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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2013 1:28 pm 
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This is a regular way of doing things for me. What you see here are exact copies of the posts from my blog, O* M* F***ING G** (starting from May 19, 2013).

First Task: Scream Like A Bimbo — 4 Incantations

How best do I describe today’s challenge?

Tony Robbins often talks about incantations. And today, at 2:06AM (Eastern Time), I’m going to walk to the park, and scream as loudly as I can these four “incantations,” as Tony calls is.
  • “All I need is within me now.” (Tony Robbins)
  • “I best am systematically outrageous.” (Eben Pagan)
  • “I best like myself.” (Brian Tracy)
  • “I best deserve to live an epic life.” (Eben Pagan)
I’m completing this by 3:00AM.

First Task Result! Totally Made A Fool Of Myself!

I didn’t mention this in the last post, but I did thirteen incantations for each line mentioned.

It was dark. Light lamps painted perfect colors on a black canvas as I turned from my lawn to the sidewalk.

It was barren. Walking past the contorted green fence of the Milham golf course, I only saw two cars pass me in the normally busy city of Kalamazoo.

My flip-flops weren’t meant for running. Running with my feet (and unmanicured toenails) pointed up to keep my basic flip-flop protection on my feet, I kept a pace high enough to where I wouldn’t back out.

It was only me at the park. And geese. Geese just chilled in the water as I used my phone to light up the page with the incantations I would shout.

I went to the Voice Recorder. People would know that I did this. I press record. “Memory full. Erase voICE recordINGs” [sic].

Oh well. I looked to my right and then ahead of me toward the Loy Norrix high school:



After shouting each of these–with an energy intended to fill the whole world–I went back to the first one and shouted it ten more times. Same with the rest.

On my way back, I felt a surge of new confidence. Nothing that I haven’t experience before, but something old. Something within me that I hadn’t brought out of me for a long time.

The feeling that nothing really matters, and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

Mistakes are okay. Successes are okay. Unintended mediocrity–if done so in a manner where learning is present–is okay.

Because the excellence lies within the area that most people won’t brave.

And that’s exactly what lies within the heart of this journey. And if you’re along for the ride, then you’ll probably end up valuing this blog as one of the most inspirational blogs that you’ll ever read.

Because as another blog points out: “The best way to write the best blog is to “Write epic shit.” And in order to write epic shit, we need to “Do epic shit.”

And that’s what this is about. “Do epic shit.”

The next time I go out, and probably by the end of the day, I’ll be sure to have more concrete proof of the events that have happened–because if nothing else, they’re damn funny to listen to, watch, or otherwise.

It’ll keep you at the edge of your seat, if you’ll allow it.

That’s all for now, and I hope you enjoyed listening (reading) my words.

Ciao for now,


PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 12:28 pm 
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(You'll see this before every post) This is a regular way of doing things for me. What you see here are exact copies of the posts from my blog, O* M* F***ING G** (starting from May 19, 2013).

Second Task: Touching Boobs

What best scares me?

Telling someone that I've had experiences with homosexuality
Asking girls to feel their boobs when I first see them
Asking girls to hang out with me for fear of screwing things up--coming off too needy
Of these three, going up to a girl and asking to feel her tits is by far the most intense of each of these three. The trick is to intend it as I ask, "Put your boobs on my hands?"

I'll do that at least two times today as a minimum goal...
Three times as a target...
Five time as the optimal goal
Even doing it once is awesomely "scary" (i.e. awesome).

Look forward to telling you about it. I'm leaving now, and I'll have a report for you by 1:00PM.



Second Task Result! Touched Some Ta-tas! And got a number...


The place I checked out.
The place seems nearly barren. Beautiful women and insecure guys normally swarm the place, but with class in session, there's hardly anyone.

I begin to doubt if I'll meet anyone.

Though I pass a bunch of staff, professors, faculty, etc., I see the occasional girl that's totally awesome to interact with, though I pass a few girls several times. After doing thousands and thousands of approaches, friend, I have an extraordinary level of self-confidence and "skill"--if you will--when it comes to interacting with the ladies. But in this case, when it's not a "say whatever comes to mind situation," I stump a bit, until I see the first cute girl--away from faculty (where they could probably do something serious like ban me from my local campus, if they felt like it).

