Wingman holding me back?

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 Post subject: Wingman holding me back?
PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:14 am 
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So i been opening 1-5 girls a day for almost 2 weeks.

The other day i opened 5 girls in one hour during Solo Daygame Session.

I even opened a bunch of 2 sets solo.

The best set i did was i opened a cute swedish girl. Im not used to teasing and fractionating so i dropped the line "If you were fat i wouldent have talked to you" i built up to it using cold reading.. "I see you have a bag, you must have either worked out earlier today or your workingout later tonight"

She giggled in the cute feminine attracted way.

But to the main point. i dont feel like a need a wingman anymore to be able top Open girls. i can open girls almost anywere at this point. Opening 10s is not a problem.

This one guy i do game with went on a date the other day, i told him he should pull her to the toilet(Because of hes logistics)

Instead he went on trying to finger her in public(Daytime)

Also he today he was suppose to go on a Date with this girl, but she flaked it.. He told me this was the 4th time she flaked him.. and i was like WTF dude+ i told him to just stop talking to her and ignore her..

Hes response was "She seems really keen and shes a amazing girl"

He keeps talking about girls like they are "Proper" "Nice girl" etc..

Also when he appraoches girls. after 1-2 min interaction (Daygame) He asks for their number. and he goes in for a hug...

Also when he opens he almost immedietly starts touching the girl (Like if it was nightgame) Its honestly really cringy.

cuz it looks so needy when a guy touches a girl after 1-2minutes of first meeting her..

He tells me when hes on dates the girls dont give off that "attraction" vibe..

I have tried to tell him to spike more a couple of times. but hes like.. On this one certain girl hes not fucked yet (After 2-3 dates) i told him he should spike her emotions more..

Hes response was "Im going to use push pull on her, but im going to wait. i dont want to ruin the whole relationship"

I dont know man, but this guy dont know how to be man to woman, and i tried tell him to spike and be more fractionating.

Should i stop going out with him? i feel like daygaming solo makes my game alot better anyways..

When im out with him he keeps telling me stuff like "Dont use front stop, its too intimidating for her"

Basiclly when i open girl. i look at her when im a bit infront and i open her with my voice, and then i walk a little bit past her while holding eye contact then i hardstop her from infront. while facing her directly,

This is a really confident, dominant approach and it always works for me and girls show me tons of respect from approaching this dominant.

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