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Following this paragraph is an online report and field report of my encounter with an HB9 Brunette from OKCupid in 2016. This report is from last year (July of 2016), but it is still relevant to the current year, because there are some events from it that dragged into 2017. I was going to put this into my journal of my older reports from 2016 to 2014 (which i will start soon). From here on out..all of my field/lay reports from 2016 to 2014 (from last year, & back to when i first started doing cold approach pickup 3 years ago) will all go into my journal. But this one deserves to be set apart all on it's own. This pickup wasn't simple, because it had alot of moving parts to it. It started on an online dating site (OKCupid), then to text and over the phone, then to "in the field" (real time/real life gaming). Plus there were multiple obstacles that were standing in my way, between me and me pulling a legit HB9 from off of OKCupid. So there's alot of value in it to anybody relatively new to game (beginner level) or even on an intermediate level of game. And also if you've been following me and reading my posts, every since i first joined this forum..you know that i made slow and steady progress in pickup over the years, despite having to manage my social anxiety, social awkwardness, some OCD, depression, limiting beliefs, and having really bad panic attacks, all while still approaching cute and hot girls in the field anyway. So if that is what you have struggled with as well, and maybe you still do struggle with it..then this will present good inspirational value for you as well. And if that is in fact your current situation..i'm living proof that "you can do it too!" You can still fuck that hot HB9 or HB10 if you can manage your anxieties & insecurities in high pressure social situations. This is the report about the HB9 that i been talking about in several of my past forum posts, when i kept saying that "i will post it soon", "i will post it soon". But i've been seriously putting it off. My living situation has finally settled down now. So i finally got the time to complete it, and i'm ready to post it. So here it finally is. Enjoy!!!!! : )

The Approach Online, My Game, & Dialog With HB9 Heather On OKCupid In Full, From Start To Finish (online-sarging/raised-her-buying-temper ... 08263.html)

Talking To Her On The Phone + Mini Field Report - On Friday Night July 22, 2016

I talk to HB9 Heather on the phone that Friday night, probably around 9 pm or 10 pm. I think she's the one who calls me that night, i'm not really sure. Our conversation mainly consists of flirting and sarcasm. She's one of those white girls that thinks she's tough and hood. So there's usually some witty and sarcastic remarks coming from her mouth, coated in some flirting. I'm not afraid to admit it..i was intimidated by her, but i tried my best to not sound intimidated by her over the phone. I mainly tried to sound cool, cocky, and aloof over the phone. At some point during our phone conversation, i change topics and bring up this true story that happened one Friday night a few weeks ago. I was doing solo night game, bar hopping and such on the northside of town, but i got tired of doing that and all of the bars was getting ready to close anyway. I nearly got my full 2 hour nightgame session in, so i decided to go downtown and try to do some "street sweeping" (attempting to pick up girls leaving the bars & clubs, or girls just hanging out outside of the bars..the leftovers basically lol) for the remainder of my 2 hour+ nightgame session. I'm downtown standing outside of this nightclub. It's pretty much almost closing time (probably around 1:40 am or whatever) I'm cutting it up with 2 guys. One of them (the husband to be) is celebrating his own bachelor party, and the other guy is his friend. The "husband to be", tells me that another one of his boys is in there trying to game up some married chick. I eventually see his friend that he was talking about, come out of the nightclub with the married chick and a couple of her friends. The married chick is all over him. The "husband to be" tells me that his friend will probably call an Uber and try to take the married chick home with him. The "husband to be" tells me that his friend has a nice bachelor pad, and if he does take the married woman home with him..she will be so impressed with his bachelor pad, that it will be the thing that gets her clothes to come off. Me and the "husband to be" are commentating on all the fiasco that is taking place outside of the nightclub, like we're in the wild, on an episode of National Geographic or something. Saying shit like; "Look at the lions (his boys) chase the gazelles (the married chick & her friends). Will any of the lions catch one or more of the gazelles and feast on their flesh?" (translation: Will any of his boys take one or a few of the girls back home with them and fuck them?) LOL. We are having a blast. Self-amusement at it's finest!

The "husband to be", his friends, and the married chick & her friends, all get into a couple of Uber cars together. I'm posted up against the wall outside of the nightclub, watching all of this take place. And i'm thinking a very sobering thought in my head right now.."No way! The married chick and her friends are really hopping into the Uber with those guys! Yeah...those dudes are probably going to fuck those girls tonight. Wow! If the girls' boyfriends and husbands only knew (i'm shaking my head). Neither of those women are my girlfriend or wife, so why do i care? It's not my problem, It is what it is". I know that this shit happens all the time, but it still sometimes never ceases to amaze me whenever i see it with my own eyes. I just accept that's how it is, and i move on from it. Then i glance over to my right side..some chick (an HB8.4 Brunette) is with a guy in a wheel chair, rolling up. She came back to retrieve her phone that i guess she left in the night club earlier on in the night. Some dude ran out with it in his hand and said "I found it! Is this yours?", she says "Yes that's my phone" and she gets her phone back from him. I approach her, and since i was still "in-state", i opened with an aggressive tone;

Me: "Who the fuck are you girl!?"

HB8.4 Brunette: "(She tells me her name)"

We talk and i asked her if the guy in the wheelchair is her boyfriend.

Me: "Is he your boyfriend?"

HB8.4 Brunette: "Oh no!..He's just a friend"

I tell HB9 Heather on the phone, that the way that HB8.4 Brunette says "Oh no!..He's just a friend", and the tone that she said it in..was with such disgust! Almost to say "Hell no! He's not my boyfriend, i would never ever go out with him!". HB9 Heather on the phone died laughing hearing this part of the story. I continue! I embrace HB8.4 Brunette in a hug. I can tell that she was kinda drunk. I tell her to ask me anything about myself (i'm making her invest). She asks me:

HB8.4 Brunette: "Uhhhmmmm...What do you do for a living?"

Me: I tell her that "I'm a chef" (I lied. I'm actually not a chef, but i'm trying to set her up for something)

HB8.4 Brunette: She reacts like: "Really? What do you cook?"

Me: "I cook gourmet meals girl"

HB8.4 Brunette: "Oh Wow!" (She chuckles and smiles)

Me: "Have you ever heard of the saying..Kiss The Chef?"

HB8.4 Brunette: "Uhhmmm...Yes LOl"

Me: "So you wanna kiss the chef?"

I lean in, and the HB8.4 Brunette and i start making out in front of her guy friend in the wheel chair (I'm A Savage..Ruthless!! LOL). This is what "rapid kino & verbal escalation" looks like when it's done correctly! He looks up and kinda stares at me and her making out. And i bet that this is a girl that he has been trying to get her to come out with him for a while (for weeks, months, maybe even years), to try to get in her pants..only to find her making out with some random dude that she just met outside of the club. Me! He must be thinking.."What a fucking slut!" After hearing the end of that true story (my short field report), HB9 Heather couldn't stop laughing her ass off over the phone. And she says; "I'm going to hell for this! Hahahahaha!". Heather also agrees with me that the guy in the wheelchair might've been trying to court that girl for a while, and he probably finally got her out alone with him that night after trying for some time. Only to see her making out with some random dude posted up outside of the club, right in front of him. Of course when i was telling HB9 Heather this true story, i never once brought up the fact that i am a "pickup artist" and that i practice doing solo daygame & nightgame, because it is taboo to tell anyone in our society that is what you do. Unless..they are one themselves, or if the person already knows about pickup, or if they are interested in pickup also. Otherwise..they cannot relate to it. So i just don't even bring it up. For all she knows..i just got drunk that night, i was horny, and wanted to pick up some random drunk chick from the bar. It's just more relatable to describe it that way. But as you know..i'm usually sober when i do solo game. And yes..i was sober the night that i madeout with the HB8.4 Brunette in front of her friend in the wheel chair, believe it or not. However..i did have a slight buzz, but that was the endorphin chemicals percolating in my brain from being "in state". Little did i know..It turns out that the true story (my mini field report, from a couple weeks ago) that i just told Heather about over the phone, was actually a HUGE DHV for me!!! :wink: It actually turned her on. So I'm Very Glad That I Told It To Her! Me and Heather talk for a little while longer on the phone. We laugh some more, and we both partake in phone sex at the end of the phone call. Before we both get off of the phone, we both agree that we will meet up to chill either tomorrow (Saturday) or the next day (Sunday).

LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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Trying To Get To Her Sister's House, Drama, & A Logistical Nightmare!! - On Saturday Night July 23, 2016 (Technically Sunday Morning) - July 24, 2016

I'm At My Apartment, Just Waiting For Her To Get To Her Sister's House

HB9 Heather (aka: OKCupid HB9 Brown-Haired Chick = OKC HB9BHC in abbreviation) already texted me the address to her sister's house previously. I do my usual thing whenever i have an address to a place that i've never been to before. I go on google maps to find the bus route to get there. I also take pictures on my phone of the "street view" along the bus route (just landmarks like buildings, restaurants, and stores along the way), as well as along the route that i have to walk to my destination, once i get off the bus (i hadn't learned how to use the google maps "current location icon" yet. But i eventually do a few months later).

I'm trying to get a sense of her logistics, so i can come over tonight. I called her the first time, she doesn't answer. I call her a second time, she doesn't answer again. "Fuck!" So i then urged her through text, to pick up her phone.

Me: "Pickup your phone girl."  .......10:09 PM

Bring On The DRAMA!!

She finally calls me about a couple minutes later. And as it turns out..wouldn't you know..drama ensues on her side.

Heather calls me a couple minutes later, and tells me that she is at a party in another town (still in Pittsburgh though) with her sister and her sister's boyfriend. Heather is just tagging along with the two of them, but she sounds like she doesn't even want to be there. She was with the both of them even hours before this moment (during the daytime), shopping with them and such. She tells me that there's drama going on between her sister and her sister's boyfriend at this party. Both of them are arguing and bickering while Heather is on the phone with me. She moves at a distance away from both of them, which is why i was not able to hear them fighting in the background. The story is that Heather's sister's boyfriend is flirting with some girl at the party, right in front of his girlfriend's face. I don't know if the chick at the party is some chick that he already fucked before, or if he's trying to fuck her. All i know is his girlfriend (Heather's sister) thinks that he's cheating on her. Heather is over the drama. She basically tells me that her night of fun is ruined by them arguing, and she so badly wants to go the fuck home. I sweet talk her over the phone at this point, to get her to focus back on the two of us. I tell her that i'm going to see her tonight, and i'll be on my way once she get's back home. She says "Ok", and says that she'll let me know when she's back at her sister's house. I say "Cool", and we get off the phone. Off the phone..i'm flirting with her through text just to keep the fun and sexual vibe between me and Heather going, until she texts me that she is finally at her sister's house. At the same time..i'm getting dressed and gathering my things, so that i can head straight out the door the moment she texts me that she's on her way back to her sister's place.

Me: "Are you back at your sister's house yet?"  .......11:58 PM

HB9 Heather: "No...it's a difficult situation right now. He's laying on the hood of the car." (she's talking about what her sister's boyfriend is doing right now)  .......11:58 PM

Me: "WTF!"  .......12:00 AM

HB9 Heather: "Yeah I know"  .......12:01 AM

Me: "Alright. I'ma check back in on you in 20 minutes. Otherwise keep me posted."  .......12:03 AM

Me: "I wanna see you tonight."  .......12:04 AM

HB9 Heather: "I apologize, I didn't think this stupid shit was going to happen."  .......12:04 AM

HB9 Heather: "I I really want to see you too"  .......12:05 AM

Me: "Not your fault and i'm not mad at all. I just want you to know where i'm at as far as you and me are concerned."  .......12:06 AM

HB9 Heather: "I know exactly and I thank you for being so understanding. I really want to see you."  .......12:08 AM

Me: "(Kiss Smiley Face Emoji)"  .......12:09 AM

HB9 Heather: "(Kiss Smiley Face Emoji)"  .......12:09 AM

Me: "Bring On The Kisses! lol"  .......12:10 AM

HB9 Heather: "Lol I have no problem with that"  .......12:11 AM

Me: "Hahaha. Neither do i."  .......12:14 AM

HB9 Heather: "I know you don't..you would love nothing else"  .......12:15 AM

Me: "And then some (Winking Smiley Face Emoji)."  .......12:16 AM

HB9 Heather: "Drunk all summer"  .......12:17 AM

Me: "Still in Cranberry?" (the name of the town where the party was)  .......12:18 AM

HB9 Heather: "Yep, they're talking in the car right now"  .......12:19 AM

Me: "Crazy."  .......12:20 AM

HB9 Heather: "Crazy relationships...not mine"  .......12:20 AM

Me: "Drama..Like a reality show. Lol"  .......12:21 AM

HB9 Heather: "Lol just in case u already don't know, I don't do that shit. I'm more about the bed peace"  .......12:22 AM

Me: "Right"  .......12:23 AM

HB9 Heather: "You already know"  .......12:26 AM

Me: "If you cool with it, maybe you can pick me up later on"  .......12:27 AM

HB9 Heather: "I've already been drinking...I'm not going to risk that or you. If anything, just uber it when I get back."  .......12:30 AM

Me: "We wouldn't want that."  .......12:37 AM

HB9 Heather: "Nope"  .......12:38 AM

HB9 Heather: "(https://youtu.be/d01kNdzHK5Y)"  .......12:52 AM

HB9 Heather: "We're leaving soon"  .......12:52 AM

HB9 Heather: "Leaving now"  .......1:15 AM

I'm In A Logistical Nightmare Situation

She's on her way to her sister's house now, so that's my cue to head to the bus stop. Google transit (from within google maps when i looked up the bus schedule, which was a bad move when i think about it now..i should've went straight to the port authority website instead) showed me that the last bus was going to arrive at the bus stop at 1:40 am. It was around 1:15 am right now. If i didn't want to miss the last bus, i really had to HAUL ASS!! My ass is running to a bus stop that is about a mile away, through downtown, to an industrial strip in the middle of the night..just to get some tail. I'm running..stopping to walk for a bit..running some more..and stop, and walk for a bit to catch my breath..and run again! I did this until i arrive at the bus stop. I finally get to the bus stop around 1:26 am. I got there with 14 minutes to spare. So i know that i definitely did not miss the bus. I'm exhausted and dripping in sweat from all the running. The air outside is warm and dry. While i'm waiting at the bus stop..DJ_Z from this forum calls me to meet up. I believe that this was supposed to be our 1st meeting outside of the forum..to wing each other. Up until this point..we had just been corresponding via private messaging through the forum a couple times. We haven't actually met each other outside of the forum yet. So technically..this was supposed to actually be the first night that we were going to meet up to wing each other.

