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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:13 pm 
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This guide is the bullshit-free pool of knowledge. The red pill for the newbie, the next step for the intermediate and the cool read for the advanced who's bored at his job pretending to be working.
Go get yourself a treat, get comfy and enjoy.

You start with
The interaction. Before you text her, you need her number. Makes sense? Good. Not just that, but you gotta get it with a hint of style, because if your first impression is shit, you're already fighting an uphill battle.
The content of what you're communicating will be altered, to your advantage or not, by the personality you've portrayed. By who you are.

If you're a cheeky fun loving bastard, pretty much anything you text will be taken with a hint of humor. Which is more often than not a good thing.
On the other side of the spectrum, if your sense of humor is slightly better than the average lamp, don't be surprised if she doesn't get the racist joke you just attempted.
This is why the first impression has such resonance. The direction in which your future relationship with her, whichever that may be, will naturally lean towards is the one you set from the very beginning. So you'll either go with the positive flow, or pushing agianst the tides in an attempt to steer things on your desired path. Unless you're a masochist, you want the first option.

Approach her
So you're on you way to the market to buy some oranges. And pineapples. Because you've heard people on the internet say that they make your sperm taste good. That’s not just me right?
Anyway, you see Scarlett Johansons' twin sister - or Moby Dick, whatever you're into - passing you by. Surely you can't just walk up to her and start using words, right? Yes, that's exactly what you're gonna do. Because for once in her life she should have the privilege of being properly approached by an artist. Or something.

PS: Grapefruit for her is the equivalent of Pineapple for you. Use that information however you see fit.

Now you have sex
Kidding. But you've stopped her. You effectively separated yourself from 50% of the male population that does not deserve to have their genes propagated. So what are you gonna ask?
You don't ask. You tell her exactly why you're there, how she looks half-cute and you how you wanna know her name. You're not there for directions, the time or the weather. That's what your smartphone is for. And you can't fuck your smartphone. I think.

What to say
This really isn't rocket science. Forget about scripted routines or magic lines you read about after violently masturbating 5 minutes ago. If you're anywhere over the mental age of 15, you should have some sort of idea about who you are, what you love and the things you stand for. So polarize. Show her that retarded sense of humor, your cheeky conversation skills or superb sarcasm. Everyone has their own style. Don't try to be something you're not. Don't just "be yourself" either, because if you're reading this guide there's a very high chance that yourself is not enough. Yet.
Instead, be the best version of yourself. And have fun with it. Yes, you actually do have to invest some time and effort in self-improvement. We'll get there later.

Dissapointed that I have no magic line so that you too can fuck a Victoria's Secret model tonight? Welcome to reality.

Ok, back to being cool. Drop small teases during the conversation. Example:
Oh I can see already see you're a princess. You probably sleep in pink furry pijamas don't you?

Don't say shit like that unless it's congruent with who you are. Use your own personality, not mine. But hey, now she has a pet name you can use in that initial text. Congrats, "who is this?" is now something you'll never have to come across ever again.

During the conversation, don't ask questions like you're interviewing her. Instead, make statements.
"What's your major?" should sound more like "You look like a doctor. I bet you have horrible handwritting".

Again, no gimmicks or routines. The reasons behind this are psychological. First off, 95% of dudes will just ask about the weather whenever they run out of things to say. Secondly, when you're making a statement you're implying some sort of assumption. If your guess is correct, she'll be intrigued as to how you figured it out. If you're wrong she'll still wanna know why you though she'll be sticking her finger up mens' asses for a living. Win-win.
And as an extra bonus, statements imply you're actually listening. Which you should be. That's how quality conversation happens.

Tonality is important but we won't go into details. Basically try speaking from your chest, not your throat/head. The latter is usually a sign of nervousness. That's not sexy. Apparently a deeper, masculine voice is. Who knew?
Also, take your time. Don't talk like Busta Rhymes raps.