She is a blonde girl with a beautiful smile and a symettrical face. She's the fourth easily approachable girl I've seen today, and I have a great feeling that she and I would get along, but that may just be looks. And though she's the fourth girl I've seen today, she's the first I approach.

Me: "Hey!"
Blondie: ("What's up?" :) )
Me: "Put your boobs on my hands?"-- Note the awkward emphasis, lol
Blondie: ("Ummm, no." *awkward "he's a creep" smile* "Sorry." *Walks right on by*) -- LOL
Me:*As she's walking away* I shout to her, "Alright, alright! Put your number in my phone?"
Blondie: ("Noooo. Sorry" *Keeps walking*)


A shadow of myself whispers in my ear. I think it's something like, "Damn! She was so cute! God, why'd I mess this up by doing that? Also, what if word gets around that I'm a booby-groping freak?"

Just then, though, larger, cooler shadow said, "This is so awesome, bro! You'll have this shit down in no time. Also, you've experienced this shit about a million times--your reputation will only increase as result of this."

Gotta admit. I like the cool shadow more than the pussy shadow.

Within two minutes of walking, this black girl walks by me. I run up to her, Simple Pickup style, in the parking lot. "Put your boobs on my hands?" This girl (who we'll call smiles) has this "energy" to her. She looks me hard in the eyes and enthusiastically asks me:

Smiles: ("What's this about, lol?" *smile*)
AB: "Just 'cause." *Smile* "It's fun!"
Smiles: ("Do you just go around asking girls this?")
AB: "Noooo." *smile*
Smiles: ("Really, how many girls have you asked to do this with?" *smile*)
AB: "Really wanna know?"
Smiles: ("Mhmmm!")
AB: "One so far."
Smiles: ("Lol am I that one?")
AB: "Nope! There was this blonde girl before you."
Smiles: ("And how did she react?" :) )
AB: "She just laughed and kept on walking" *lol*
Smiles: ("Hahaha, omg heeere" :) *Steps close to me, puts hands up as she smiles*)

I put my hands over her boobs with cool dude smile. Looking back on it, I would've started by feeling from just beneath her breasts. This would've allowed for a greater feel than just the "hands over the breasts" approach. (Don't call me a perv when you know you want to do this yourself, lol)

Her pearly white teeth show as she talks with me a bit about nothing (school, majors, parties, places to be, etc.) I step back slightly before I wrap my right arm around her for a hug. She pulls herself into me for a tight squeeze.

We begin to head separate ways, until I said do the "Put your number in my phone" thing:

Me: "Hey! Sec..." *we walk back to each other* "Put your number in my phone?"

After getting so close with her so soon, I really don't see how I wouldn't have connected with her.

The third girl is a dirty blonde with some D's. Before I go and talk with her, I interrupt my initial plans to talk with her to offer help to a girl on crutches. She carries papers in her mouth speeds across the parking lot on a pair of hospital crutches (vs. different crutches?). Offering to help her carry her papers, she smiles and points to her car that is right there. "Thanks though!" *smile--with a hint of insecurity*.

Cool. I immediately go back to the girls with the D-sized cups.

AB: The first thing I say after saying "Hey, stop for sec!" is "Put your boobs on my hands?"
Double D's: ("Lol WHAT? hahaha. Did this really just happened?")
AB: "Yeah! It's fun!"
Double D's: ("Do you just randomly go around asking girls to put their boobs in your hands, or what?")
AB: "Come on! It's fun. I'm doing you a service."
Double D's: ("Lol, really?" *smiling her ass off*)
AB: "Yeah! Let's do it!"
Double D's: ("Why??" *Smiles broadly*)
AB: "Because it's fun!"
Double D's: ("I'm trying to figure out if this is reality or not." *smile!* "Besides, I'm supposed to be at work right now")
AB: "And you're not working? You're skipping out on work?? lol*
Double D's: ("Nooo! Lol, I was just on break")
AB: "Whatever, you were totally playing hooky."
Double D's: ("Was nooot! Hey, walk with me")

I've never had a girl laughing like she does, as quickly as she does, right now, as we walk for ten minutes across the campus to her place of work. Though I completed the challenge big time at this point, something happens in my communication where I don't get to feel her boobs in this case. They're pretty nice looking, too, so I'm not supremely happy that it didn't happen, you know?