I tell him that i can't meet up with him tonight, because i'm trying to make this booty call with this HB9 Brown-Haired Chick (HB9 Heather) from OKCupid, work out. But i would keep him posted..just in case it falls through. Which was still a great possibility that it still could. He understood, wished me luck, and told me to keep him posted in case my plans turned around. So i'm waiting on the bus to come now..and i'm waiting..and i'm waiting..and i'm waiting. It's about 1:42 am now, and it's still not here yet. I started freaking out at this point. Another bus was approaching. I waived the bus down. I asked the bus driver if the bus that i was looking for was still on it's way. He told me that the bus that i was looking for was not coming anymore, and the last one arrived at this stop at around 12:30 am. Damn the google bus schedules! They aren't really accurate. At this point i'm freaking out. I'm thinking in my head like "How the hell am i going to get to Heather's sister's house now??" Throughout this entire time (starting from the time that i get to the bus stop, to the moment that i'm trying to figure out how to get to her once i find out that the bus won't come)..i'm texting her, just to let her know that i'm still on my way to getting to her. I'm also texting her to keep her up, to stay relevant in her mind, and maybe even to keep the seduction going. I did this same thing with this HB7 in one of my lay reports (lay-reports/late-arrival-only-minutes-l ... 01340.html) that actually takes place several months later after this field report. However, the contents of my texts here aren't anywhere near as blatantly sexual as the contents of my texts in that lay report was. Here..i'm just trying to let Heather know that i'm still on my way, and keep her awake, so that by the time i get to her sister's house (where Heather is at right now)..she will still be up and going to let me in the house. You'll be surprised how flakey girls can be if you're not constantly keeping tabs with them..even midway to the meetup. She can fall asleep, forget about you and do something else..you never fucking know. That's why you have to keep texting them even as you're on your way to them.

Me: "Waiting for the bus now."  .......1:27 AM

HB9 Heather: "Ok"  .......1:28 AM

Me: "I fucking ran."  .......1:28 AM

HB9 Heather: "Lmao' Breathe!"  .......1:30 AM

Me: "Now let's just hope this mutherfucker comes."  .......1:31 AM

HB9 Heather: "Lol yes, let's just hope"  .......1:32 AM

Me: "(Kiss Smiley Face Emoji)"  .......1:32 AM

HB9 Heather: "(Kiss Smiley Face Emoji)"  .......1:33 AM

HB9 Heather: "Just got in"  .......1:50 AM

Me: "Sweet"  .......1:51 AM

Me: "Are you still up?"  .......2:20 AM

Me: "If you are call me."  .......2:20 AM

It's around 1:50 am and i'm really freaking out. I'm just kinda dabbling around with my phone, looking at my text messages with Heather. I saw that she said that she just got in. I'm trying to solve this big logistical problem that i found myself in right now. My state is dropping at this point too. All i can think about to reply back to her is "Sweet" lol. It's approaching near 2:00 am and i'm racking my brain, trying to figure out what to do now. I remember that she told me that i can Uber it. I knew that Uber was an app that you had to download, and not a cab service that you can call up. In the back of my mind..i somehow knew that if i was going to have any chance to fuck Heather, it would have to be tonight. So i was determined to make it to her tonight. No what-ifs, ands, or buts! I need to make this lay happen, and i need to make it happen tonight, whatever it takes! I'm usually bad when it comes to closing and sealing the deal. I reacted to the fear that i was feeling internally, because i was fearing and feeling like the possible lay with this HB9 was slipping through my fingers with every minute that passes by. I was also wondering if she had already fallen asleep by now. This is the moment where i text her "Are you still up?" "If you are call me?". And she did call me. I asked Heather if she could call an Uber for me. She said that she didn't have enough money in her SPAM account to do it, so i'm on my own.

So i got off of the phone with Heather, and almost immediately..i go on Google to find the Uber app and download it. I lucked-out. I had just enough free memory space on my phone to fully install the Uber app onto my phone without any problems. And i say that i lucked-out because before i downloaded the Uber app, my Data Manager graph on my phone was showing me that my memory space was so limited..that it said WARNING. So me being able to completely install Uber onto my phone..was not just only a relief, but it was a huge momentum booster for me psychologically. Playing around with the app..i realized that it's asking me for my SPAM info. Sweet Jesus..Thank God i have a SPAM account! Lol So i plug that info in. The last thing that i needed to check was how much money i had in my SPAM account. I think at the time i had around $73.00 in there. So i had more than needed to make the trip to Heather's sister's house. But i still didn't know how to call an Uber. So now i had to stand there at this dead bus stop at 2:30 in the morning, and wait for somebody to walk pass and show me how to call an Uber. I'm panicking again because who in their right mind would be walking out here at 2:30 in the morning.

Like 10 minutes later..i see a group of 3 young guys walking by across the street. My belief is that they were coming from a bar and walking home, because it was the weekend and bars close here at 2:00 am. Once again, lady luck smiles upon me tonight. I yelled out to them from across the street as i approach them. "Do y'all know how to use the Uber app?" Of course..they said that they didn't know how to use the Uber app. I was very sad and discouraged..i ain't gonna lie. Once again..my hopes got lifted, and then got shot right back down. But then i saw a girl walking in the distance. I approached her and asked her if she knew how to use the Uber app? It turns out that she was walking home from her job. She said "Oh yeah, i use it all the time. Sure i'll show you how to use it". This girl was my saving grace! Not only did she explain to me how to use the Uber app, she helped me to call the Uber driver to where i was too. I nearly mistaken another similar looking car for the Uber driver, because i saw that he was near..but i didn't know which street he was on near me, or if he was up the street or down the street from me. I eventually found him, and thanked the random nice girl (my angel Lol) for helping me. I gave the Uber driver the address of where my destination was (HB9 Heather's sister's house). He took me there, and surprisingly it was only about a 17 minute drive. And since this was my first time using Uber..i got a $20.00 waiver. The trip costed me about $11.00. So essentially..i got this ride for free! Maybe this was a good omen for me! :D

I Finally Get To Her Sister's House - Relief, Wonder, & Drama

It's roughly about 3:08 am when the Uber that i'm in, arrives in front of Heather's sister's house. I get out of the front passenger side of the Uber, and walk around the front side of the car and stand on the sidewalk. My Uber driver drives off. I call my girl (HB9 Heather)..and she is awake! Thank God!! Whew! I tell her to let me in the house, because i'm outside in front of her sister's house right now. A few seconds later, she comes out of the house and sits on the porch. She tells me to come up. So i walk up the steps of her sister's front yard. I join her on the porch and sit down on one of the lounge chairs..as i release a breath of relief. And i'm thinking in my head.."I'm here..i finally made it!" We didn't really say too much to each other before she tells me to sit there and goes back into the house. I'm thinking to myself like "Okay...". I am a little nervous, but not so nervous to the level of like approach anxiety or something like that. Because me and her have gotten to know each other for a while now, over the past several days (probably for about a week and a half)..via OKCupid, texting, and talking to each other on the phone. But it was more like 1st time jitters, that you would have from meeting someone that you really like, that you have been anticipating seeing for a while. I'm sure that she feels the same thing. About a couple minutes later..she comes back out of the house and tells me that she apologizes. Her sister and her sister's boyfriend are arguing. And it's funny too because..i could hear people arguing in the house while i was sitting outside on the front porch, waiting for Heather to come back out.