Never ever in your life give her your number. Not even at gunpoint. Die like a man with your dignity intact. Unless it's an exchange. "Why don't you just give me your number?" is a female encryption for "I will never fuck you. Ever".

Examples of getting her number:
"A'right, (hand her your phone)"
"Ok, what's your number? I'll text you when we're hanging out"
"Give me your number"
"Put your number in. Save it under <girl with weird shoes>"
You can get cute with this, just remember there's a fine line between creatine and try-hard.

If she objects to any of these, offers her facebook/email/fax instead, there's only one valid response. You say:
"Ok how's this. You give me your number, I'll text you something (stupid/romantic/funny) and you can either reply to that ridiculously handsome guy you've met on the street and have beautiful babies together, or you can just delete the number and we won't ever meet again"
That's it. Whatever she says after that, take it at face value and leave.

Oh, by the way. Whenever she says she has a boyfriend, please stop taking in terms of "Challenge Accepted". Unless it's blatantly obvious she's trying to be cheeky, there's absolutely no reason to pursue her further. I don't, and neither should you, care if that's true or not. The words themselves are meaningless, the intention behind them are what counts. She either has a boyfriend and told you straight up, or she just lied to your face. Either way, intentions are the same. She isn't interested.

PS: I know you have a friend that knows a dude that has a bro who insisted and it worked. Some people win the lottery. That doesn't mean they know how to make money. It just means they got lucky.

How long do I wait to send the first text?
Here's a little secret. Instead of pretending to have an awesome busy life, actually work on building an awesome busy life. Forget about the 1 day 14 hours and 47 minute rule. There are no rules. I send the first text when I have time for a conversation and am not doing something more important. Like masturbating. Or having sex. With myself.
Just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more that initial impact fades.

Should I take twice as long as her to reply?
No. People practically live on their smartphones these days. Again, forget about ancient rules that surfaced when the art of seduction was making it's first baby steps. We're in 2015, NASA is planning a Mars landing. Act like it.
Plus how the hell are you supposed to have a fun conversation when each party takes 45 minutes to reply?
Don't write a novel either. Texts are supposed to be concise, fun and light. Spark up some emotion, send her a funny picture. Whatever, just don't ask her how her days was or what she's up to. You don't care about that. And she knows.

She never initiates
Women are less invested in a man before they've had sex and more invested after. For us it's exactly the other way around. Let that sink in, accept it and move on. The only thing you gotta worry about is if she rarely ever replies, in which case you're probably being boring or she lost interest. Or both.
Plus, it's expected of you to be the leader. I know it soothes our egos when they do it, but many won't. They're just as human as you and me, and the idea of rejection terrifies them as well.

Grammar, spelling, emoji's, haha's
You ever seen an autocorrect joke? that shit actually exists. You need write 3 letters before your phone suggests what most likely is the word you were looking for. You have absolutely no excuse for poor grammar / improper spelling. Being an illiterate moron is not sexy. Being smart is. For both sexes.

The impact of a joke, innuendo or sarcastic comment will be greatly diminished by the use of emoji's. They're like a failsafe, there only to reduce the riskiness of what you've just said. It also reduces the value. It's not a good tradeoff. So use them as a means to express yourself, not as a means to play it safe.

I'm not even gonna get into the subject of "haha's" every other text. Don't do it, you look mentally retarded. I'm serious.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

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Ok, let's touch on some other subjects.

Do looks matter?
Yes. Drill it in, accept it, move on. I'm not gonna restart this age-old debate because the answer is obvious.
Women fall into 3 cathegories. Receptive, unreceptive and neutral. Looks don't affect your game on a large scale, but they do affect the amount of women that will be receptive toward you before you even open your mouth. There it is. Truth written in stone. And if she's receptive, all you need to do is not fuck it up. Easy life.

Neutral ones are where so called "game" comes into play. You have to polarize them and get that attraction going until she becomes receptive. The idea with neutral women is that they don't stay neutral for long. And the longer it takes you to make a move, the more she'll drift into the "never gonna fuck you zone".

