HB 8.5 cheerleader!! ( need help)

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:14 pm 
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okay so i have geometry with this HB8.5 cheerleader( perfect neg since shes sensitive aboult this) and wow she has the perfect face. Well I sit next to her and this AFC moves to our table and flirts with her nonstop. Well I decided not to let this pass me up so I did it the pua way I negged her, DHV and lowered her ego to like HB6. Well this AFC is sorta a natural so hes not afraid to come off as to quick so he asked her for a hug and without me even asking she gives me a hug ( lol GOD SHE SMELLED AWSOME!!) and I negged her with: wat are you doing this shit aint for free ( credit to mystery I think). She laughed and hugged me again and then she went to practice. Now me and this AFC ended up being friends so Ill adress him as frankie now. We were both talking and agreed that Amy( hb) is fair game let the best man win. So now Im stuck...... I know she's intrested so Idk wat to do to build on this attraction and then comfort. Should I continue to DHV and run a routine on her or what should I do. This girl is amazingly georgous so I would love to nab this as soon as possible. Also were both juniors in high school so I need advise from the exp. PUA'S here please and thank you.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:16 pm 
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whatever you do dont stoop to a level where you are badmouthing the other guy

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:32 pm 
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I'd just pretend that there is no competition. There is no other guy.
Based on what you negged her about you can use it to opent to her again.
If you negged her based on say her being a cheerleader and being short, next time you see her...

"Hey theres my favorite midget cheerleader! gimie a hug!"
She motions to give you a hug and comes near. I know it will be hard, cuz shes hot and smells good but...playfully slap her arms out of your direction. And say something like
"hey pay up first, I dont just give hugs away for free. The last one was a free sample. It'll be 20 bucks."
She'll more than likely flirt back

"You're an asshole."

"Assholes gotta eat. But let me ask you a serious question."

"Whats that?"

"Dont take me the wrong way but I just realized something."

"Whats that? / And that is?"

"Alot of people think youre pretty. But then again theres alot of pretty girls in this school. How are you different from them? How do you stand out?"

"Well Im blah blah I'm nice blah"

or another possible response:

"I dont think I do/ I don't think I'm that pretty / I dont blah"

Notice if shes trying to answer that shes trying to qualify for you! Its no longer the other way around!

"So youre nice ( or one of her answers that sticks out)? ...hm alright I'll let you pass this round. You can take me out to one movie.

or if she answers answers modestly
I see youre modest ...hm alright I'll let you pass this round. You can take me out to one movie.

"No, why don't You take me out."

Get your cell out and give it to her. She should just take the hint and put her number in. If she looks at you funny or questions it, say:
"What? your suppose to eat eat it. Put your number in there."

When you get it back, put it away and say
"I'll think about" / "I'll consider it."

Smile and walk away.

Its worked
about 2/3 times for me in similar situations. If you do decide to try it...just remember, confidence.

Lemme know if it worked for your situation.

Best of luck


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:27 am 
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What JUSTINcredible! said was good
Best to get her number ASAP and get her hanging out with you
And avoid the competition mind set. You shouldn't have even mentioned to the other guy that you were after HB that could lead to some potential haterism and him trying to through salt in your game.
Just because you think he's an AFC doesn't mean he doesn't have some level of natural game. He unlike you probably isn't think so hard on what to say next. So don't get beat to the punch on this

So u think you can handle this?

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