Heather sits down on another lounge chair away from me to my far right..at the corner area of the porch, against the brick wall. I can tell that she wanted some space (for now), so i gave it to her. I stayed seated where i was. She lights a cigarette and smokes it. I can tell that this girl has a tough exterior (she has a bit of a spicy attitude and a sassy personality). None-the-less..i just stay cool, calm, and collected and hold my state. I maintain a non-needy and non-reactive demeanor. In the looks department..she did not disappoint at all. She is a solid 9. She is wearing blue short shorts and a white tank top. She has tan skin, brown eyes, and looks kinda exotic (she tells me later on..that she's mixed with mostly Polish and Irish decent) and she looks like she might even have anywhere from 5% to 8% Asian in her too..that's just my opinion though. Long hair that comes down to the middle of her back, that is a mostly brown to a red-ish color. She's roughly 5' 7" in height, and she has a lean athletic body that looks like she got it from running and doing yoga (I don't know if she actually does running and yoga. That was never confirmed by her). Her breasts are about a B-Cup, but she has hella hips! Her legs are lean, but they aren't skinny either. Her legs are lean & kinda thick at the same time..muscular, but not female body builder muscular. So even though her body is lean..she's still very curvy at the same time. So for all of her physical features and traits that i described here..i have to give her a solid 9 out of 10. She's bad bro! Going through that logistical mess that i found myself in earlier..was well worth it to see this hot female specimen right in front of me, that i may be nailing tonight. It was just..wonderful! Of course..there is some drama amidst, brewing in the background that could still ruin everything for me. Heather's sister and her sister's boyfriend was arguing with each other, and throwing shit around in the house. I left one major hell (And What A Hell It Was!), only to enter into another one. Out of the frying pan, and into the fire! Lol

Heather periodically goes into the house to make sure that everything is okay. I do briefly see her sister and her sister's boyfriend come out of the house. I introduce myself to both of them. They weren't really being assholes to me at all. I was copacetic with them, so they were copacetic with me. Heather and her sister look so much alike, it's uncanny! Her sister's name is Andrea. It turns out that they are twins. Wow! Of course my girl is the hotter one of the two twins. Lol Heather is a little bit taller than her sister Andrea, by probably an inch. Heather looks a little younger in the face, and is curvier than her twin sister Andrea. I struck gold! Heather asked me if i wanted to drink some beer..and i said "Sure". She came out of the house with several cans of beer, and gave me two of them. She goes to sit back down at the lounge chair at the corner of the porch, diagonal to my right. I opened one and set the other one on the table next to the lounge chair that i was still sitting on. We're finally talking 1 to 1 now. She complimented me, and tells me that i got some kind of Eric Benet/Lenny Kravitz kind of swag going on. I was wearing wrist bands on both wrists, and i had a spiky dred-ish looking bush, and probably a light scruffy beard at the time. So her comparison of me to them was pretty accurate (i also get compared to Bruno Mars some times too. Lol). I told her that she should see me with my black shades and leather jacket on..then i would really look like Lenny Kravitz. Lol She challenges me at one point and says..

HB9 Heather: "I don't think you're ready for this" 

Me: "What? Lol" (i smile and chuckle in reaction to what she just said)

HB9 Heather: "I don't think you can handle all of this" (she's looking at me with this flirty, but smug and sarcastic look on her face)

Me: "Really?..What makes you say that?

HB9 Heather: "I think you're scared. I might be too much for you to handle"

Me: "I'm pretty sure that i can handle you"

HB9 Heather: "Oh really?"

Me: "Yeah..really!"

HB9 Heather: "I'm ready, but you're sitting over there looking all timid"

Me: "Well come over here then, and we'll see who's the timid one"

HB9 Heather: "Ohh..Okay! LOl"

She walks over to me. I grab her, and pull her to sit on my lap. Damn, she has an ass! I can feel how big it is while she's sitting on my lap. It's also a firm ass too (not flabby)..the kind of ass a chick gets from working out or doing lots of aerobics. We chit chat for about a minute while she's sitting on my lap. And then there is a moment of sexual tension where we both gaze into each other's eyes, and hold the eye contact. We both don't say shit to each other for about 20 to 30 seconds..we just crack a few nervous smiles to temper some of that tension. I reach my hand around to the back of her head, and gently pull her head towards mines. And we proceed to a passionate makeout! I usually don't get into a deep makeout session with chicks for minutes on end, but with this chick..i did. Tongue and everything. Plus..she was fine as hell! Her mouth tasted like beer, but i didn't mind that at all (as i'm sure that my mouth tasted like beer as well). After a pretty intense & passionate makeout session between me and her that lasted for several minutes..she gets off of me and asks me if i wanna come inside. I oblige of course. :wink:

Inside Of Her Sister's House - We Chill For The Rest Of The Night

Heather tells me to sit on the sofa and relax. She leaves me there and goes out of my sight again. I'm guessing to try to check up on her sister Andrea again. Andrea & her boyfriend are still fighting, but it's nowhere near as intense as it was earlier. While we were outside on the porch earlier..Heather made it clear that she didn't give a shit about whether their relationship will work out or not. Just as long as he didn't put a hand on her twin sister. Again..she has a little bit of hood in her. She was basically saying that she would whoop a mutherfucker's ass if he put his hand on her sister. If you see her in person, appearance-wise..she doesn't look hood at all. She just looks like the hot, kinda exotic-looking, white girl next door. After about 5 minutes later..Heather comes back and joins me on the sofa.

She turns the light off and sits on the sofa next to me. She's finally in chill mode with me now. She's no longer getting up to check up on her sister, or moving around the house anymore. GOOD! She sits at a distance from me on the sofa. I guess this is her trying to ease back into the moment with me again. I said this before..us guys are more like a switch, but women are more like a dial. Us guys can get turned on quickly like a switch, but women get turned on slowly like a dial. They require more time, intimacy, and foreplay to get them turned on. This is not always the case, but it is the case for most women..more often than not. The only light that is showing is coming from the big flat screen tv on the wall. But we can still clearly see each other and everything around us. Eventually though..she comes closer to me. Maybe this is the magical moment when something can happen. Ironically..we're watching one of the Harry Potter movies that is on Andrea's big flat screen tv. Lol Me and Heather are talking to each other in a more slower and romantic tone now. We lock eyes, and she has that seductive look in her eyes as she's biting down on her bottom lip. We proceed to makeout on the sofa, and clearly we both are really into it. Heather stops kissing me and pulls back every now and then. I recognize what she just did as an equivalent to a "Roll Off" technique in pickup..except that she's doing it to me instead of me doing it to her. But i don't panic, i just play it cool because i know why she's doing it. She just wants to make it a little bit of a challenge for me, by throwing me these little tests. She's keeping me honest and wants me to have to work for it a little bit. So i remain non-reactive to her little kiss rejections (or in other words..her kissing shit tests). She keeps telling me to "Be calm like the blue ocean" and "Woosah". That's actually her favorite phrases to say btw. lol She apparently likes to tease. The sexual tension is increasingly getting more intense by the second. Andrea and her boyfriend are upstairs in their room (they are probably having "make up sex" right now. Lol). Me and Heather are downstairs. So we have more privacy to fool around a bit. I'm grabbing different parts of her body now (especially her back, legs, thighs, hips, and waist) while i'm kissing her on her lips and neck. I grab her hand and position it on top of my pants where my hard dick made a bulge. I unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, but still keep it on. And then i put her hand in my pants and tell her "You can play with it if you want". She does exactly that. Heather starts massaging my dick and then starts jerking me off, while her arm is still inside my pants. Tug jobs does as much for me as dry humping does..which is not much. But i'm really attracted to and turned on by this girl, so it feels sensual and amazing. Not enough to make me cum though. She then says "It's my turn. Now touch me". I gladly oblige. I slid two fingers into her pussy. And she was wet as expected. I started really slow and then gradually increased my speed. I finger blasted the shit out of her pussy! I started out with 1 finger, then 2 fingers, and then 3 fingers. The reason for this was because when i began, her pussy was super tight. This actually perplexed me, that a girl this hot would have so tight of a pussy. I actually thought that hot girls get fucked by dudes all of the time. Apparently, i was carrying this limiting belief in my head all this time. While i was fingering her..she got wetter and wetter, which made her pussy get looser and looser..allowing me to slide more fingers in there over the course of me finger-blasting her. Not to brag..but one thing that i am is..i'm really good with my hands. She was periodically covering her mouth with her hands and burying her face into a pillow on the sofa to keep herself from moaning out loud. While i was fingering her, i heard her say things like "Yeah..Fuck that pussy!" and "Fuck!..That feels so good!" To anyone who can relate to this..after hearing a girl of this level of hotness say that while you're fingering her..not only gave me a super ego boost, but it probably made my dick go from hard to rock hard. And it may have even grew an extra 2 inches during that time too. LOl

