Help me choose pics for online dating profile (TINDER etc)

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:55 pm 
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Sup players !

Alex here; a 29 yo Saggittarius from Eastern Europe (some idiot from Eastern Europe, for all of you Pokerbrat Phill Helmuth fans out there :D )

I'd describe myself as well, not a total waste of air... Don't get me wrong, sadly I'm not a natural ladies man... Nor am I a genuine Alpha...

That doesn't mean that I don't have some alpha traits, or don't get any pussies wet... but still, I honestly feel I am no way near my full potential, and like with anything else in my life, I always look to better myself...

I can be sociable and fun, I'm not a social retard, I've been with hot chicks, and even been in two LTR's with two babes..

Right now, I'd like more success in the online dating world. I get occasional hits and even a few lays based off of online dating, but I feel I could be doing much better... especially on TINDER !

Could you guys take a quick look at some of my photos over the years, and advise me which ones should or shouldn't be posted on my Tinder and other dating site profiles...

I've already read some posts on Tinder game, and these photos are hand-picked with hopes of showing some DHV... short description of my thoughts why I'd use this photo for Tinder purposes

P.S. : feel free to bust my balls as much as you want, but I'll also accept constructive feeback ;)

Cheers Bros, let's begin

PIC 1 & 2 - only photos I have taken with professional photographer, I'd include them cause its probably the least sucky pic of me smiling, and I look sharp in the other one...

PIC 3 & 4 - put your shirt back on LOL... I'm showing off my summer tan, and my skinny-fat abs LOL... Stick with it or get rid of it?

PICS with EX GF 1 - most are shitty couple photos, and one is from Halloween dressed as hoe and her PIMP :D (mine idea obviouslly...she was into me, so she went along with it...)

PICS with EX GF 2 - shitty couples photos and two photos piss-ass drunk and stoned LOL... so much substance abuse with this broad... one of the few that could keep up with me

PICS with assorted GIRLS - primarily groups of girls (some of them hot, some not so much XD ) - me in a BOOB SANDWITCH LOL... Also one of my finer moments XD... I proposed and the broads went along with it XD

Additional pics with GIRLS (or mixed sets)

Pics of me showing DHV (hopefully) - test driving a Ferrari - driving my convertible - from my travels - from my travels - chicks dig flowers, right? - a moment of genuine chill - I'm the king of the peddle-boat LOL

Photos of me goofing around and acting silly

There you have it Bro's

Tear me a new one, or tell me something constructive ;)

Let's have some fun!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:32 pm 
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I'm surprised no one commented on this post! :lol:

All women who cheat have Boyfriends!

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