back that night. I texted her back five days later and she said she was busy and could not talk.
We have a mutual friend and he mentioned that he was hanging out with her about a week later. I started a message saying that things I didn't mean like "I know you have intel on yet so do I..." which I was NOT going to text to her (I accidentally pushed the send button!) I was just trying to write to clear my mind and find out what she meant by that text a month ago about me saying things about people. She sent me an angry text saying we shouldn't be friends any more and that she couldn't hang out with me cause of her boyfriend, which was BS cause our mutual friend called me to pick her up at his house at five in the morning (!) the day after she texted me to clarify why I was being weird. I think it was her "revenge" as I think she saw my text to mean that I was spreading gossip or trying to gain information on her when I said I had Intel on her...which is not what I meant or what I did.
My question is is it worth it to contact her and explain that I really did not mean any harm? I still want her in my life, even if its just as a friend. If you guys think its a good idea to contact her should I apologize or just ask her how she is doing? please give me your opinion on what is likely to help best. Also, is there a way to contact her so my message will disappear after a while, such as face-books disappearing conversations?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:05 am 
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Give her some time. You said she's probably jealous, and by doing this, she's got you chasing her. Flip the script.

Also, she seems a tad bit immature, so if you wanna drop her, then that's cool too.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:22 pm 
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Buy her flowers. It helps me

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