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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 4:41 pm 
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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

A couple weeks ago I posted a poll requesting the community's thoughts on cigarettes and how they affect game (negative or positive). The community was quite divided on the matter, so I put all my efforts into testing sarging routines using cigarettes and smoking as material.

Cigarettes: I have found that there are three types of cigarettes that any PUA smoker should carry: Nat Sherman Black and Golds, Nat Sherman Fantasias, and Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes.

Nat Sherman Black and Gold: Johnny Depp's cigarette of choice, Nat Sherman uses all natural tobacco, taking the top .10% of crops to craft an incredibly smooth cigarette. It's wrapped with black paper while the filter is gold. The filter itself is in three pieces beneath the wrap; two mini-filters separated by a layer of fine charcoal. The charcoal filter is a GREAT conversation bit, especially when you break apart the filter after smoking to show a target or obstacle(s) the little charcoal pieces. The cigarettes also act as a decent peacocking item, though it's a little subtle and can appear to be a small cigar at first glance. Better to use these on a girl that already smokes.

Nat Sherman Fantasias: Same filter as the Black and Gold's (wrapped in gold as well), so a PUA can use the same conversation bit. Same deal with the tobacco crops. However, these cigs are light, so it won't hurt as much to pound a few, and you're more likely to entice a target to smoke them. Here's the key-- they're a much better peacocking item than the Black and Golds, as the cigarette papers range from yellow to blue to pink. I recommend using them outdoors just outside a bar/club entrance where targets can't miss the colorful cig.

Djarum Black: These are cloves (for those who don't know, a clove is a cigarette infused with actual cloves [for those who don't know, clove is a spice... think Thanksgiving and/or XMas flavor]). Completely black save a gold ring around the filter, they act as a decent peacocking item, but it's their smell that grabs attention. One can smell a clove from quite a distance, and it brings the smokers running to grab one. While decent for grabbing targets, it can become an issue if they really want one (we don't want to give them one, now do we!). Better used to segway into an AMOGing bit, as the guys will want cloves just as bad as the girls, and they'll need YOU to provide the goods. Look who's in charge. Cloves can also act as a solid isolation tool once a target is ready. The real kicker with cloves? They make one's lips taste very sweet with a slight spice, almost like ginger, and I've found that it's a great way to kiss-close.

PUA: "Taste the clove on your lips?"
Target: "Yes, I love that taste (or something to the effect)"
PUA: "They always taste better on someone else," (move in for kiss) "See what I mean?"

I've gone for something more playful, like gently licking the target's upper or lower lip, and then pulling away, making her work for it. Obviously all rules regarding a girl's willingness to kiss still apply; this is just another way to close.

A fourth option that all PUA smokers should at least consider is learning how to roll cigarettes. Don't use machines, don't roll sloppy cigarettes, don't buy cheap tobacco, and don't use filters. By good tobacco from a tobacconist; use quality rolling papers; practice until every cigarette looks and smokes consistently. It's a great DHV gimmick, and also works into a very solid bit. After discussing smoking with a girl (preferably one you already saw smoking) roll a cigarette right in front of her. Act completely natural, use a lot of cocky funny, and talk up how well your cigarettes smoke. Here's the key; make her believe that she's never smoked a cigarette until she's smoked one rolled by your hands. When she asks you to roll her one refuse. Refuse again. Refuse again. Neg her about how needy she is, and that you don't want to waste your time rolling another one.

I've found that the key to this is to neg the girl almost to the point where she walks away... really push her hard and fast. Then pull it back; offer to let her share your cigarette outside (I use the term "visit"). "Come on, I'm gonna smoke this outside... don't want to get kicked out when the bouncer thinks I'm smoking a joint [use something like that]. I'll let you visit my cigarette." Boom, instant date access, isolation, and she's only smoking your cigarette because you allowed her to.

Lighters are a completely different situation. Non-smokers should carry at least one lighter at all times, and smokers should carry three. Non-smokers can carry any one of the three varieties described below; the only purpose of having a lighter is to open a set of smokers.

Bic Regular: Any Bic lighter will do here. They last forever, are impossible to destroy, and can show some personality with the wrapper. However, the Bic lighter should be used for only one purpose: opening beer bottles when no bottle opener is present.

Wind-proof Butane: Any windproof butane lighter is fine, and they're not all that expensive, though some of the nicer lighters can cut a cigarette in half with the flame (great for AMOGing). Ever stand outside a bar and watch a group haplessly fight the wind to keep a flame going? Without making eye contact with the target light her cigarette and move on as if nothing happened. Always keep extra butane with you, as these lighters can eat fuel relatively quickly.

Zippo: Essential for lighting anything indoors. Zippos exude style, a kind of badassness, and show personality with their virtually limitless decorative options. Even more important than just having the Zippo is being able to perform Zippo tricks. There are hundreds of them out there, but a few important and easy ones can be found here: Pay particular attention to "The Flesh Torch," it's a guaranteed winner if you pull it off.