I think i made her cum twice, just from fingering her. And i can tell when she came because when she did..she would suddenly extend her body (almost like, as if she was just stretching), followed by her body quivering. I removed my fingers from her vagina, and i can visibly see and feel her creamy cum laced around my fingers. She layed down on the sofa, on her back, trying to catch her breath. She's breathing very heavily. I can tell it was good. She lays there for a while, and then sits back up on the sofa again. She snuggles up on me in the fetal position. We kiss a little bit, chit chat a little bit, and we watch a little more of the Harry Potter flick. I let her know that i was still really hard, and she reaches into my pants again and massages my dick with her hand. At one point..she asks me if i have a condom. I think i did have one on me, or she gave me one..i can't really remember which. I forgot to also mention that when i was finger blasting her..i was doing it with a sheet covering both of us. It was her idea. I guess she was worried that either Andrea or Andrea's boyfriend might come down and see what we were doing. So she wanted us to do it under the sheet covering us. But that would soon change. Heather suddenly gets up off the sofa. She the turns on a living room lamp (it's not dark anymore, but the lighting is still somewhat dim), grabs the remote and turns Andrea's flat screen tv off. Then she pushes this square comfort seat across the living room carpet floor, until it connected to the sofa. She lays on it and takes her shorts and panties off. She still has her t-shirt on though. She's clean shaved down there too. I see very little pubic hair if any. I lay her on her side. As i'm putting the condom on..she's looking back at me, biting down on her bottom lip, anticipating me about to penetrate her. She's so horny and ready for it right now. I'm looking at her legs, thighs, and ass and i'm like "Damn! I can't believe i'm about to hit this!". I''m sure that you all can relate to this moment. Your brain is melting, as you realize that you are about to fuck your first HB9 or HB10.

She had thick thighs (in a real good way!), but they were very fit though. They are the kind of thighs that girls can get from doing alot of squats. All i could think of was "Please don't get soft while getting the condom on..PLEASE!!". As much as i hate to admit this..not too long ago i suffered from E.D.(Erectile Dysfunction). And even more recently..i had issues staying hard while putting the condom on. And what do you know..i believe the same thing happened here with this hot HB9. I semi penetrated her with the condom on, and it wouldn't take. Even though she was wet, she still was somewhat tight. So that didn't help things. And i was also semi-soft. So my dick just kept bending, and the condom was getting loose. My biggest fear at this point was that Heather is seeing me struggling with getting the condom on, she gets tired of waiting for me to fuck her, doesn't want to fuck me anymore, and puts her clothes back on. So with that god-forbidden thought racing through my mind right now..i call an audible and said "Fuck It!". I tossed the condom aside, jacked myself off a little bit (i used a little bit of my own spit too as lubrication), and grinded against her juicy booty to get my dick hard again. It worked! So yes, i began fucking her raw. Lol While she's laying down on her side with her back to me on the square comfort seat..i held her left leg up to get her to spread eagle. It slid in pretty easily and i actually stayed hard. Thank God! I know that i broke one of "my absolute rules of the game", but i had to. It isn't often that you find your dick inside of an HB9's vagina. At least for me..it has never happened before this moment. So i knew that i needed to make this one count! I hit it in spooning position for about 10 minutes. I then tell her to get into doggystyle position (on all fours), and she complies. She takes off her t-shirt, so the only article of clothing left on her body now is her bra. It's funny because as hot as she is, she was insecure about her breasts (they are small B-Cups). She literally tells me that she would rather keep her bra on. I say "Ok" and i commence hitting it from the back. Damn her body was so fucking hot. I'll make a confession that i got hard while writing this part of this lay report, as i'm visualizing me re-living this experience in my mind. I'm holding onto her waist, then her shoulders, and then pulling back a handfull of her hair as i'm pounding away. All i hear her say is "Yes", "Fuck", "Fuck that pussy", "Harder". I loved every second of it! I'm surprised that her sister and her sister's boyfriend never came down stairs. Had one or both of them came down the stairs right now..we would've got caught for sure. And that would've been very awkward for all involved. There were no sheets covering over us at all while we were fucking. Me and Heather were not discrete in the least. We were butt-ass naked fucking in the center of her twin sister's living room with the light on. Lol So i'm still fucking Heather in doggystyle position for maybe about 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of it, i let out a huge load on top of where her back and ass meets. I made a mess! Let me put it this way..it took several folds of napkins to completely wipe all of the cum off of her lower back and off of the top of her ass. It was dripping down the side of her ass, and down the side of the square comfort seat. I just didn't want any of my cum dripping between the crack of her ass. As hot as she was, i'm still not trying to be her baby's daddy. Lol She was even shocked that i came that hard and said "Wow!..Really?" LOL. She says that she think it's because of all the 4-play and anticipation between me and her that has been building up for the past week. And i would have to agree with her. We're also dripping in sweat too, and exhausted. When i finished wiping her down, and came back from going back and forth from grabbing folds of tissue from the bathroom for the last time..she had already passed the fuck out. LOL I pulled the sheet over her and sat my ass down on the adjacent side of the sofa, since i was the only one who was still up. I could not sleep after what had just happened. Endorphin chemicals was running rampant through my brain (i was very much "in-state"), so i wasn't going to sleep anytime soon anyways. I pretty much stayed awake until the sun came up. I celebrated that extra notch that i just added to my belt, with a long grin and smile on my fucking face. :D And i kicked back on the sofa saying to myself "This Is What All The Practice, Pain, and Rejections Are All For". I turned on the flat screen tv. "The Walking Dead" marathon was on, which was fucking awesome!!! And that's how i ended my Saturday night! :wink:

LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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The Very Next Day, In The Daytime - On Sunday July 24, 2016 (Sunday Morning)

It's Sunday morning, and it's light out now. I'm guessing somewhere between 6:00 am and 7:00 am. I stayed up. Maybe i dosed off on the side of the sofa that i was laying on, for over an hour at the most. But i was still buzzed off of my high from fucking HB9 Heather last night. For good reason too! This is the hottest chick that i've ever banged thus far, thanks to learning the game. This wouldn't have ever happened to me otherwise. And it turned out to be a good idea that i didn't meet up with DJ_Z that night to wing him..otherwise if i did decide to wing him that night, this epic lay wouldn't have happened in that scenario either. I know that to some advanced guys on this forum, fucking an HB9 is no big deal for them. But for me, it was.

