Why the first Approach is the hardest?

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Hi guys im 27 im going out to Party 3 times in a Week and what ive found out so far is that my verry First Approach is probaly the hardest one after ive done like the first one and i finaly realise allright your not going to die If the girl rejects you it gets alot Easier like im trying to make a Approach as fast as possible because as soon as my Brian like realises it is ok nothing bad is gonna happen i can do it pretty often but it sometimes it can take almsot one Hour to make that step.

Also i have to say that im almost doing the Same approach everytime im just saying you look nice whats your name and sometimes it works and the girls Laughs while another Girl gets totaly pissed and tells me to leave and stuff lets say it like that im doing the exaxt same thing and one girl react really good and happy and the other just reject me or ignore me stuff like That im really thinking like if u can devolp a skill for not getting rejcted that often because it happens alot that i get rejected like 4-5 times in a row or sometimes even 8-10 times Im reallitvly good looking like i like myself im1.80 CM and 95kg lost alot KGs only for girls haha my god^^

Defently need to learn alot i do find friends pretty fast when i go in nightclub im allways going Alone or like most of time i do not have any trouble talking to guys its like super easy but when it comes to girls it gets verry hard with alkohl its easier does anyone have any advices? wish you nice weekend guys

Edit: oh yea what also came to my mind is like you never know whats going to happen if u approach since i get so many diferent Reaction from super happy to totaly pissed its like little bit scarry because there is like no way of knowing whats gonna happen if u know what i mean

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