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Alrighty, so I'm not a creative wizard, and I'm not much of a writer. But I'm wondering if anyone else has had such amazing success turning erotic writing of literal stories, such an amazing way to turn online interactions into in-person dates. I've had girls who I'd friend zoned coming back to me multiple times asking me to write them more erotic stories (she even kind of wanted me even though she'd foresworn all men but trainwreck is a trainwreck). All of them featuring scenarios where I was having sex with them. I've had a legitimate female friend review the work and give me feedback, and she's gone so far as to say that it makes her assume I'd be good in bed.

If someone wants to give this a try and see their success I'd love to hear their successes and failures. I've considered setting up a website to host these stories and give an option to swap out names automatically in order to steal the work?

My big tips for doing this is,
  • - A LONG build up. Don't jump into sex until after the first page at the minimum. I've gone so far as to have the sex only be 1/3 of the writing on stories taking up 3-4 pages.
    - Personalized as much as possible, it's like a personalized compliment. The more personal and the more it affirms basic identity points the more potent the story will be. If she's told you her house layout or what she likes to wear slip those details in subtly.
    - Base your story on real successes but make everything better. Don't do this unless you've had awesome bedpost rattling sex (If you get it wrong you'll definitely come off as really fucking creepy). If you do it right then the date moves forward with her primed for you rocking her world. She's already decided you're a sexy hunk of man meat. Just don't blow it too hard and she'll think everything was better than it really was.
    - This is creative writing don't be afraid to switch tenses. Second person for everything she experiences and does, the first person for everything you experience and do.
    - Doing this with her and having it as more of a dialed up form of sexting is also really fun. It also definitely tells you a lot about what she'll be like in bed.
So any other erotic writers out there? What are your tips and tricks for making your stories carry more tension?

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