Unreceptive girls are a waste of your time. You can be the smoothest Rico Suave that ever walked the Earth, every once in a while you'll come across one of these. The time and effort necessary is just not worth it. Simple as that.

Now before you go crying into a corner because you didn't win the genetic lottery, wait for the good news. It doesn't take much for a man to be good looking. Sure not everyone has a jaw that could cut diamond, but everyone can buy fitting clothes, get a good haircut to match their headshape and subscribe to a gym.

People rarely talk about this concept and yet it's as crucial as it gets. It's somewhat self explanatory but let me break it down.

You're a 32 year old software developer. You've had 3 relationships all your life, lasting 3-4 years each. Your humor is highly intellectual, you're not very familiar with the social world and enjoy spending your free time playing video games. Drinking and partying is not your thing.
She on the other hand, is a 21 year old student that is stressed the fuck out over the upcoming finals and all she wants to do is to drink her problems away. She doesn't have a job and has never considered herself a smart person. She enjoys spending her freetime socializing with friends.
I don't care how much game you think you have, because in this scenario your demographics simply don't overlap. The amount of friction these major lifestyle differences create means you will never successfully date this girl. Emphasis on successfully. Fucking her, falling in love, getting dump and having your heart broken does not qualify as "success".

Now picture this. 3 years have passed and you've taken up some self improvement. You shaped that sexy body, you wear fitting, stylish clothes and discovered the fun in going out for drinks once in a while with your younger colleagues. You even had sex with a few different women over the years.
You meet this same girl at the local lounge. She's now finished college, got a job in her field of study and is well on her way towards becoming a young professional. She also dated enough "boys" to realize she needs a proper man in her life. Suddenly your demographics are meeting common ends. The same line you used 3 years ago will have a significantly different impact today.

We've all had our fair share of this word right? But what is it though? Basically it's wanting, needing or demanding attention, affection or validation to excessive degrees. Being a pleaser.

This is the root of 98% of the problems you'll ever encounter with pickup. It repels women. It repels men as well. A needy woman will render me unable of using my massive peenus for indefinite amounts of time. Only thing worse than a needy chump is a needy chumpess.

That being said, you can never be 100% non invested. Or non needy. But you don't have to be. If she's the most insecure person on this planet and you're the second most insecure, you're less invested in her than she is in you. And because of that, she'll be attracted.

You are needy when:
- You worry what others think of you
- You approach a girl to impress your friends of equal virginness
- You seek validation and are outcome dependent.
- You lead your life based on how others expect you to in order to please them.

You're not needy when:
- You do whatever the fuck you wanna do, because you wanna do it. With respect and understanding of any potential consequences.

Basically, if she says she loves Scorpions and you start listening to them for the sole reason of impressing her, you have a problem.

How do you eliminate neediness and insecurities? Self improve. Career, dating, social. All of it. When you become a fully functional, self-sustained entity, confidence somes naturally.

Core fundamentals
Also known as Inner Game. Your mindset is the single most important aspect of your game.

Bad mindsets:

"Women only want money and expensive cars."

I have a friend who's around 20 at the moment. Virgin. That's his mentality.
Meanwhile I'm currently dating a woman that's used to guys with cars more expensive than my entire net worth and then some. Oh, and I don't even own one.
They don't need you to be successful. Success comes overtime, not overnight.
They just need you to have that drive. That ambition. And any man worthy of calling himself that should.

"She's out of my league". This simply is not true. Take the above example as reference. Leagues don't exist. They're a made-up feel good mechanism for insecure people.
Here's a list of other made-up feel good mechanisms:
- Money doesn't buy happiness. Said the poor guys.
- Beauty comes from the inside. Said the ugly guys.
- She's probably a bitch anyway. Said the insecure guys.