The "I'm quitting smoking, but it's a habit to stand outside" bit works really well as an opener. This serves two purposes; one, a non-smoker can easily open a smoker, and two, a smoker can use this line to set up a later instant-date... just take the target out so that you can "sneak a quick cigarette." There's one piece of equipment that MUST be carried when using this opener: candy-canes, preferably the rainbow kind.

Just open the candy cane and start sucking on it (works better the farther from XMas it is; more out of the ordinary). The target WILL ask you if it's a candy cane (d'uh), giving you the perfect opportunity to neg. Alse a great way to establish kino. I've found that two routines work best.

1. Make her work for her own candy cane, but when you do give it to her unwrap it yourself and place it in her mouth. Let it touch her lips/tongue, but then pull it away. She'll follow it. Take the wet part and lightly touch it to her nose or cheek. She'll pull away, and assuming you've played your game right to this point, will fake being appalled in the hopes of creating a joke. Lick your thumb, wipe off the sugar, have a laugh, and continue.

2. Reach into both of your pockets as if you're feeling around for something. Works better with cargo pants; more pockets to check. Ask her to take the candy cane from you while you look for [whatever, just make sure you have something believable]. When she reaches with her hand for the dry end stop her; tell her to take it from you with her mouth. If she refuses punish; walk away, scold her, ask more firmly, whatever, just keep it comfortable with your material. Eventually she'll acquiesce and if you maneuver properly you should be able to rub noses or even land a playful butterfly kiss (you should all know what that is).

Some final notes...
1. Some targets will become unapproachable if you smoke. This can suck if you really want a target that refuses to be with a smoker, even if only for twenty minutes. I'm sure that mPUAs could make it past this, but for the rest of us it's a sacrifice. Of course, following proper cigarette game can make a lot of girls easier to open (and close).
2. Cologne openers are useless. In fact, I recommend NOT wearing cologne if you plan on using smoking bits to open girls. The smell of cigarettes and cologne is only sexy if the girl smelled you with only cologne first, meaning that it works once. That's a big gamble.
3. If you need to smoke because you're that addicted, or you have to bum a cigarette, or you just want to smoke and not include it your game, AND you don't want to smell like smoke there are several steps you need to take. First, carry a coat that you wear ONLY when you smoke. Second, bring along a leather glove to carry on your smoking hand... again, only used when smoking. Third, inhale from the farthest corner of your mouth and avoid having the smoke touch your front gums and tongue as much as possible. Fourth, carry mints AND a pocket size bottle of Listerine (blue works best). Fifth, Axe works best to mask the smell of cigarettes without becoming oppressive like cologne. Sixth, and finally, after smoking go IMMEDIATELY to the bathroom and wash your hands and face.

That's about it guys. Feel free to comment, critique, and/or add anything as you see fit. Best of luck and good hunting.

P.S. Everyone enjoys a hookah bar, even if they don't smoke cigarettes... great places for instant dates.
P.P.S. Find a friend who can blow smoke rings and LEARN.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:05 am 
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i like your thinking. i've always wondered if smoking in front of a target screwed up my game but these routines could counter any of that. also, since i'm smoking less now it gives me a good excuse to get blacks again and not kill my lungs even faster.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:10 pm 
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I like it, very well thought out. I will try a few of these openers tonight at a party I'm going to. Will let you know the progress.

Your's Truly,


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:15 pm 
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smoking is bad for you, save your lungs, and save your LIFE.

Magic J

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 10:54 pm 
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What's the matter with Dorals or Marlboro lights?

I let the women in my life buy 'em for me.. :wink:

And I'm a 46 yo former Marine who still does 360 pushups a week, etc....

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 5:35 am 
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this is awesome. im actually gonna buy some of those fantasia cigs and use them. i'll just hold it in my mouth, or put it on my ear. (Which reminds me about toothpicks. holding a toothpick in your mouth while wearing sunglasses instantly portrays the image of a cocky AMOG. i mean, just look at P. Diddy!)

i don't smoke cigarettes cause i think they smell and taste like shit, but i do enjoy the occasional hookah, cigar or pipe. maybe these high class cigarettes taste better than camels, kool and marlboro.

there is also a hookah bar here that just opened up which is about a 2 minute walk from the main bar scene here in East Lansing. It's open til like 6am every night. Like grayson said, the place is MONEY for instant dates.

Oh and if you want to learn to blow smoke rings, practice with hookah smoke. It's light enough, yet dense enough to do anything with it. i learned in one night. Cigar smoke is too heavy, and you're not supposed to inhale it. Cigarettes and pipes just don't work too well.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 4:13 pm 
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yeah hookah are sweet. i got my own here in my apartment but i'm still going to have to come up with a plan on how to get people to come out. i live in a shady neighborhood so walking around late at night isn't a smart choice.

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