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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:56 am 
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What's up guys? I have this pretty challenging Polish case that I'm not exactly sure how to tackle, so I'm turning it over to you:

Friend of mine's girlfriend threw a birthday party last night in a cramped little apartment. There I met one of her friends who is very hot but quite feisty. Before going in, my buddy prepped me a lil' bit about her, since she and his gf have known each other for 10 years (I was baited to this party because he told me that there was going to be one gorgeous girl there, but very difficult to get - rest of the people there were mostly married / semi-attractive). Apparently she is quite cold and defensive, and rarely talks to the guys that show up to these things, since she is used to a bunch of guys trying to get in her pants. (even on her instagram she posts paintings and pictures and the only comments she gets are about how hot she is, so big ego).

I came in the party fashionably late, got introduced to the whole party, which was in a cramped space anyway, but this gave me the perfect opening. Ignored her for the first part, and negged her a lil bit here and there after, working my way through all guests at the party and keeping her for last. By the time I got to her, I had already displayed value to everyone there by bringing up the mood, dancing, doing a lil bit of magic, etc.

One of my missions there was to get everyone's name, so talk to each person at least once. As I was almost wrapping up that side quest, 2 final birds remained. I had to choose between her and another girl she was talking to, so I first focused on the other girl. This drove my target nuts as she was expecting me to make my move and I could notice her rolling her eyes when I engaged the conversation and immediately focused full attention on her friend.

So after all that I was free of obstacles, social responsibilities to the rest of the guests, I was even more relaxed and social and could focus my full attention on my target. Problem was, being such a small place, there was nowhere to isolate her, so while I was chatting her up, her friend was also part of the conversation.

I start getting to know her, share stuff about my own background; I tell her about the music projects I have going on, she tells me about her meditation practices, all 3 of us share some laughs, things are looking good.

At some point she starts explaining something about third eye meditation and she moves her fingers over my face (IOI #1). Then she moves to pour herself a drink and does it right in front of where I am sitting (very close), giving me a nice, clean view of her ass (IOI #2).

The party was actually quite far from where I live, and I realized that if I don't take the last tram, I would have to take an uber and currently, my money situation was very much in the red. She and her friend were also saying that they were quite tired and had to work in the morning, so I decided to make my exit.

It felt a bit odd to ask for her phone number in front of her other friend who I could see was very into me, but I didn't really find attractive, so I thought I can just get her number from my buddy's gf or see her at the next social event where I will be invited (they are a tight community, so I will for sure run into her again) and maybe have a better opportunity to isolate.

As I said my goodbye, each person came up to interact (I had managed to befriend everyone there), and the last person to see to my parting was my target, who gave me a nice warm hug (IOI #3). (this was in a very narrow hallway with everyone in the door, so I couldn't really escalate to a kiss).

Now, my dilemma is this: I found out where she works (coffeeshop) and she is working today. How should I approach this situation?

1. Should I go today (party was last night, ye?) to the coffeeshop and say something like "I realized that I didn't get your number last night so I figured I'd just stalk you at work?") and see if maybe she wants to do something after hours or talk to her there and maybe set something up for the week? (a bit eager, right?)

2. Snag her phone number from my buddy's gf and proceed to text / set up date?

3. Do nothing, let some time pass while she thinks about me, and in the meantime I can try to work my buddy's gf angle (they've been friends for 10 years, right? so I'm thinking she can put in a couple of good words when she asks "who was that guy at the party?") to score me some extra points and then just meet her for the next social event that happens and make my move there.

Back to you, gents.

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With these type of girls u need to be bold, in order for you to have success you would have needed to snag her number when u met her the first time or else wait and find another chance meeting with her at a friends party or likewise. Going to her job without asking her where it it would seem creepy and tryhard and probably pushing her away - this youtubevideo by Todd has a similar example broken down: starts from about 17:50. Getting her number from her friend would be weak too...

How did it go thou? Quite some time since ur post

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