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 Post subject: need some advice...
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 4:22 pm 
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A little back story.(sorry this is so long, but its not entirely a field report so i put it here)

I met a great woman, got the number and she was very into me(and all over me) for the last hour or so i hung around. Sadly i did not attempt a kiss close(should have). SO i called the next day and i must have put the number in my phone wrong or something. I doubt she gave me the wrong number. She told me to take her number before i even had a chance to ask and never left my side for the next hour until i said goodbye and left.

so i kind of let it slide and figured well maybe i will see her next weekend at the club. But during that week i ran into one of her friends. I opened with hey i know you are that girl's friend so give her my number when you see her i feel bad about not calling but i got the number wrong. A couple days goes by and she(the friend) messages me just about random things. I'm kind of surprised but like any good aspiring PUA i take this as an opportunity to hone my skills. So we chat back and forth for a while and i make an out to end the conversation saying hey lets grab a coffee sometime. Never got a reply to that. Now let me add, this chick has her very own bitch shield and it comes off thicker than ironman's latest suit. I really could have cared less, but she is hot so i went with it.

Now, i see her(the friend) out in the club and she is dressed to the 9's with some other HB8 + i just say hello toss her a slight touch on the shoulder and go about my business. It almost like she was headed for a hug with me but i just kept moving. Met a buddy and we talked for a bit and after a short while i went outside and pretended to get a phone call. She(the friend) was watching me like a hawk scanning for prey. SO i took the hint to test it further and stayed outside for a bit. I then see her friends who were faced away from me turn to look outside at me and face back to her and pat her on the back. Not sure if that is good or bad but whatever. I go back in tell my friend this place is too noisy and im headed to another bar. I say it loudly enough so her group can hear me.

i leave head to the other bar. Not 10 minutes after i get there her friends strut in and she comes right up to me and pats me on the ass with a flirty hello. I'm like ok, game on. SO i step out side for a minute to see if she follows, sure enough here she comes. We talk for like 20 minutes(got her number as well), only a few ioi's and her friend comes out and drags her inside. Clearly this was pre planned incase i turned out to be an ass. SO i made no further contact. When 20 minutes before closing she comes by and tries to tickle my ribs, or something. I turn and say hey. My first words were regarding the guy she had been chatting up for the last 15 mins and how he must not have measured up to me. I got a gigggle and a ioi and she said "we should hang out tomorrow." i said ok call me. SHe said, i do not call, if you want to go out you call me. I said "you asked me out, but ok i will call you might be worth it"

so two how to proceed? I'm thinking lunch or coffee nothing too heavy. but what kinds of things should i aim for considering what you have read thus far? It seems she is into me but with her natural bitch shield i cant get a good read on her.

 Post subject: Re: need some advice...
PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 9:04 pm 
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She does indeed seem into you, nice work - and you've got a horseshoe up your ass. Lose one number and gain another from one of her friends? Slow. Clap.

I say a late afternoon lunch and a couple drinks if it goes well. If it continues to go well transition to your place with the premise of a movie or movie night on the couch.

 Post subject: Re: need some advice...
PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:58 pm 
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Mate invite her

Dont care about the place just go to place where u 2 can have fun and be together. While lunch or dinner is bit meh. maybe a drink where u can be playful and actually start to close the distance on her.

Stop with the all hard to get.

She knows u are into to her ... so stop conveying ur hard to get with fake phone calls, and playing childish games.

Go for what u want, is not those type of games that will make her change her decision about you

understand that u have limited time of attention of girl and u have to do your best.

All those things in my humble opinion are horse shit.

If it fails they are tons of girls hotter and more nice..

Oh! You've gotta be kidding me!

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