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The model was inspired by Style/Mystery.

First I am going to present myself. I studied 2 years of psychology and read many self help books. I worked as a salesman and a hacker (I know social engineering) and I finished the game Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude. No I am joking. I have 6 months of experience in pick ups.. I do day game.. I had over 100 approaches that failed before coming with the recent model that guruanteed me a number close. I have been a social inept and had bad confidence problems until recently. The model is inspired by the psychology that I learned, Mystery method, Gamblers method and other pua methods that I observed on youtube (RSD, Justin Wayne and David Wygant.).

Books that I read recently female psychology, male psychology and the art of persuasion (all by psychologists that have their statements backed up by research), The Game & Rules of Game (Both books by Style). I also read the layguide (By Style), the mystery method (By Mystery) and the natural guide (By Gambler).

Before reading the model, take into account that I do pick ups in Israel..Girls here are tougher than in Europe (I lived 7 years in UK and 7 in Russia and the pick up vids that I saw were mostly based in US).

So here it is.

The scripted approach.
Attraction Stage.
I have 3 openings that are followed by routines.
Approach A:
(Mystery's Opener) Who lies more women or men.
I back it up by the blind date opener to make the opener more rooted.
Then I move to the 5 question routine (Before that I say that I know psychology and I can identify a lie easily).
(Kino with high fives and touch her to bring her straight or closer so you position her).
After the routine, I move to a short story of how I beat the polygraph before becoming a hacker. I prolong the story with more examples of how people bit the polygraph test and explain the psychology behind it ;)
* In this approach I use as with the rest approaches, FTC and negs. I neg the target for being a too good liar or too bad liar (easy stuff).

Approach B:
If there is a set of 2 girls I use.
Opener -> You seem to have the same face expressions that is so funny.
Best Friend test Routine
Then I do some cold reading as much as I can.. (Kino with some palm reading, then neg her for having fat palms and you cant read the lines properly)..
After that, I do the Ring routine..
* Putting negs there is easy.. You say to your target that she is the bad dominant girl and that you wouldnt advice your worst enemy to socialize with her.

Approach C:
Aunts Birthday Routine. <- Good routine for your first few approaches, it doesnt matter if your facial expressions show that you are confident.
(Say that your aunt has a birthday and you didnt see her for 10 years and you are meeting her in 2 hours and you need to buy a gift).
Then tell the girl, that you actually dont want to buy her things, cause she is rich and instead buy yourself a few things to give her a magic performance. <- root this, by saying that you used to be a 'tiny' magician when you were 8 and you showed her magic.
Do ESP routine.
Do 1-9 test. This test is based on psychology. Ask her how many 9s are there between 1 and 100..
Most people say 10..but actually there are 20, if you count 91, 92,93..
Say that it is a psychological trick and is real as opposed to the ESP routine which is based on mentalism.
Try to neg her, by her silly answers.. (Do some hi-five..start kino).
Saying that she is too cold and superficial by her gifts choices and she doesnt like her aunt..
Tease her on the psychological test if she fails it.. you can use some short riddle that you find on the internet as an alternative.
Move to storytelling.. talk about real psychology and science fiction.
I have 3 stories.
Life after death <- based on a doc that I saw.
Collective memory <- based on the psychology that I learnt and doc that I saw.
Personal Experience <- believe it or not, I think that I experienced a ghost event in my house xD.

The non-scripted (Natural) approach.
That can involve direct approach <- which I almost never do cause of the tough women in Israel unless they are in their early 20s or late teens.
Indirect openers <- there are many of them on the internet.. I just try to be relevant to the situation or be observant..

Once You open dont pause, keep talking. Natural approach requires something like 30% more confidence than the scripted approach,,cause you need a lot of confidence to compensate for the lame or slow beginning that you may introduce.

You can use approach 'B' as an example, without the ring routine. Just do cold reading and play along as the situation pans out.

In this approach, be playful, use a bit of a bit how comedy works..dont use it to a great extent unless you are a comedian. You can use stories here..
REMEMBER: Women talk about people and relationships, and guys talk about themselves and what they do. Although there a few exceptions if you talk about yourself or what you do most of the time, dont be surprised if she flakes later.. (if not stop the conversation).

- If you are not confident in your approach. The target will disengage. Studies found that confidence projects credibility. Talk so that you can be heard well, your head should be up and not hanging down.

- Story telling. Be as descriptive as you can.. Talk about specific areas in the big concept (Edwards de Bono has a good book that talks about how to be interesting. It is called 'How to be more interesting'.. His technique works!)