I'm hungry as fuck! So i got up and actually rummage through Andrea's fridge while everyone was still asleep. There was a lot of bullshit in there, that i didn't really care to eat. Ironically, all there really was..was some leftover hot & mildly spicy sausages in the fridge (the sausages were in different plastic containers, either labelled "hot" or "mild" on the containers that they were in). Lol The rest of the stuff in there was probably vegan type shit i suppose. I just settled with 1 hot & 1 mild spicy sausage (2 sausages) and a can of pork n beans that i found up in the kitchen cabinet. I pour the 2 spicy sausages and the pork n beans onto a plate, and warmed that sucker up in the microwave. And that was what i ate for breakfast. I leave the kitchen and go back over to the sofa in the living room, and eat my breakfast while i watch some more of "The Walking Dead" marathon on tv. An hour to a couple hours later..everybody starts to get up. I think the sister (Andrea) gets up first, then her boyfriend 2nd, and Heather wakes up last. It's really amazing..she still looks so fucking hot (no makeup needed whatsoever) even after waking up in the morning after a rough and rompy night. We talk a little bit and probably kiss a little bit as well, but not much really. For whatever reason..everybody goes to the back of the house. I realize this after i've been sitting around in the living room for a while, and i don't hear a peep in the house. Everything was just too quiet. So i got up off of the sofa and realized that no one was in the house. Everyone was outside in the back of the house. I didn't want to seem anti-social, so i go out there too. Now keep in mind, that even though i came a long way with my social anxiety..i was still struggling with it at the time. At this point in my self-development..i just learned how to make it less apparent outwardly, but i still felt it inside my body. The way that the sensation feels for me..the only way that i can describe it is; it's like i'm gasping for air with a heaviness in my chest, and there's also a nervous tingling in the pit of my stomach (kinda like butterflies in my stomach). Regardless of the anxiety that i was feeling inside of my body..i went out there to hangout with them anyway. It was Heather, her sister Andrea, Andrea's boyfriend, and 2 other guys (A tall skinny white dude, and a shorter chubby white dude. Their friends) that were all out there in the back yard. I sat away from Heather because i didn't want to appear needy, nor did i want to put her on the spot by doing so. I think it was Andrea's boyfriend that was sitting between Heather and i. I introduced myself to the 2 guys and said a few more words to them. The chubby one was real cool, and funny as hell. lol At one point..Andrea's boyfriend asked me "How did your night with Heather go?" I told him that it went pretty well, but i didn't give him any details about it. I'm keeping it classy bro. lol At another point, everyone was talking amongst themselves a few feet away from me and Heather. I asked her how was she feeling today? She told me that she was feeling sore. I think that i had something to do with that. ; D Hehe. I found out that everyone will go to the community pool that is in this neighborhood in a couple of hours from now. The time right now is probably somewhere between 9:00 am or 10:00 am. Then everybody transitions to the outside front porch area. This time i positioned myself to sit right next to Heather. The vibe was pretty chill overall, but i definitely was still experiencing some social anxiety. But i still talked to everyone and acted normal. Heather and 1 of their guy friends (the short chubby one) went back into the house at one point. I chatted with her twin sister for a little bit (Andrea's boyfriend was out there as well, talking to the other guy friend (the tall skinny one), and she said something to me that kinda disturbed me. I think Andrea asked me if i really liked her sister, and i said something to the effect of "Yeah i really do. She's a cool chick, and i do like spending time with her". Andrea replied to what i said, with something to the effect of "Don't get your hopes up. It might not last that long, she may change her mind". I didn't say too much to her after that..but i took what she said, as me being put on notice. If this moment (after what Andrea just said, what she said to me) wasn't awkward enough..without even missing a beat, about a minute later..i was leaning up against the ledge and i clumsily knocked over the plant pot, that was sitting up on the ledge behind me. Andrea went down the steps from the porch and around to the side, where the plant pot fell off of the ledge into the yard. She picked it up and put it right back on the porch ledge. I apologized to her, and she told me "It's okay, don't worry about it", but i knew that i fucked up. And i definitely didn't do any favors for myself in that moment, as far as making a good impression on the twin sister goes.

I Spend A Little Bit More Time With Heather Before We All Leave To Go To The Community Pool (Sunday Afternoon)

I leave the front porch area to go back into the house, to the living room where Heather was at. She was just chillin on the comforter, watching tv on Andrea's big flat screen. We're alone now (i have her "in islolation" in pickup terms), we're talking and joking around, but we couldn't keep our hands off of each other the whole entire time. We makeout heavily periodically. At the same time..i'm kino'ing her, rubbing her thighs and squeezing her booty. I was trying to slide my hand into her shorts, but she wouldn't let me. She wasn't having it, and kept re-positioning my hand back on her ass. Surprisingly i was ready for round 2 with her, even after emptying out my tank the way that i did on her last night. Everyone except for me and Heather leaves the house to go to the community pool. While they're gone..me and Heather make-out some more (we made-out alot, all morning into the afternoon). I don't think that i've ever enjoyed making out for long durations of time, like that with any other girl (before or after this experience) the way that i did with Heather. Was i falling for her??...Maybe. lol But she was not down for much more than that. It's probably around 12:45 pm now. Heather eventually says that she is ready to go to the community pool soon. So she puts on this cyan blue colored bikini. Dude..she looked so fucking hot in that bikini that my mouth dropped! I told her that if she threw on some stripper platform shoes..saliva would literally be drooling from my mouth. Lol She said that if she was a stripper, she would probably be getting the most tips of all the strippers working there at the establishment, and that she could probably be a model in a music video too..and i agreed with her whole-heartedly. Lol I tried to kino her while we were in the kitchen, and told her that i was going to pick her up. She said "Why?" I said "I just wanna see if i can pick you up". She was hesitant. I told her "Don't worry, i'm not going to do anything weird or crazy to you". She complied. Surprisingly..she was much heavier than i thought she would be. Lol I put her down. She walks back over to the living room..to the bathroom..and then back to the living room again. She's standing near the wall looking into the mirror while she's combing and brushing her hair. I make one last attempt to try to bang her again using "statements of intent". After all..it was just me and her all alone in the house. I told her "Let's get a quickie in real fast!". She says "Not gonna happen!". So it was a no go. No 2nd lay for me today. lol Her friends return back to her twin sister's house (Andrea's house) from the community pool, to retrieve Heather. It is about 1:45 pm now. We all leave Andrea's house to head down to the community pool at around 2:00 pm.

I Walk With Heather To The Community Pool, Leave & Head Home (Sunday Afternoon & Evening)

I grab Heather's hand and walk hand-in-hand with her to the community pool along with her twin sister Andrea, Andrea's boyfriend, and the other chubby gay friend (It turns out that the 2 guy friends were a gay couple. The tall & skinny boyfriend had left already. I don't know where he went). I'm feeling like i'm the fucking shit right now..because i'm walking hand-in-hand with probably the hottest chick on the block, whom i just fucked the shit out of last night. Just like in a movie with bad ass characters in it..i felt like Me & Heather, along with the rest of the crew are walking down the street together in slow motion. REAL BAD ASS Style! Lol