"She's a 10". Your 10 can be my 4 and your 5 can be my 9. Let's dumb this down to a simpler scale. We can even get creative with it.
0 - would not bang. Ever.
0,5 - Industrial beer goggles might help. Another shot of Stroh please.
1 - Meh, why not.
1,5 - I'd feel pretty proud of myself in the morning.
2 - Would bang, post Akon's "I just had sex" music video on my facebook page, tag her in it and send pics of her to everyone I know.
The point is, relate to yourself. You find her hot? that's all there is to know.

"Talking to women is just too hard for me". When I started getting into fitness I literally could not do a single push up. I'd love to say it's because my penis was too big and getting in the way, but sadly that's not the case. Now I can bench 1.5x my bodyweight. But hey, if you wanna live a life devoid of females, friends or awesome memories because you'd rather play World of Warcraft 12 hours a day, that's up to you.
Nothing wrong with video games by the way. Excessive-obsessive behavior is the problem. Spending 12 hours in the Gym won't leave you better of either. You have to be a calibrated human being.

"Women don't like sex as much as we do". This one is true. They like it more.

Good mindset:

"All women are attracted to me". This can't possibly be true, but it's a good rule to live by. You look good, you actively work on achieving your goals and are closer each day to becoming your best self. What's not to like?

"Rejection is a time saver". It's a weed-out process. If you're new at this some rejections will be on you. Otherwise, most have to do with external factors you probably have no control over. Regardless, take it at face value. Learn from obvious mistakes but don't lose sleep over it.

Plenty of beautiful women in the world, but. But that's not enough. Don't settle for hot and stupid. Fuck her, sure, whatever. Just don't get into relationships with crazy chicks or trainwrecks for the sake of dat ass. There's plenty of beautiful, smart, well-rounded women out there. Welcome to the pro league.

Be honest and upfront with your intentions. Don't lie, don't deceive and don't make promises you have no intention of keeping just to get a lay. Don't go darkside. We will find you.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

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And we're back.

Hey, you got the number. Protip: always repeat the number back to her and purposely mix up 2 digits. If she corrects you, you’re golden. If not, chances are you just got a fake.
Alright, so what the fucking fuck do you do now? Do you send her a joke? Do you send a pineapple emoji? How about asking about her day? Fuck no. The answer is obvious. You send her a dickpic.
Seriously, never send dickpics. Let me emphasise on that:
You don’t even look at the damn thing when you scribble your name over the toilet walls, why would she want to?

Here’s the truth. If your initial interaction was good she’ll respond to pretty much anything you say, but that’s not an excuse for you to start being average. It’s really simple, think of it like this:
Interesting text leads to interesting conversation.
Interesting conversation leads to interested girl.
Interested girl leads to a date.
Date leads to you crying yourself to sleep because you didn’t properly escalate. Or to her violently convulsing due to the mindshattering orgasm you just gave her. You decide.

How to initiate?
Have a purpose. The opening text should invite an answer. You want to come across as a unique and exciting guy, because that’s what stirs her emotions. Don’t be ordinary, let the other 351 orbiters in her phone do that.
Examples of horrible openers:
- “Hey”
- “Hey how’s your day?”
- “Hey how are you doing?”
- “What’s up?”
My mom sends me more interesting texts than that. Would you ever feel a shred of excitement reading those? I know I wouldn’t.
The best approach is to bring up something you’ve talked about in your previous conversation. An inside joke of sorts. These things create bonds, emotional connections, plus it reminds her of a pleasant experience you’ve shared. Here’s a few examples of good texts and reactions. I will fake the names.

Me: “Yo, Lilly. I give you the gift of my number. – R.C.”
Lilly: “Thank you. My day is now complete.”
Me: “Your name means “bat” in my language, just so you know.”
Lilly: “Wait what? Like the flying nasty thing?”
Me: “Exactly like the flying nasty thing. Wanna hang out Tuesday?”
Lilly: “Haha, hang… I see what you did there. I can’t Tuesday but Wednesday if you’re free.”
Fun little conversation, concise and with a purpose. If the meetup seems sudden, that's because she was very receptive in person.