- Neg. Two studies were done. One on bottles of wine. Same wine in two bottles were priced differently. The expensive bottle was valued more by the people. So just by valuing yourself higher (say by being cocky and non-needy at the beginning), you influence the girl..and subconsciously she will accept it.
Different studies were based on the idea of anchoring. 'Anchoring' is when I set a reference point. It was found in sales that when a reference point on a goods price is set..people are willing to pay more.
So it would be more intelligent for me to sell my android by using a reference point.. Say, Do you think my phone worth 1000 dollars or more, instead of saying how much do you think this phone worths?
Lastly, negs contradict stereotypes of the chaser and the chased early in the introduction.. the reframe or frame a girl so that she doesnt use her bitch shield.

- The psychology of decision making. There a few things that I want to talk about here.
One is that people are more likely to make decisions based on relevance, significance and urgency. Look at my aunt opener.
Second, people dont contradict themselves.. if you got a girl to agree with you on one thing, she cant go back on her decision. So if she said she likes eating a salad for example, she cant say that she hates all vegan that will allow her to take her to a vegan place, in case if you are vegan like me.. :).. no seriously, be the leader, lead, lead and lead.. to cause those contradictions and build consent towards the next stages of the interactions... Dont use permissions.. like 'Do you want to hear an anectode?' ..just start telling her.

- Use kino. Touch releases a hormone in women that is called oxytocin, it is a hormone that is responsible for bonding...and stays 4 times longer in women than men. The hormone is also released together with dopamine when women have their orgasms (Men release vasopressin when touched..they also release some exo.. ). Justin Wayne relies on touch, and it gives him such good results..god I hate him!

- If you mess up, be geniune will reframe her from the chase and chaser role game that started when you opened. Dont stick only to that evolutions theory that pick up artists use. Search for the 'humanistic approach' that explains human behavior as conscious and not subconscious (psychodynamic approach, sociobiological approach and behavioral approach work all on the subconcious).

- Looks. They do matter if you are a magazine cover model. I havent inner game problems because of my look. Women arent visual as men. They will accept a wide range of different looking men. To add to this, even if you are not a good looking and tall for example, it is a strong advantage..cause women love tall guys..just dress well. Also, different facial features, such as baby features..chubby cheeks, relatively large forhead and a bit big noses for example,.. generate credibility. Look at Gordon Brown and David Cameroon..who seems to be more credible. Credible people are more persuasive and this is an advantage!

- Body language. Reading books helps. Just try to avoid low status body language (hunched back, downward look and too much staring. Watch Badboy vid on body language<- available on youtube) and the second thing, be geniune. One study presented 2 identical pictures to the participants, the only difference was the size of the pupils in the two pictures. Guess who the participants chose? <- the pic that displayed the girl with the biggest pupils.. larger pupils suggest interest or arousal.. So even if you are pro at body language how do you expand or contract your pupils with your thoughts. Women love talking or observing people and relationships..demonstrate your personality with dramatic movements or tone of voice at appropiate congruent most of the time.

- Before the approach it might be wise to build social proof like Mystery explains.. for me it is not relevant cause I dont do night game.

- Stacking routines/anecteds/riddles/storys: dont stack more than unless they are extremely short. Stacking produces predictability, which produces boredom and worse telegraphs low value (neediness to amuse).

- Constructing stories: Must be detailed, descriptive (preferably relevant), involve interesting stories (psychology, philosophy or/and topics about people and relationships).. You can DHV, if you want, but it wont hurt your stories if you dont. The beginning needs to build to what is going to come.. The psychology of stories is that they are engaging at the take that into account.. The ending is less doesnt have to involve an irony or a twist... just a decent end..doesnt even have to be that good or you really think people buy movie tickets because they rely that the end is good?

- For those who use only the natural approach. Remember that even though confidence does help a lot. Women produce estrogen and have low testesterone and men produce the opposite. Men's part of the brain that is to do with the sexual part is twice as big as women's brain. Women are not just smaller men. ..So dont be surprised to see a too direct opener failing. Same goes for those who use sexual routines like (who would you Marry, Kill, F@ck).

I feel that I wrote an academic psychology essay like I used to do back in the day. I hope I helped new comers and intermediate people.. Hopefully I will no longer be an AFC ;(

Pick holes in my approach and suggest new things.. I want criticism for my approach to be robust and valid.

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Good model, some great tips on there too, keep up the good work and the longposts.

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Great post. I used your model today on cafe girl. Worked a charm. She handed me her name on piece of paper and told me to add her on fb. She's marrried though :(

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This is epic man!! Hope you give another variation that is more at the this time i am writing because that model is to much and those who teach game says that old school is leaved behind because of the fact that times change...

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