When we finally get to the community pool, i decided to say my goodbyes to the group & Heather right then and there. It wasn't just because i didn't have any swimming trunks to wear..although i believe that one of the guys in the group earlier at the house, said that he would give me one of his clean swimming shorts to wear. I believe it was Andrea's boyfriend who was willing to hook me up with one of his swimming trunks (since me and him are almost the same size). Andrea's boyfriend is bigger than me, but we are roughly around the same height. So i guess you can say that i was just making excuses. The other reason why i just decided to leave them at the community pool and just go home was..some fear came up inside of me, that i might be overstaying my welcome with them by staying (i had "Social Anxiety" basically). I hug Heather and kiss her on the lips and bounce out. On my way to the bus stop (which is just a couple more blocks away on the main street), i replay the events from Saturday night to now in my head..kinda like i was having my own debrief and evaluation. Yeah..i was probably even talking to myself out loud as well. Lol Now that i think about it..Heather's high emotional state that night (because of the drama that went on between her twin sister Andrea and Andrea's boyfriend) actually aided me in banging her. Well let me explain why..Because you know that you can actually use a girl's high emotional negative state to your advantage right?? If you know how to turn her negative energy to sexual energy, it actually helps, and makes it easier for you to fuck her. The higher the girl's emotional state is (Whether her high emotional state is negative or positive, it doesn't really matter..but preferably it's easier if she is already in a high positive emotional state, because you won't have to change her mood as much since she's already in a highly positive mood. But whether it is positive or negative..if you can get her in a sexual mood, her buying temperature will start off at a very high level. Let me lay out the simple equation for you: A Girl's Very High Emotional State (positive + or negative -) converted to Sexual Energy, Equals = A Very High Buying Temperature! So if a girl is already in a high emotional state to start with..that is actually already a huge advantage for you) the better. Especially, when it comes to foreplay. I walk past the neighborhood suburbs, and see some stores along the way. I never been in this borough before, but still..i'm present, relaxed, and just taking it all in.

I get to the bus stop, and wait there for the bus that goes back to the Northside of town to come. Before this, i kinda had to ask a couple of people and call the port authority to tell me where the bus stop was. Even the port authority lady on the phone, was kinda confusing me at the start. Lol What the port authority lady was telling me over the phone in regards to where the bus stop was..finally became clear to me (once i was able to identify with my own eyes, the landmarks next to the bus stop, that the port authority lady told me that she was seeing on the google maps "street view"). I sit down on the curb, of the sidewalk of where the bus stop was supposed to be..and wait there for the bus to arrive. It's probably around 2:30 pm right now. A friendly middle-aged single father, and a rather chatty but very intelligent and mature for her age little 10 year old girl..was joking and having a very lively conversation with me, covering a variety of social, economic, political, and trivial topics, until the bus came. It was a little weird and different, but i enjoyed it. Pickup will sometimes take you on a strange and interesting journey..to interesting places where you may also meet interesting (or strange) people. Before the bus came, the sunny and clear skies turned to cloudy skies, and it started drizzling. The bus finally comes around 3:30 pm. While i was on the bus, it was coming down pretty hard outside. By the time the bus dropped me off at the corner near to my apartment..it was a full-on thunderstorm out. I didn't have an umbrella, so i quickly dashed across the street, pulled my keys from out of my pocket, and opened the outside apartment door. I get into my apartment and drop to the floor in my room, laying on my back while i text Heather. It goes something like this (btw..i recently lost my phone that still has that text conversation between Me and Heather in it, so i'm just going to go off of my photographic memory here.)

Me: "I just got in, i got pissed on by the rain Lol"

HB9 Heather: "Yeah, we got rained out, so we had to leave the pool early"

HB9 Heather: "What are you doing?"

Me: "I'm chillaxin, thinking about that ass right now."

HB9 Heather: "Haha, you're such a goof"

Me: "I'm probably going to jack off, while thinking about that ass. But i'm hungry, so i'm gonna get something to eat first"

HB9 Heather: "You can't jack off on an empty stomach right? Lol"

I fixed me up something to eat for lunch (i probably made myself a couple of bologna & cheese sandwiches) before i passed out and took a nap. I didn't text her for the rest of the night, but i texted her the very next day. No answer. I texted her a few more times throughout the week, but no answer. Apparently she flaked on me, and i still have no explanation from her as to why she flaked on me..to this very day!! Lol But after reading this lay report several times over (because i was proof reading this entire report, before i actually posted it on the forum), my guess is, it's probably because i ultimately didn't come across as the cool & confident guy that i hyped myself up to be. Basically, i wasn't as cool & confident in person, as i portrayed myself to be in my OKCupid private messages to Heather, my text messages to Heather, and when i was talking to Heather over the phone. And i'm pretty sure that Heather's twin sister Andrea, probably had something to do with Heather flaking on me as well. She probably chirped in Heather's ear..convincing her of all the reasons why she shouldn't talk to me anymore..and why i'm not good enough for her. That's the only explanation that makes sense to me..as to why Heather flaked on me, after we seem to hit it off so well from start to finish. And this is why writing field reports are so important, so you can pin-point where things might've went wrong. Now you will know what you can do to either prevent a similar outcome from happening in the future..or, you now know the adjustments that you can make to change a negative into a positive, in a similar situation later on down the line. Otherwise..you will just continue to spin your wheels, making the same mistakes with every girl, every time that you go out to game or every time that you are on a date with a cute or hot girl. I did get needy with my text to Heather too..after a few days of no responses from her after her last texts to me that Sunday evening. Also in the end..my social anxiety probably screwed me over from me having a short term thing (fuck buddies type of situation), or a long term thing (boyfriend & girlfriend type of situation) with Heather. :( So i absolutely need to work on those things. But on the bright side..i did well enough to successfully bang HB9 Heather! And that is what's most important here. 8)


Months later..i saw her profile pop up on OKCupid a couple of times (she added a couple new selfies of herself on her page), and she was under a different name. I think the most recent time that her profile popped up was 3 months ago (in June of 2017). I think she blocked me right after i visited her OKCupid profile page. Lol I told my boy Jeff (my friend who's pretty good at gaming hot girls on social media) about this while we were out in the Southside hanging out (and sometimes we're with our other pua and non-pua/natural friends) gaming at the bars on the Southside of town like we always do every Saturday night (Every since i got into pickup & self-development..my lifestyle has been a crazy & wild rollercoaster ride every week. It can be down right surreal at times..i'm serious. I'm very grateful and blessed to be living this lifestyle! Because 4 years ago, my life was nothing like it is now. My life back then was very boring, lonely, anxiety ridden, and depressing).

I was working a 2nd full time job as a security guard in Downtown Pittsburgh 4 months ago (in May of 2017). On one morning on my way home back from work at around 7:00am (I was working the graveyard shift, 11pm to 7am at the time, and i still had my security guard uniform on. I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a golden badge on my left chest area of my shirt, black pants, black steel toe boots on, and i was wearing my unzipped leather jacket over my uniform (it was a little nippy out, but it was not cold enough to zip up my leather jacket). I stopped at a crosswalk on a main street, "The Boulevard". I looked behind me, and up the street i saw a hot girl walking down to the sidewalk corner at the crosswalk to where i was. She stopped beside me, and to my shock..i immediately recognized her as HB9 Heather. In my mind i was like "What The Fuck!!..No Way!!!!!" I maintain my composure, and i start talking to her like i never seen her before, just to see how she would respond. I even asked her what her name was. It seems as if she didn't recognize me, but of course i could be wrong. She could've just been faking not recognizing me. She gave me a name that i didn't recognize to be hers, but it doesn't matter. It was definitely her, i never forget a face. I definitely didn't forget that curvaceous body and her exotic looking face. It was so fucking funny. I attempted to pick her up again. LOL This time it was through cold approach instead of online dating. We were walking side by side each other talking, as she was on her way to work. She reached her job at the market square (she works in the "glass castle". I call the building where she works at "the glass castle" because the structure of the building literally looks like a glass castle. lol Anyone from Pittsburgh will know exactly what buildings that i'm referring to, when i mention "the glass castle"). So i stopped her, hugged her and kissed her on both cheeks of her face. I let her go after she said that her boyfriend wouldn't like it if she gave me her phone number. I know that Heather has a twin sister (Andrea), and Andrea has a boyfriend. Andrea basically looks just like Heather and has a similar body type. Heather is only slightly taller and curvier than Andrea is. It's also possible that Heather found her a boyfriend too. At the very least..i probably tried to pick up the other twin sister (Andrea), and mistaken her for Heather. LOl But she was definitely one of the twin sisters that i saw that morning walking home from work. That i'm sure of. This was both funny and ironic at the same time. I fucked one of the twin sisters, and several months later..i randomly run into, and tried to cold approach pickup the other twin sister. I know that some people reading this won't believe me, but again..i'm cool with that. It's all good! But this far fetched shit really did happen fam!!!! I honestly couldn't make this shit up. Call it karma, or fate. Or maybe the universe just has a strange sense of humor and irony, i don't fucking know. LOl