Nor did I get her number--not even as friends (citing a "boyfriend" as her reason).

But one thing that I've come to grips with, though, is that if I can make her laugh like that--and make her smile as much as she did--it's going to have a positive effect on both of our lives. "Oh-ho-ho my god! This is crazy! I'll definitely have something to talk with my friends about!" *smile*). And, overall, if I make someone else happy, that's definitely a success in my book (not to mention the challenge for today's book).

On my way back, I think to myself, "That's enough. The challenge was to do a minimum of two, and you did three. We're good." But then the larger, cooler shadow says, "Go for more, AB."

Hesitation and lack of another objective (besides booby-groping) leads to the demise of these next two. Though "bad prequalification" or "bad screening" could be a cause (they were each really quiet and insecure sounding, for some reason), I feel that if I would've done something like "not hesitate" or "build more rapport" faster, I would've succeeded in feeling some really beautiful women in a really fun and unexpected way.

This is how I felt after my successes and failures. Big, powerful, but slightly grumpy. (I.e. "I should've left it at three... My form was bad... etc.") Credit: Mike Flacey at The Checkout

On a 20,000-foot level, I've gotta say that I wish that this would've ended with a "hyper-success" instead of just the "success of completing the challenge," but overall, I'm really happy with myself. It's really awesome when I identify something that scares or unconsciously intimidates me... and then I do it.

I feel like my world just opens up as a result of it.

On a 30,000-foot level, too, in the scope of this entire challenge blog, I really feel that these exercises have built a new level of confidence within me. If I keep on doing these things--at least once a day--the growth that will happen will be exponential. At some point in the future, friend, I can really see myself achieving all of my goals--which is very positive and beneficial to you, given that I'll throw a lot of parties and stuff.

NOW! For a non-selfish comment, please let me know what your thoughts are on this, because I really look forward to seeing some of your ideas on here. If you've had something that scared you--that you'd finally overcome--I'd really enjoy hearing from you! It's fun getting your thoughts on subjects likes this.

Besides that, though, that's all for now, bro.

Ciao for now!


Aaron B.

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 1:25 pm 
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Serious update coming today, friend.

I don't even know if you're seriously into this, but there are 12 (13?) posts available on the website that may be of some serious help to you.

Ciao for Now, Bro.



P.S. Let me shoot down the thought of "OH. HE JUST WANTS MORE VIEWS." While that's moderately true, this is just something that's enjoyable to do and share. If you have something I like, I actively work to make sure that people see your stuff, too. Thanks for the love, Bro!

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 11:19 pm 
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This is a regular way of doing things for me. What you see here are exact copies of the posts from my blog, O* M* F***ING G** (starting from May 19, 2013).

Third Task: Work At Hooters

My harem. Want to join me?

(NOTE: This is my everyday life now... Note that this update is about a week and a half old. If you're looking for a place to work, Hooters is a great place to apply for)

Was going to do something like "take pictures with girls humping me" or "Ask girls to come over to my place today," but--as many cool people have found out--life needs balance. Therefore, I've chosen to do something involving $$$, which is:

Talk to the manager of Hooters on Westnedge (a street near where I live), and talk to him about employment.

Using the technology of rapport and NLP, I might have the opportunity to land this job more easily than I currently think. But, for real though, this task is not about getting the job (of a Hooter's chef).

It's about getting closure.

I had visited the manager a while back, requesting work, but I never followed up on account of the fear of getting rejected. I didn't want the manager saying "No" to me, because I'd rather keep "that I could've been hired by Hooters if I wanted to" instead of the fact that they simply said "No." In other words, I feel like I had one token in the game machine, and instead of blowing it by starting right away, I'd rather keep the option to use my token to play the game... eternally.