Me: “Designer girl! I’m thinking of buying a new bed but I need schematics.”
Roxanne: “Hey, RC. How would you like it to be?”
Me: “Rough.”
Me: “We’re not talking about the bed anymore.”
Roxanne: “Hahah, nice try. Does that line work often?”
Me: “50% of the time it works every time.”
She mentioned wanting to become an interior designer, and she saved herself in my phone “Designer girl”.

Me: “Lio? Lia? Lya? Not down with the name yet but I promise I won’t ask for any water.”
Lio: “Ha! Hey RC.”
Me: “Wow, you’re very creative. Did you pull that reply off the internet?”
Lio: “Omg how do you know me so well?”
Me: “I study psychology in my free time. I’m in your mind right now. Stop picturing me naked.”
Lio: “hahaha! I always wanted a psychologist.”
Me: “Great, I’ll text you tomorrow and we’ll schedule a drinking session. I mean psychology session.”

Are a good thing. Yeah, I just said that. If she isn’t interested I’d much rather have her flake than waste both our time on some piss poor date.
However, not all flakes are ill mannered. Here’s a few reasons:

1. She has a busy life. Sometimes you come across a winner.
She has a good job going on, goes to the gym, has a few other hobbies she partakes in, etc. It’s easy to forget things when you are constantly doing something. I sometimes forget to text back too.
Don’t get desperate and needy. Send her another text later.

2. Her responsiveness is completely different than it was in person.
Women are more attuned to their emotions than men are and so, they have a stronger impact on their overall mood. She might have been having a perfect day when you met, but now her roommate forgot that the knife goes in the left drawer and the fork goes in the right one. Which is an absolute disaster and she doesn’t wanna talk to anyone.
Try again later. You’d be surprised.

3. She’s nervous. If you spent any time around women you’ll know that every now and then they act like complete chumps when the right guy comes. The difference is they can afford fucking up from time to time because now that you’ve read this guide, she will:
Receive another text, later. Maybe tone it down a bit, be less intimidating.

4. She wasn’t interested. Maybe it’s a fake number or she flat out thinks you’re one repulsive motherfucker. Some girls will give their number just to get rid of you because women are not necessarily confrontational by nature.
You may sometimes misinterpret the signs, but as usual, try again later. At the very least it’s good practice.

So don't cry in a corner if she didn't reply. Wait a day or so, try again. Personally I have a two strike rule.

Keeping it going
So you’ve just sent the initial text. Wipe that sweat off your face and prevent your heart from attacking itself. Better? Good. Here comes the difficult part. Anyone can send a cheeky text or throw a jab. Not everyone can go 12 rounds though. This is probably the hardest part about texting. How do you keep a conversation from going horribly wrong? Remember the talk about the 3 types of women? Chances are she’s either receptive or neutral, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have gotten the number. If she’s receptive you can push for a meetup almost immediately. Otherwise, time to put those conversational skills to use.

Flirting is the end all be all of keeping her warm/warming her up until you meet in person. For me teasing is the most enjoyable form of flirting. Mild insults or backhanded compliments are usually things girl react well to. 90% of dudes kiss their ass. It's simple logic. Do the opposite. Challenge them.
Don’t forget to throw a sexual innuendo in here and there.

Inside jokes
There’s a reason why people love these. They create a sense of secrecy and an emotional bond. Use them.

The “Us” mentality
You’ve probably heard about this but under a different name. This is one of the most powerful ways of creating attraction with a girl. Have a fantasy together, it doesn’t have to be realistic. Tell her how you’re gonna steal the BMW across the street, drive together to Mexico and dance to the Mariachi playing at midnight. Her imagination is your best friend. It will do the rest. You just have to plant the seed.
Don’t think of a pink elephant. What did you just do? Yeah, you get the point.
Amp up the sexuality once she plays along, it’s the perfect opportunity.

You can create the same effect in other ways too. She's your co-worker? Play some 2v2 ping-pong in the rec room. Tell her that once you become world champions you'll share a bottle of $5k champagne on the rooftop of a 5 star hotel.

