From sex to nothing.

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 Post subject: From sex to nothing.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:31 am 
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Hey all,
im kinda new on this forum but i kinda know the rules, and im in pua world for a quite time.
Still I have a problem cause i was in a 2 year relationship, and recently had a thing with another girl.
Now, first i want you to know my relationship is at ending, and nothing works anymore.

Ok, lets skip to the thing and main problem.
Few weeks back i was in a club with my girl, and i noticed a girl that is devouring me with her eyes.
I haven't made any more, except one little smile to her, and that was it.
The girl added me on instagram, and sent me msg straight, after an hour of chat with her, i knew she's only down for sex cause she was in a long relationship too.
Everything went good, i got another apartment and we had gr8 night.
In next week after that one, she broke up with her boyfriend, and she started acting like she wants me only for her.
Cause she was from another city, there was a party in her town, and i went with a friend, and she was like excited we will be together again.
We were in a VIP and she was there also with some friends, but we agreed to go to some apartment at 3AM.
When i was goin to the toilet I accidentally looked at some corner of the club, and noticed her kissing another guy, like random guy. I was so mad, that i wanted to leave that place (insted of getting another girl in front of her) and when I was half way out from the club she called me like she knew whats happening, and she tried to convince me it didn't happened anything.
Now, that night ended, i went home alone and she stayed in the club till the morning.
Shes texting me now saying she wants me and everything with me, but i can't get that night out of my head, and im feeling like im pushing her back from me, and fucking up this, but i can't trust a person like that.
How should i react to this , and what should i do, i like her a bit, but thats it, i wan't her to be there for a good sex, and that everything.
I know i shouldn't trust her with the relationship thing, but still everything is confusing me.
Help out a bit with few clever words :)
How should i react, what should I do, how to respond to her etc? (my game is totally rusty, i know.)
Thanks in advance people.

 Post subject: Re: From sex to nothing.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:37 pm 
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If you watching her making out in the club with another dude when she came there with you didn't deter you from considering a relationship I would completely stay away from her. There should be a wall that goes up instantly when something like that occurs. You shouldn't even need advice, she should instantly go into the "Never to be taking serious under any circumstances box and you should be able to handle it from there.

Nothing you're saying suggest you have the emotional control to remain neutral emotionally. Nor is anything your saying suggest you have the emotional control and maturity to stay away from the girl even if its what you know you should do.

So if you're mature enough and strong enough to handle it, I would let this one go and pick back up once you get your game back tight. Especially with a chick like this.

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