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A Sticking Point or SP is an issue you CONSISTENTLY run into.

It is NOT a point where you get stuck with ONE SPECIFIC GIRL.

A Sticking Point is:
I keep getting LMR whenever I bring girls back to my place. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wrong?
A Sticking Point is NOT:
I got LMR with this one girl! What do I do?
If you have not already gone out and practiced enough to have a real Sticking Point from meeting an ABUNDANCE of women, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO POST HERE.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:22 pm 
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I have a question for everyone out there. I’m not looking for the cocky answer, or the obvious answers, looking to see if any guys have similar thoughts or challenges in this area.

I game a lot and I enjoy this part of my life no doubt. I was brought up and raised in a drinking culture. Meaning, in high school, there was a keg at every party, all my friends drink, my family drinks even if it’s only wine at restaurants, and I worked on trying to game without drinking quite a bit over the years.
I made some really good strides and because I typically like “day game” or as we should call it “every minute game” and don’t always go to bars anymore, I can meet girls walking all over the place and get numbers without drinking rather easily.

When I am pulling girls back to my place, I say “come on by for a glass of wine and or some smoke” they typically come but here goes some of my soberness. I’ve gotten to be super quick by putting sexual pressure on the girls to see if they will put out before I have more than one drink but it is tricky.

Over the years, it has been my realization that drinking is everywhere and of course it is legal. Every time I try to quit drinking and I’m not the type of guy who drinks a bottle of hard alcohol in one sitting, at best I’m a social drinker but cannot drink more than three or four drinks without feeling like crap the next day. I have realized that it’s everywhere, every restaurant, every bar, every ballgame, every family party, every time I want to meet up with my old friends, every time I want to game and loosen up a girl I tend to use drinking as the method, even one time I tried to quit drinking and I told my mom, we went out to lunch and she said “Do you want a drink?.” Really, wtf…

So, the real question is, this is not for people that have never had this issue before. I’m looking for some real gems… This is also not for guys who can drink six drinks and never feel bad in the morning because there system can handle it.

Has anyone learned how to drink two drinks and call it a night every single time without drinking a the 3rd drink. The one thing I have learned is when I quit drinking but still want to socialize, my time in bars and with friends that want to drink have to be limited. Meaning, I can go into a bar to meet a friend drink a club soda as they harass me and bust my chops but getting out in 20 minutes makes sense.

Please do not tell me to find new friends who don’t drink but that is one small area that i can work on but the reality is i dont live in the same state as most of my friends, i typically only hang with girls that i meet. It just would be cool to meet people that have had the same challenge who have developed some methods or rules to follow.

Obviously, lastly, I can easily change my approach with girls and find a new hobby like “tea”, get into all different kinds of “teas” or some other drinks like Kombucha which I enjoy and that’s my invitation to the girls when I meet them. I truly admire pickup artist like Vince Kelvin & Tyler RSD that do not drink at all but I know for a fact they have never grown up in a drinking culture or never got hooked on drinking socially because I know them both reasonably well.

Any help besides the cocky stuff would be appreciated, thanks in advance guys.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:58 am 
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I have tried this method to use it and feel very good.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:07 pm 
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Thanks Nanette for your reply, what part of the method are you referring to if you don't mind, can you provide some details

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