Get creative and have fun.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

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Setting up the date
Ok enough already. You’ve initiated, you had your little fun conversations, you shared stories and built some comfort. But you can’t stick your dick through your phone. So wat do? Well, as shocking as this sounds, before you can go on a date you have to arrange one.

How to text for a meet-up
Here’s a few pointers. You meet-up text should never look like this:
- Do you think it’s possible that we go for some coffee?
- If it’s alright with you do you want to get some food?
- Would you possibly want to go out?
- Is it ok If I ask you out on a date?
- Would you do me the honour?
By this point I should not have to explain why, so I won’t. On the other hand, here’s what a proper text should be made of:
- What you plan on doing
- The day
- The time
- The logistics
“You, me, bowling and drinks on Tuesday, 9 PM”. Form your texts so that they fit your personality, but respect the guidelines.
Ok, moving on.

What do you do on a date?
Whatever you want. Avoid 2 things. Movie date and dinner date. Unless the movie is at your place. Dinner date is all out horrible because for one there’s little possibility of physical escalation and two, you just might be stuck there for 2 hours straight with someone you don’t even like. It’s just a bad bet.
Movie dates mean you can’t talk or properly escalate, and so you’re practically wasting 2 hours of endless possibilities while gawking in awkwardness and over-arm clichees.

Most people advocate that “active” dates are the best. And it’s true. Take her bowling, skating, shoot some pool. Whatever. Share an experience with her. Plenty of opportunities to escalate, talk, tease, and have fun.
Also, be sure to visit at least 2-3 venues. The more places you go to the stronger the connection.

What to do if she can’t make it on the initial date and time you suggested? Well, there’s 2 reasons for this:
1. She really can’t.
2. She’s not interested but wants to go easy on you.
The best case scenario here is when she can’t, but offers a reschedule. When this happens you’re golden. Her interest is real. So go, do a victory dance. You’ve earned it.
Back? Good.
A’right, so say she didn’t offer that reschedule, what do you do? Either immediately propose a new date and time, or ask her for a reschedule day so you can see if that works for you.

What if she said yes but flaked later on?
I’ll take a few minutes to try and figure out whether her reasons are genuine or not, but regardless you have little to lose if you give her one more chance. The last, mind you. It doesn’t matter in the end why she flaked, because you take the second outcome at face value. If she shows, great. If not, big deal. Next.

Understand diversity
This is a long ass guide, but it’s pretty much all you need to know to get her on a date. What you also need to understand though, is that no two women are the same. Very few rules apply universally. Here’s a few off the top of my head:
1. Neediness is repelling. Fastest most efficient way of killing attraction.
2. Being less invested in her than she is in you will greatly increase your success rate.
3. Being average is boring. It’s human nature, we steer ourselves towards what’s exciting.

Even these rules get defied sometimes. Some girl might fuck you because even though you reek of neediness, she’s probably even worse than you are.

You can show enormous investment in that hot blonde by the bar and even though she thinks you’re an idiot, you kinda remind her of her first boyfriend so she might take you home.

That redhead at the table? You’ve talked to her about the weather for 10 minutes straight but she just had a huge fallout with her boyfriend, and fucking the first dude who has half a ball to talk to her is exactly her way of rubbing it in his face.

Point is, even the worst player will hit a home run once in his life. Sometimes you get lucky, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. Which brings me to my final point:

Be congruent
Understand that women won’t make you happy. A relationship won’t make you happy and having 6 different fuck buddies won’t make you happy. You can’t drink you problems away and you sure as hell can’t fuck them away either.
Every man has 3 main aspects to his life. Career, social life, dating life. Work on all of them, not just one. Self-improve. We live in a society where people are socially conditioned to be ordinary, to not take chances and to play it safe. Fuck that. Quit your job if it’s shit and start doing what you love. Meet people and form great friendships. Talk to that attractive woman regardless of the fact that you’re wearing your gym equipment. I know it’s easier said than done, but a life of mediocrity is a big price to pay. No one on their death bed will ever say: "I wish I did less of what I loved."

