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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:59 pm 
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The city I live in, Perth Australia, has a reputation for being a "small town". This is a game that I sort of came up with before I ever got into the PUA scene - I just used to bring my theory up in conversation and then see where it went... We had a lot of people from Perth through the place I'm working in Europe the last few nights though, so I have formalised it into a routine. Keep in mind it really only works on people from the same "small city" you're from.

[This really is a Perth oriented post as I posted it in the Perth Lair. However, I am sharing it here as I feel it might be important to anyone else from a small-ish city.]

The intro:
Oh, you're from Perth? Have you played the "How do I know you?" game..

As you know, Perth is quite small. My own personal theory is that in Perth, we have 2 degrees of separation, rather than the 6 degrees generally associated with the rest of the world.

That is... I know somebody that you know.

Anyway, the "How do I know you?" game is really quite simple... it's basically a test to see how many questions it takes for me to find out how I know you. See, I might not get the answer, but sometimes you can get it really quickly.
The game:

It's really very simple.. all you do is ask them questions about themself, and then get them to ask you questions about yourself. At any point you can throw out "Do you know <x>?" and it doesn't count as a question

The BEST I've done so far is two questions... questions I've found to be good are...

- What high school did you go to?
- What year did you graduate?
- Do you go to University?
- What do you study?
- Where do you work?
- What suburb do you live in?

Obviously depending on their answer to any of these questions, you can branch off with clarifying questions... You can also give them YOUR answers to these questions "I went to... I studied..."

You really can ask them just about anything - of course, this game DOES rely on you not being a social recluse.. ie, you actually have to know people spread out throughout perth to win. You also need to be able to quickly make some logic leaps. eg, I studied Comp Sci at Curtin University in Perth, but I know that the Engineering students now have a 'common first year', so anyone who studied engineering at Curtin will have studied under a lecturer I studied under from the Comp Sci faculty.

I get limited opportunity to try this out over here in Europe, but the times I have done it, I've been able to make the connection pretty quick.

It's great because:
a) you learn a bit about them without it being obvious (good if you ever want to cold read later)
b) if you DO know somebody they know, it builds a level of trust and comfort.

[As I said, very Perth oriented.. but I'm sure it works for other smallish cities. Also, if you live in a REALLY small community, you can play the Redneck version.. it's the same theory, but instead of "how do I know you?" it's called "how am I related to you?" (by two degrees).. then again, maybe not that great for picking up girls - then again.. you redneck PUA's might not mind]

Anyway, back to 'work'

- Dex

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:13 am 
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i dunno bro, i think i prefer the question game style uses. i mean yours sounds pretty good but its just alot of boring questions. shes gonna get tired of questions like that.


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:51 am 
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Style's 5 question game you mean?

That's entirely different to what this is...

But you're right.. if you can't identify the connection quickly, you just say "Well, I'm sure we know each other somehow, it'd just take too long for us to find it"

Last night I got one in 3 questions.

- Dex

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:37 pm 
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I have learned that chicks really don't like to be asked questions. For 1. it is boring 2. It comes off as if your trying to pick them up, which is unattractive to most women 3. It leaves you hanging if they respond quickly because now you have to think of another question and then the cycle starts again. Question= boring+trying to hard+need more questions. There is an appropriate time for this and that is generally when you have loosened them up a bit, got them to laugh and have built some rapport. Then it doesn't seem as if your trying to pick them up or that you are boring because they will get the feeling that your just trying to get to know them rather than throwing out random questions. Their answers will also be longer and more distinct because they are actually interested. As for the "do i know you", that actually works for a pre-opener. For example.

You: Do I know you?
HB: No
You: But you look so familiar
HB: Ok....(confused)
You: Is your name blah blah blah
HB: No....
You: What? you are liar
HB: No I'm not!
You: mhmm...Well blah blah blah since we are talking can I ask you for your opinion on something?

Then depending on her reaction you can ask for her real name or maybe she will say it and then just go into jealous girlfriend opener.

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