Does that make sense? I hope so. (Comment if it doesn't?)

Anyway, I'll visit Hooters @ 2PM today--before the rush--so that I can have some nice face time with the manager, as well as the girls who work there.

Task Three Result: Working at Hooters?!

That went well.

Went to Hooters where this attractive black-haired girl smiled at me and asked me how many people would be with me. Telling her that I was here to see the general manager, she seats me and tells me that she will be right back (“Would you like any water?” she asked just before leaving).

(Note! If you’re into revising or editing, this blog is up for open-revision! If there’s something that you see that could be improved, or if there’s something in here that needs more “build up” or “more detail” (or something else), then you can submit your ideas through this link (same as the first).)

Seeing one of the girls clip an order to the wire before flinging it, zipline fashion, to the cook, the black-haired girl quickly filled my water and swiftly brought it to me. “Hold on, let me get her for you!” The long-haired cook in the back makes eye contact with me for a moment before he sees the line come in.

In a minute, she came back saying “She’ll be right with you.”

Then, soon enough, she was right there.

Well, what happened in reality turned out better than what happened in my head. I simply intended to:

tell her about how we had drifted apart, how I got scared to come back, and then
simply say “thank you” for giving me the opportunity to work in such an outgoing environment
Audibly “express blessings” to her (i.e. by saying “Have a great life. Thanks again for this opportunity”).
That changed quickly when she came back with an application. At point two, she handed me the stack of papers, asking me, “So you’d like to try again?”


Of course! I’d be happy to work for you.

And, eh, I won’t bore you with the details, because I’ve gotta say that I was pretty tired. I had pulled an all-nighter so that I could get back to a daytime sleep schedule.

But needless to say, I filled that application out very quickly (having already filled it out once before). Sitting back in a cool, wide fashion (or as wide as the stools would let me), I waited for Lindsey to return. She was visibly managing dishes and paperwork, so I didn’t ask for her right away.

In the background, the cook made eye contact with me again (does that sound weird (a.k.a gay))? I’m just trying to say that he saw me and nonverbally got my attention). ”She’ll be out in a minute!”

“Were you talking to me?” said the blonde-haired bartendress.

I lock eyes with her (again, just in an eye-contact-y way), “He was talking to me.”

(Thanks, man! At first, I couldn’t tell if this guy was insecure over his job or not, but it turns out that he was really helpful)

Lindsey soon returned, and I was pleased when Lindsey and I agreed to an interview tomorrow at three–after my counseling appointment. ”I can take care of that” she said as I started to grab the napkins and straw cover. Putting it in her hand, I said, “Thanks.” One thing I noticed, though, was I somewhat hesitated when it came to that. If only because I wasn’t used to that level of ove and service.

OH. As an aside, I have never seen more love and appreciation than that of a Hooters.

I swear, I could just go chill at Hooters for a few minutes before some important date or interview… and I swear, I’d be golden. It’s sooo much more than sex appeal at this restaurant (and I love it!).

So, if you haven’t been to a Hooters yet–even if you’re a girl (well, maybe not)–it’s really a good idea for you to pay ‘em a visit. Shun your embarrassment, because they will show you a level of service I have never seen before.

For example, after handing Lindsey the napkin and straw cover, I walk out of Hooters plus an additional three steps before I realize that I’m holding the orange, hard-plastic cup with the Hooters logo stamped into it. Walking back, I step straight toward the bar, looking to put the dish back in an easy-to-reach spot.

“Would you like a to-go cup for that?”

Wruh, uh-mmmyeah, man. I’d appreciate that!” That’s really cool. He grabbed the cup, walked by me to the open soda fountain area and poured my water into a styrofoam cup.

“Would you like anything else? Like a soda or something?”

“This is fine. I appreciate this, man!” (I make sure to keep my energy down with his and the blonde-haired girl’s)

“Sure, man. No problem. Here it is.” He hands me the drink with a cool, slight smile.

