Purchasing some stuff for my wardrobe. I have a few question

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After some farther thought for now I will buy some items of my current list + few extra items I thought of. This should be sufficient for now. During the summer break I will purchase the rest. Mostly those I find too complicated to figure out how to buy in a limited amount of time.

There are a few things that came to my mind when I was thinking about buying those items. My questions are numbered. The rest is additional information towards the questions.

I already went after the henleys. I am currently in Poland. Over here I've been to two big department stores, but niether was big on them. I could only find two I liked.

The first I found was black (I don't remember the material) and when I tried it on the length was right, but the material below the chest was loose and on arms was loose. Now I read a good henley should be tight fitting so I didn't buy it. In a different store I found a navy blue henley. It was 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

I. Is 35% cotton and 65% polyester a good material for henley?

It fitted much better. It was tightly fitted through the whole body even though it was also large.
After this I wonder.

II. How much material should I be able to pull on the side if I wear a well fitted Henley? What would be a difference in looseness between a well fitted t shirt and a well fitted henley?

III. Is Henley well fitting when the material is right or is it more about the cut? Because since the henley, which fitted well was made mostly from polyester I guesses that maybe the properties of polyester allowed it to be more form fitting. Is my assumption correct?

The second henley was fitting well. I am a mascular guy, but since I am bulking at the moment I am not shredded. But I am not fat either. Currently I have 12% bf and my stomach is flat. To me form looked good in the mirror. The female staff thought the same.

IV. What's the good max body fat level for wearing a henley?

V. I found on the internet that for me since I am caucasian with light skin, black hair, and blue eyes my skin tone is winter. I asked my friend who's brother is a fashion consultant and he agreed. The colors listed for me as best were on fashion advise sites (among others) were royal blue and navy blue. The henley I mentioned above looks closest from what I found to oxford blue. Is that fine, because what they meant was simply the dark shades of blue?

V. I saw a third henley I liked. It was also navy blue, but with brown buttons. However, the rest of the outfit I would wear it with would be black (no brown colors; black belt,shoes, jeans, leather jacket, watch with leather strap). Would that be fine or is the mismatch too noticable?

VI. I like two types of braceletts. I am thinking of something black to match a black watch and dark outfit. I can't really seem to locate a good guide on how to choose a good one anywhere. I would advise on this. Also if I purchase one would I wear it on the same hand as my watch or opposite?

VII. I also got an idea to buy t shirts with pictures of women. I always liked how they look. However, I don't know what to look for with those in terms of dos and don'ts for this so some advise would be appreciated. Most likely they will be black with grey images. Maybe containing some dark blue or deep red detail, but I am not sure.

VII. I am buying a backpack. I want it to be stylish, but not leather. Is that fine? It would be made of black material. Primarly I think leather backpack and leather jacket together would be too much. Also I would save a few bucks.
Here is the link:
http://www.reserved.com/pl/en/man/all-3 ... ories/bags
I like the "backpack with laptop sleeve".

IX. I would like to buy a custom ring. I like silver, white gold, or platinum. I would like advise on, which one is best. I think silver is most economic, but I don't if it looks just as good. What are good dos and don'ts for buying a custom ring. If I find something fast that is affordable I will buy it. If not it will wait for later.

X. Lastly I heard it recently that style is an expression of oneself. Your clothes send a message. So far my philosophy has been to wear what I like, matches my body, right for the occasion, and is styliscly correct. Is there something additional I should look into in terms of the type of message I am sending to people through my outfit?

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For the summer I am deciding between v neck t shirts and short sleeve henleys. Which one is better?

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