If you want to be an attractive man you have to live an attractive life. And fortunately, that’s entirely up to you. The more confident you become in who you are, the more rewarding your relationships with the people around you will be. Men and women. Happiness is something you build on your own and then chose who you want to share it with. It’s not something you leech off of whoever gives you the time of day.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

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Obscenely long indeed. But a great read none-the-less.

Can anyone confirm her saying she has a bf is a dead end? Everyone encourages persistence but you're saying drop it.

If you wanna survive you have to be willing to die.

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Way to cut through all the "PUA" bullshit RC.

Keep it simple stupid.

Like OP said, she either has a BF or she's trying to let you down easy. She is most definitely not asking you to push through or try harder. You polarized, she's not interested so move on.

The thing I hate most about reading posts is people that think that if only they can say and do the perfect thing at the perfect time in the perfect order all of a sudden they'll win and the girl will beg for their penosis. Negative ghost rider. The name of the game is polarizing and weeding out early and often.

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Excellent guide. I think OP is doing hisself a disservice by describing it as a "texting" guide. This is applicable across the spectrum of dating. I hope mods can sticky this because it's got quite a bit of extremely useful yet simple information. No models or any bullshit, just straight advice that goes for almost all situations.

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Can anyone confirm her saying she has a bf is a dead end? Everyone encourages persistence but you're saying drop it.
This is my advice as well.
I've never found "plowing" to be a good idea. If the girl says "I have a boyfriend" within minutes of meeting you, she is saying "I am not attracted to you". There is really nothing to be gained by ignoring this and continuing to try.

You will meet plenty of other girls who do not say this, and these will go much better on average.
I may ignore some type of disinterest. Like "I have to go back to my friends". But "I have a boyfriend" is her flat out telling you she's not interested. That is not something you're likely to turn around. That's why a lot of these guys think they get "friendzoned". Because they would not listen to her, and thought because she said yes to a date, they were in. But she's been telling them "I'm not attracted to you"(in girlspeak) over and over again. So they try to turn to game to keep this from happening. This is not to be confused with missing escalation windows which is a real thing.

You're wasting a ton of time winning girls over. Winning girls over doesn't work.

Build an emotional connection through your hard throbbing cock.
Build trust and comfort by holding their hands and covertly rubbing your elbows on their nipples.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 7:13 pm 
The Coach
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Damn man. Good post... Great post, actually.

I wouldn't have personally taken the time to type all of that up for these ungrateful fuckers lol

PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:36 am 
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Obscenely long indeed. But a great read none-the-less.

Can anyone confirm her saying she has a bf is a dead end? Everyone encourages persistence but you're saying drop it.
Like of said, as long as it is not blatantly obvious she's being cheeky, drop it. No reason to waste your time there.

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My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:38 am 
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Excellent guide. I think OP is doing hisself a disservice by describing it as a "texting" guide. This is applicable across the spectrum of dating. I hope mods can sticky this because it's got quite a bit of extremely useful yet simple information. No models or any bullshit, just straight advice that goes for almost all situations.
Thanks. The main focus of it was texting, but that alone won't help much without proper understanding of the elements behind.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:58 am 
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Solid gold RC.

Hope the noobs visit this thread often. I will link noobs here who are failing to grasp the fundamentals.

Approach. Open. Escalate. Isolate

Here are my two essential rules on texting that will save you tons of time and money:


PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:10 pm 
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Moved this to "Closing and Day 2's" and made this a sticky.

Thanks for taking the time to write this out RC

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:49 am 
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Moved this to "Closing and Day 2's" and made this a sticky.

Thanks for taking the time to write this out RC
No problem. Thanks for hanging this up here.

I know my place. It's me on top of the world.

My in depth texting & dating guide.
There's no such thing as shit-tests.
How to keep a girl.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:37 am 
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Finally got round to reading this, excellent stuff.


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