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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 6:47 am 
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Hey guys
Whats up?
well it's somewhat a long night
i was fucking angry moments ago, feeling better now
and i decided to ask for some opinions on this topic: Comfort

Now, Im better at follow up that Im at bringing girls home the same night
Although i have done it a couple of times
Once I turn 21, ill sure do it more often :wink:

Sometimes in my Hard Sarging days

I would talk with girls from anywhere near 1-30 minutes, build some rapport and then plan something, so the number close would be smooth

The problem came when I started getting numbers under 1 or 2 minutes,
this would happen most likely with girls working behind the counter or also called Hired Guns, when i was in a hurry or when girls were about to leave since the scene didnt allow to talk to them for long

so, I would make some strong eye contact, work my body languaje so I could get approach invitations

then i would walk up overthere and say things like "Hey whatz up?" blah blah "what time you get off?" blah blah "Im not waiting for you that long!" blah blah, then i used david d's email and phone number technique

or "youre really cute" pause "and i just had to come meet you" pause "do you have an email?"

or "i was gonna come meet you" pause "but i got busy" shakehands "and now i really gotta get going but i have to tell you youre cute as hell" wait for reaction "how can i contact you? you have an email?"

The problem i had encountered a couple of times

was building comfort over the phone

the time didnt allow me to build comfort

so here are the questions

Any ideas on how to build comfort over the phone?

Or should I focus in build attraction in those 2-4 minutes?

what other ideas can you guys come up with?


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:02 pm 
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Some David D comes to mind, tell her to meet you for coffee "that way if you turn out to be crazy I can bail without wasting too much time" or something like that, either way it's easier to build comfort in person.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:27 pm 
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I have figured it out now...

When trying to follow up with a woman that you have only talked to for 1 minute or two, it's better not to focus on COMFORT,

On one of my old posts I explained my point of view on how I believe
that what really matters is how much "impact" your approach has on her

That's where Attraction fits it

I read in Savoy's book "Magic Bullets" (which I recommend), how Attraction overlaps a lil in comfort

so, if you focus on a great "impact" during those 1 or 2 minutes, then a lot more comfort is built

makes sensE?

So i thought of a couple of examples, that would have great "impact" on your approach and AT THE SAME TIME build comfort

so I'll give you these lines (feel special and loved)

- Walk up straight to a woman and say, look at her in the eye, and hold it, lock eye contact with her, smile a lil in a malicious way and say "mhhm uh yeh, uh he he, WOW"

She will know that you think she's cute
She will know that you get it and youre using humor with it
It's a very straight opener, therefore an SOI (Statement of Intererest)

Now, here, part of building comfort is getting to know a person deeper, guess what she found out about you? That you're a very straight man, with guts to deal with anything

- To a girl over the counter, lock her in eye contact, once or twice, by the second or third time at the lastest, walk up to her, and say "Youre really cute" so that all her friends can hear it... she will most likely blush, then follow up with "Hey listen, i wanna see you again, but i can't stay, you have customers to attend, how can i contact you? you have an email? number? cool"

You'll make her day
Her co-workers (most of the time, friends) will already like you, and that will give her an extra-reason to say "yes" to you, meaning respond positively

So, next when you call her, it will be a lot easier for her to feel comfortable with you. get it? nod if you do

Trust me, once you leave, they'll be like "OMGGG that was sooo cute, follow him!"

There is more, but I got lazy already

so yeah, use them



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