“Have a good one. Bye now!”

“See ya!” The blonde girl smiles at me, too.

On my way out, I just begin to hit the push bar to leave when the blonde-haired girl says, “Goodbyeee! Have a good one!”

I turn for a moment and say, “Thanks! You, too!” as I push the bar and step toward my car.

Do I need to say that I left that Hooters feeling pretty good? By this point, I don’t think I need to. Because it was just plain and simply and environment where love and feeling important… just happens.

It’s a place where making another person feel appreciated is something like the tip of the pyramid, the tip of the Christmas tree. The objective of making everyone feel great about themselves, the objective of helping another human being feel loved and significant, is what REALLY drives that business.

The wings are just an excuse to spend time there, I think.

Anyway, as usual, these posts are prone to future review and edits and proofreads, so if you see something (I know that you’re one of maybe four readers at this point! Lol), please let me know, and I’ll handle it promptly.


Yours Truly–(I mean this),


Aaron Bell

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DANCE, YOU MONKEY! DAAANCE (Fourth Task + Upcoming Update On Hooters!)

What most scares me that, if done, would most propel me to my purpose?

Send a transcribed audio message to Sir Richard Branson and Seth Godin.

But I won’t do that yet (explained below), so here’s another question.

Of all the things I need to do, what scares me most?

Do a wide-postured “monkey dance” on the edge of an intersection in Kalamazoo (or any intersection) for 5 Minutes during “Lunch time.

I’m going to do the monkey-dance, because I’m not developed nor organized enough to properly send Seth Godin or Richard Branson a message yet. When I’ve developed my expertise and have availed myself to as much wisdom as their available products and marketing will allow, then I shall devote a day to contacting them.

This means that, today, you will see me practicing my dance moves very soon on the edge of a road. If you live in Kalamazoo, come and dance with me!

(On a later post, you’ll get a video of me doing some crazy moves inside of a mall or something.)

YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MONKEY EVER!! (Task Four COMPLETED, B****! –PLUS– A Follow-up Interview For Hooters Tomorrow!)



Here’s a pep talk from Kid President before we begin!

I. Have GOTTA say. That I’m creating this world by STORM!!!

There has never been a day in my life where I’ve missed an exit and also got a semi-awful haircut that’s also been this awesome. If there has been such better days, then I’m unconscious to their existence.

Because I not only DID THE DANCE for TWO MINUTES LONGER than intended, I balled it out just before visiting the coolest restaurant in the world to work for: Hooters.

And I feel that it paid off.

Seriously, I danced before 100 people on that road today! People started smiling at me, girls honked their horns while screaming “WHEEEW WHOOOOOO!!” at me as they passed me. These guys in mustangs also passed, nodding at me with cool fingers pointing at me.


I’ve gotta say that I’m completely and totally proud of myself. There’s never been someone so excited to create results as I have been, because I have been ON FUCKING FIREEEE!!! The world is an awesome place! The world is an outstanding place.

Because I’m here to make things better and better and better and better and better and better and better… AHHHH!

I am literally spazzing out right now.

The cool thing, too, is that today wasn’t perfect! Unless you count lessons as being perfect–which I do–I ended up sending a kick-ass text to my friend Rock that went like this:

“Can’t wait to see you in those shorts!” (i.e. Hooters girl shorts)
“Just don’t spank me! That would complicate our friendship.”

Now, when I look at that, I start cracking up. But, if he were to take that badly, then that means that I screwed up my communication. If I don’t get a “LOLOLOLOL” response, then that means I communicated in a way that didn’t get the result I wanted.

Which I is sadz if that’s the case ;.;


As you can probably tell, I’m kicking ass with the world right now, and I hope you can share this enthusiasm and success with me. Because there’s no reason that you can’t share this totally awesome experience of the world with me! You have a fucking brain, two ears, a heart, two eyes, two lungs, as well as a kick-ass nervous system that can literally cure warts and stomach ulcers and CANCER!

How awesome is that?

Anyway, the purpose of this message is just to tell you that some shit is going down!!! Nothing has ever been as awesome as these few days have been!