Takeaways - I didn't really need amazing game to bang this HB9 Brunette Twin. Most of my game was done online. My greatest obstacle in this endeavor was the logistics to get to her, and that's it! I had to think quickly on my feet at key moments. If i didn't solve those logistical hurdles that i was faced with early on, while trying to get to Andrea's house so that i could chill with Heather..i probably wouldn't have fucked the hottest girl that i've ever banged from the game thus far (that's probably not necessarily a good thing, depending on how you look at it - from a glass half full or a glass half empty perspective???), especially considering that she flaked on me right after that weekend.

In Short - *Strike while the iron is hot! Fuck the girl while you have that window of opportunity still open, because that window will surely shut real fucking fast my friend..especially if she's a 9 or a 10. I was lucky enough to fuck that HB9 Twin while that window of opportunity was still open for as brief as it was open, just before it closed on me. lol Remember that "the definition of Luck" is: Preparation + Opportunity = Luck. So Practice! Practice! Practice! Constantly practice your pickup skills in the field, and constantly work on smoothing out your personality, your anxieties and insecurities (ie your inner game). And when that window of opportunity shows itself (the moment when you first realize that banging that cute or hot girl is possible), you fucking jump on it without delay! Use all of your resources and bag of tricks to make that lay happen.


& Happy Hunting!


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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First, let me say i enjoyed reading this field report. You have a knack for writing and description, perhaps it's something you should look into. Most people don't have this skill.

I talk a lot about "socially valuable women" on this forum, or 9's and 10's, and how they are different in terms of "hooking" them for repeat sex or a relationship, than 5's 6's and 7's. These same rules I discuss apply to your situation with the 9 you fucked. This entire thread is a great example of how this works.

Overall, I think you did really well. But like I said, getting repeat sex from 9's and 10's takes more than what you'll learn in common PUA books and lame Youtube videos. That only teaches you how to break the ice and potentially have sex...it doesn't teach you how to keep them coming back.

HB9 Heather: "I don't think you're ready for this"
I love this scene, and the exchange.

Translation: I'm a dominant woman, and more sexually experienced than you. I have my pick of men. I know my value, and I want to be dominated in bed. Are you up to the task?


HB9 Heather: "I don't think you can handle all of this" (she's looking at me with this flirty, but smug and sarcastic look on her face)[

Me: "Really?..What makes you say that?

HB9 Heather: "I think you're scared. I might be too much for you to handle"

Note the word "handle" being used repeatedly. A nice hint that she doesn't want a passive lover. Girl was majorly attracted to you, liked you, and was trying to help you win her over.

I talk a lot about "dominant sex" being required to keep 9's and 10's coming back. Or frequent orgasms.

This scene, and how she behaved, is very telling. This woman knows exactly what she wants, and is acting dominant. you have to be more so.

Me: "I'm pretty sure that i can handle you"

You don't say anything. You just walk over and start kissing her, passionately. She was basically begging you to walk over and grab her.

I think i made her cum twice, just from fingering her.

She would've texted you for repeat sex if you made her orgasm twice.
Heather suddenly gets up off the sofa. She the turns on a living room lamp (it's not dark anymore, but the lighting is still somewhat dim), grabs the remote and turns Andrea's flat screen tv off. Then she pushes this square comfort seat across the living room carpet floor, until it connected to the sofa. She lays on it and takes her shorts and panties off. She still has her t-shirt on though.

she's leading here. Not saying you did something horribly wrong, but she's the one taking control.

And stopping with the sex earlier before you came, and watching TV was passive.
I then tell her to get into doggystyle position (on all fours), and she complies

Don't tell, lead. Grab her by the ankle and flip her over. Or pick her up and shove her onto the couch ,face-down.

9's and 10's have been spoiled and pampered their whole lives. They have received attention you and I have not, and have extreme abundance mentality. And they detest passive lovers. They want to be dominated, like on the cover of romance books. Pay attention to intensity in the bedroom. Then pay attention to the consistency of the intensity.

Andrea replied to what i said, with something to the effect of "Don't get your hopes up. It might not last that long, she may change her mind".
Translation: My sister has a ton of options. You're just another try-out while she searches for a dominant male.

Again, I think you did well. But the girl did not text you back after your first sex. Which basically tells you, that's where you went wrong.

A list of things to improve:

1. You lingered too long at the sister's house. Way too long. Instead of staying up, you should've left. It wasn't appropriate to stay there, given how little you know the family or her. Gives the impression you might be a needy guy who doesn't quite understand social cues.

2. Work on the gym. If you're a strong, cut guy, women will flake a little less on you after first hook up (your insecurity showed here when the sister's boyfriend was in better shape).

3. Work on being a more dominant lover. Don't ask, lead physically. Maintain a consistent pulse of passion. There should be no "pauses" once the clothes start coming off until both parties orgasm. Don't be afraid to "handle" 9's and 10's. they want it.

4. Stop texting so much.

Pickup coach. PM for direct, simple coaching.

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Thanks Arch for your compliments on the way that i wrote this field report. Those high regards from you, especially from you Arch..is a big deal! LOl

Visualization and details are very important to me. I'm not one of these other guys who write field/lay reports just to get them out there for ego validation. And when you read their reports, they lack substance, soul, and appeal. I could've also put this report in the "Lay Reports" category, but i specifically put it here because, i want guys who also have approach anxiety, ocd, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, etc..to read this, get inspired to take action, and know that they can get the 9s and 10s too. And it's not only the guys who have their shit together and inner game completely sorted that can get these high quality girls. They can do it too. I always try to put as much value in my reports as possible. I also want all of my readers to experience everything that i felt, thought, and saw while they read..almost as if my readers are doing the pickup right along with me. So thanks for noticing and appreciating that.

As for me falling short on leading the HB9 sexually..that being a major factor in her flaking on me..i have never looked at it from that perspective. But it does makes sense. It's funny because, i was looking everywhere else but that, for where i could've went wrong. I've also seen this with my good friend & wing (whom i also coach)..he looks everywhere else for what his sticking points could be, instead of where they actually are. This is why "Blind Spots" in every guy's game is so cunning, because your "blind spots" are designed to make you look everywhere else than where you should be looking at (probably because a "Blind Spot's" main responsibility is to protect your ego at all costs), when you are trying to address and work on your sticking points. Although you can't see it yourself..everyone on the outside looking in, can see it. So thanks Arch for pointing that out to me. I will work on better leading those hotter HB9s and HB10s sexually, so that i can keep them coming back. Much appreciated bro! :)


LEARNING GAME IS LAME!..Right up until the point when you will eventually see a hot girl standing or sitting right in front of you. In that moment..you will wish that you had learned game!

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