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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 10:04 pm 
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Hi guys ,

In the pick up community , we are told that there is two ways to open a women . The first is direct and the second is indirect . Indirect means that you approach her without being direct on your intentions . You approach her based on the situation , you can make a remark based on something funny that both of you see for example .

The second one is direct . It's when you approach a girl by being clear on your intentions . You just tell her straight what's going on .

The question ? What is the best ? The answer is ...


Yes it does not matter . Both work if you do it correctly .

Some guys are successful using indirect and others using direct . That's the reality so it would be stupid to say that indirect works and direct doesn't work or vice versa . Do you get it ? It's simply not the point .

Here's the point if you want to make your conversation go successfully and not being flaked on .

Think like this : " What a successful guy with womens would do ?" . That's it . That's it , you don't need to watch endless videos on youtube and buying tons of product . You just need to ask yourself : "If I would live in an abundance of womens chasing me , how I would I act when I approach this girl ?"

Would you care about rejection ? No because you already have plenty of others options .
Would you try to get her number or a date ? The answer is no because you would be too busy dealing with the girls which are already begging for you .
So why would you approach this girl ? Just for the sake of approaching this girl , just because you want to , just because you have fun doing it .

And if you have that energy when you approach a girl that's an important key to communicate great feelings to the girl . Stop being a weirdo on the street looking for the next piece of meat . Stop being hungry . When you do that , it's better to not even approach in the first place because she is going to feel that .

Because guess what ? The bank only give money to the riches .
But guess what ? Womens are not really different than the bank . A women will give her pussy to a guy that doesn't need it but because he already get a lot of pussies .

That's the law of abundance .

You can reach out to me on private message if you want more infos .


PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:14 pm 
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:) wow this is really useful and so true

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