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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:31 am 
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So texting has become big when it comes to attracting women, in today's day and age a lot of communication happens this way. Calling is still a great way to communicate but the text game has become a major component of how you will communicate with girls. I have gotten around 5 lays by playing the text game right and have had girls show a lot of interest in me because I played it right. Now here is the rundown.

The frequency: How often you should be texting her.

I advocate mystery, to those who know a slight bit about dating, you know that girls want men who are not as readily available. You should not be texting her often. If you send her a reply and she refuses to text back, it is done, it is over with, just ignore her until she replies. Only exception is if it is some information you need for a project but other than that, texting her over and over and over again will lead to you being seen as clingy and that is not attractive.

Why you are not getting her interest and responses.

There are many reasons for this: She gave you a fake number (in that case you are done), she was not feeling you when you two met, you failed to get her interest, or your text just flat out sucked.

In all these cases, how you text her should be important.

Avoid using anything generic.

Nothing like this:

"hello, how are you doing?"
"hi there, how are you"
"good morning!"
"good afternoon!"
"Hows it going?"

The texts showcased above are boring, repetitive, and won't get her interest. They will not help your cause in any way.

Try things like this:

"well, I guess we're done now"
"Oh god, WHY!"
"I do not think I have been completely honest with you.."
"You are a great person and everything but"

PROVOKE a reaction. You end up making her curious and catch her attention right off the bat, now you are different from all of the other guys. She is going to keep wondering why you are doing what you did. I don't have an iPhone so I cannot do screenshots but here are some convos.


Me: I do not think I have been completely honest with you....
Her: Why?
Her: Why do you think so?
Her: What is going on? Why are you not responding?
Me: Your cooking skills are not good, they're great!
Her: lol screw you!!! So are you going to be busy this weekend?


Me: Well, that does it, we're done!
Her: Wait, what, why? what happened?
Her: Okay, are you playing with me? What happened!?
Me: Oh no, my friends and I just finished the project, so relieved it is done
Her: OMG, you are such a jerk!
Me: How?
Her: You know how!
Me: Awww, im sorry, I just wanted to share my victory with someone
Her: Was it really that bad of a project?

In the long run

After a while you have already received her attention and you two have the connection to the point where getting responses is not the hard part anymore. The hard part now is figuring her out.

By texting you can figure out her hobbies and taste and now you two should have some bit of a connection in that regard. Don't pursue the same domains that she does, that way you will become a turn off to her. By knowing her hobbies and types of things she likes you can text her about it.

Me: Ya boy raul jamming out to some Red Hot Chilli Peppers!
Her: OMG I love them so much, what song?!
Me: Snow (Hey Oh)!

We just start reciting lyrics back to each other lol!

Yet for the important part, you do not want to text her too often, do that and she loses interest.

Sometimes she might EVEN text you.

Her: Hay, how are you doing?
Me: Bunch of zombies in my room right now and I have to keep them at bay, sorry, they are just getting too frustrating, oh god, I forgot to switch the look sensitivity on this!
Her: Call of Duty!
Me: Thanks for ruining my fantasy!

Have fun with it.

What is off limits?

You never talk about personal things. Do not admit your interest to her over the text because then that will become a disaster. Serious relationship topics (her not responding, etc.) should not be taken to the text at all, you talk to her about them personally and nowhere else. Texting should be treated as a minor thing and serious topics should be taken away from it.

When do I stop?

When you are in a situation in which you are talking to a girl and she gives answers which lack interest, don't respond at all. If you are every wondering what you should text her, don't respond at all. Sometimes you might end up receiving a 2nd text from her which is clingy.

In fact if things are going well on texting, ABORT, make her crave the excitement and you will see that now your phone is the one being flooded up with texts from her. You will learn this through experience. Do not let the juice and quality of the texting run out, just leave and let her initiate, then you can respond with funny replies.

When you have given her short answers and short replies which are ambiguous, it will leave her wanting more. You have now separated yourself from the other men.

Yet know this, just because your text game is great does not mean that it will seal the deal. Text game is no replacement for actual game, it is just an asset to it. Use it wisely.

I just come on here these days to give advice and read interesting threads. Gone are the days when I came to seek advice and validation.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:53 am 
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ah okay

guess that didn't go so well

I just come on here these days to give advice and read interesting threads. Gone are the days when I came to seek advice and validation.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:20 pm 
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it's a nice post, man. I can see many of my mistakes in there. Thanks!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:34 pm 
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Ya great post, thanks

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:04 am 
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thanks for sharing! all makes sense to me.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:12 pm 
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