Thanks for supporting me, friend, as I go through these experiences. I expect that you’ll get a lot out of these ideas as well.

So I’m going to leave it at that! Like and follow if you enjoyed! Comment and become a homie today, and I’ll see you in the next post of whatever I make!

Stay outstanding, homie!



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It’s TRUE!! You WERE Just Talking To Us For The Girl! Oh Wait… You Told Us That! (Fifth Task + Update On Hooters!)

After all this time, I still haven’t overcome the biggest issue with VA (Venusian Artistry) so far: Hitting on girls who are with other people (and especially girls who are with older men)

And it’s probably because I haven’t admitted it to myself until now.

So, with the advantage of this steadily growing blog, I’m happy to announce that today’s task, in addition to hitting up “orientation” at Hooters today) is to:

Talk with two attractive women, for two minutes minimum, blatantly letting them know that I like them WHILE there are other people directly with her — OR — Talk with a singular woman who’s with other people for TEN minutes or more

Either one wins the challenge for today! The report will be up by 11:30PM tonight! (I usually go earlier, but this might call for me heading to a bar later tonight. Unless I hit up a Starbucks and find women gathering in groups

Though this might freak a lot of people out, I think this’ll be a cinch compared to showing off my dance moves yesterday… lol.

Let me know what you think! This is becoming more and more fun with every day that I do this!

And with much thanks to you, homie! If I wouldn’t have had you to write for, I probably wouldn’t be half as excited to do this as I currently am! Thanks for your support.

(That’s all for this post! Like and comment if you enjoyed! And follow to become a homie today!)

Ciao for now, bro! Life is good.


Aaron Bell

P.S. Even though there’s only about 6 readers (average) on this blog at the moment, I’d be happy to do a guest post for anyone wanting to challenge me to something! it’d be super awesome to get some friendly competition going on here.

Hooters Update! Got the Job (PLUS: Funniest dude ever)

Note: For the sake of this website, I’ve gotta say that I’m not gonna fret over something that’s only a few hours late–if I’ve actually done it. If I did the thing, and then did not post because I was with an attractive and hilarious girl and friend, then tough shit. I love you enough to experience the night fully AND THEN come back and write for you. Lol. Now onto the story!

My life is forever changed. I’ve gotta say that I’ve transformed my life by successfully applying for Hooters. This challenge turned into a cakewalk when I had that trump card in my back pocket.

Normally, I wouldn’t flaunt such matters around, but the truth is: Why doesn’t everyone have this job?

Because they’re’ unqualified? No. Because they more-active-than-usual pervs (i.e. what most of us call “normal perverts”), Maybe, but no.

It’s because they’re scared.

I felt kind of shy walking into that store, asking for a job, but I’ve gotta say that it’s been one of the coolest experiences in my life. For one, I’m surrounded by beautiful women–the best of beautiful women–almost every single day, and it’s a total cakewalk when going anywhere else. Literally, I can go up to any person, and I’ll probably have a little droplet of shyness evoking from my once-introverted ways… but that’s it.

Once I’m in the groove, I literally talk about fulfilling her sexual fantasies–in a Piggy from PewDiePie way–for hours, while busting her balls relentlessly for a comment she said even earlier than that (I was even laughing at her, which caused her to laugh, when she answered “I like ring” EXACTLY in the way that the “I like turtles” kids said it.

Anyway, I’m just going to talk about the general experience, because the overall challenge led me to interact with four groups of people–which varied from one being a boring, perogative, vituperative insecure guy (a.k.a. what you might call “an asshole,” though I know it better to be insecurity talking)… to literally the coolest guys that I’ve ever seen before.

For example, as I was watching the Red Wings play the Black Hawks (“Black Wings” as I called them, lol–I got a bit of shit for that) in the Stanley Cup playoffs, this girl I’ve been chatting with for several hours says something like, “Hold on a second. I have to pee” to her friend, Stacy (Stacie?). But, just as she started to stand up, Tim, the bartender who was totally awesome, came up to me saying that “They’d like to buy a shot for you.” After saying, “Whoa! I’m a minor” (“Thanks for being honest,” he said, “I hate kicking minors out, and I now that I know you’re not sneaking and slipping drinks, that makes me happy.” And because of that, I’m now forever welcome at Louie’s… which is an awesome bar, btw… and “in the know” thanks to Tim). After that short aside, I asked him, “Who’s they?”

