2nd round with a girl?

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 Post subject: 2nd round with a girl?
PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:21 am 
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Sooo guys.

A good % of the girls I slept with had no problem having me as a friend afterwards. Sometimes I even go drink something with them (with no further intentions). If they feel something more than just lust I always try to be crystal clear about me not wanting anything serious and they usually put some distance between us. Until now all good, right?

But of course, the one time I am the one wanting something, she doesn't! haha

I have to explain the situation a bit before asking you advice:

I slept with this girl in february and I can't take her out of my mind. After 2 "dates" we stopped seeing each other because she has a (long-distance) boyfriend. We stayed friends for a while but then she slowly cut all the contacts with me. One day I noticed that she removed me from her facebook friends, but WHO THE HELL does that?! I got fed up and confronted her (per SPAM...there were no new occasions to see her around), asking her if I hurt her in some way and telling her that it'd be the last thing I wanted since I'm interested in her. I thought she had big regrets about what happened so I added a "The only thing I regret is that our time together was too short". As a conclusion I asked to meet, there're things we needed to discuss.
Long story short she responded with "I didn't know you feel this way! No you didn't hurt me at all, it's just my reaction to what happened. Yes of course we can talk, but I need some time to reflect and understand why I was feeling so weird with/around you, so I can give you a honest answer, is that okay for you?"

At the time I thought "She was feeling weird? maybe she feels something for me too!"

After a MONTH we met up and well, she told me that she loves her boyfriend and that she'd like to have me just as a friend. I was pretty much destroyed that day, not gonna lie, guys. (I'm positive she was at least a bit interested... but maybe I'm biased... even though my best friend who has much more experience than me with girls says the same... I don't really know what to think at this point)

During the exams I asked/texted her how was she doing and how was the study going. No answer. After the exams she wrote me spontaneously "hey Thom, how did the exams go? :)". We chatted a bit but not too much. I'm trying to maintain a little bit of contact every once in a while (because of what will happen in a few weeks).

Okay, my introduction has ended! Sorry, it took longer than I initially thought! Now the real business:

In a few weeks our class (100 people) are going 4-5 days to the beach together. How should I behave? I'll be pretty honest: I think she thinks I sleep with every pretty girl around (I was drinking a coffee with a female friend [jsut a friend] once, she saw me, she shook her head and she told her friends to go in another bar), even though I was just talking lol. She knows what I feel for her and she knows I'm going to make my move (she isn't stupid).

I hate asking for help, but I'm in a really hard spot and I'm just trying to get the only girl that makes my heart race...

Thank you for reading this far!! :) and thank you for helping me!

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