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 Post subject: Pulling The Sky Down
PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:38 am 
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i almost posted this in openers, but then i realized that its not really practical as an open. best used after isolating your target and building rapport (although i have not tried it yet, on the account of i thought of it last night)

after isolation, if there is a pause in the conversation, pull a small notebook out of your back pocket and quietly start writing something. without a doubt, your target will ask you what you are doing/writing resond with:

PUA: Notes on Pulling The Sky Down

TARGET: (considerably puzzled) will ask you what that means

PUA: (explain your previous statement) Everyone has their own personal "sky". something that is unobtainable, unreachable. as they get closer to achieving this goal, they are pulling their sky closer to them. these are my notes on pulling the sky down.

its meant to give her an insight to a personal goal of yours, whatever that may be. and at the same time, giving the PUA an opportunity to explore what her goals are and build rapport. if she asks what "your sky" is, give her a straight answer. "ive always wanted to be an artist/write music"
on a side note, maybe have something pre-written that you could read to her. give her a look at your aesthetic side.

P.S. - the title of the routine is taken from a song by a band called Strike Anywhere


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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 9:11 am 
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personally its to cheesy for me.

2. what kind of guy carries a note pad in his pocket? let a lone a pen.

3. you are telling her she's so boring you'd rather write in your note book about you're unatainable goals?

4. you say its unatainable, unreachable, yet its not hard to be an artist. i already don't understand you. (jk) haha you can learn how to write music too.

I don't think this is really thoguht out. amost everything a PUA does should be escape proof. you need to put more thoughts into it.

but like i always say. i'm sure it will work. and if it works for you so be it. more power to you. don't let me or anyone tell you its stupid.

For players, its survival of the smoothest. [tg]
If it works for you stick with it.

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