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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:06 pm 
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Hi, I'll TRY to keep this short.
I'm almost 32, and recently out of a long relationship. Let me tell you my last 2 failures (girls were in their mid 20s):

1- I saw a girl on a party, we didn't talk. But I found it and added on FB afterwards. She was responsive, so we arrange a date in a bar at night. She was leaving the city in a couple of months (ie it was clear anything would be short-term).
After a couple of hours we are done in the bar, going back to my car (I promised to drive her to her place). I tried to kiss her and she turns away. I took it as no-big-deal, and I told her to go for a coffee to my place, she says nothing, and I drove to my place. I put music, served her coffee, get closer to her... and after ~30 mins I kiss her. After a few seconds she laugh and turn away her head. I don't understand, so I laugh and try to kiss her again, and again, she laughs and turn her head away.
I'm confused, so I keep talking with her, making jokes, and a few mins. later same thing (kiss, laughs and turns her head away). And a few mins. later she told me she needs to leave. So I drove to her place to leave her.

2- I met a girl on a dancing party. She was leaving the country next day. I asked her to go for a coffee somewhere else. Once on the street we walk, and I suddenly kiss her (it was clear she was open to be kissed). And then she laughs, and she says, 'sorry I can't do this'. . I tried to not pay attention, keep talking, and then kiss her again, and she laughs and doesn't kiss back. And a couple of mins later she says she needs to go because her flight next day is early.

- Do these things happen to you too? Maybe my kisses are awful? I didn't have bad breath...

- One hypothesis is that I'm giving a vibe of "serious" guy?
Most of my dates consists of me asking questions and talking, and trying to say some jokes or teasing based on her responses, and then keep asking questions. But I ended up knowing a lot about the girl, and I barely touch sexual topics. I ask about boyfriends, or things like that, as most love/sexual topic.
Do I need a different approach? Maybe girls that are down for short-term prefer a different vibe or type of guy?

Thank you!

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