“Him right here!” He pointed to this dude with glassed next to a friend I had made just moments ago—It was Drew! He had offered to buy me a shot, and would have bought me many shots if I would have accepted.

It was a nice deal. Especially on account of him being the most friendly, accepting and alpha of the group.

To be quite honest though, I felt it was overkill. At this point, I’m in a whole ‘nother league than what I was used to. Before, I had always lived on my parents income (still do, sort of). I had always lived on their hard work, THEIR daily toil (which is totally unnecessary, but besides the point). But, now, it’s not even that I’m working at Hooters. I could’ve worked ANYWHERE (albeit it wouldn’t be as interesting) and my self-esteem would’ve been still pretty good.

Then again, it’s a pretty rock-solid foundation to know that you will always have more beautiful women to come to work to than the one that you’re talking to, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that having financial security is a huge thing. Financial independence is even better. And financial excess (oooh! A naughty word for some of you. Get over it lol!! Go out and make mone… and have a hard-on while you do it. Get hard… for money. Because money means that you’ve done something valuable for another person. Money means that you’ve created a greater sense of “wholeness” within another person by helping him achieve his dreams or avoid doing something that he hates doing. If you make money, you’re awesome, because you’ve officially stood the test of rejection from SOMEONE for doing it).

Anyway, back to the story. By the end of the night, because of this little challenge, I was able to head off and do something cool. Because of this little challenge, I met the peak moments of the night, which were:
  • I learned about the co-op
    I went from really awkward (literally talking about the awkwardness with other people) to
    • talking about hitting on girls (which is what everyone wanted to do) to
      literally saying things like, “Hey, I’ll let you lick my nipples if you want.”
      This whole night consisted of me saying everything that I wanted to do. For an example in this long-ass bullet-point, I said, “Hey, let’s thumb wrestle.” She said, “I’m not gonna thumb wrestle you.” Then I said, “C’mon, I need an excuse to make physical contact with you. We need excuses–this whole place is one big excuse to be with each other.” She said, “Go ahead,” I said (thinking about our earlier conversation about how she wanted to be sexually fulfilled and loved by a soul mate), “What’s that?” (pretending to be deaf), “Go ahead!” I gave her a big hug
      To support the above big-ass bullet point even further, I started pointing out to this girl (who turned out to be an attractive bartendress for the place… who also accepted the number to be a cart girl at a place (which she may or may not go to, I really don’t know. She was recovering from her intoxication at this point)) how she wasn’t wearing any pants
    She smiled, “I’m wearing shorts under this.” I eyebanged her for about three seconds when Ben (lol!) called me out on it. I’m like one of the most centered people now, though, so I really think it’s hilarious when he says it.
    I then start eyebanging her more, licking my tongue up and down as I do so. She cracks up as Ben and I hang out for the entire night
    Above all, when I started to pull out money, the bartender said, “No, you’re alright. Really, thanks for coming.” I immediately find a hundred good things to say about him. “Tim, I just want to say thanks. You probably deal with a lot of shit hear, and I’ve just gotta say that’s it’s really cool to have you around. Thanks, have a good one.” After this, I immediately get the suggestion to come over for tomorrow’s show… and the Drunking Spelling Bee on Saturday (“That’s always fun.” LOL). I can feel my calendar thickening…
    I go home without pussy, but with success. I did what I came here to do, and I’ve sexually interacted with several pretty women–each of which who were totally thinking about sex as they continued to sit next to me–simultaneously making sure that she doesn’t look like a slut as she fucks me senseless in her mind.
Is that last point true? After tonight, I believe so. After doing the silly incantations for every day that you’ve read this, I have reason to think that I deserve the real-life consequences of making a fool out of myself: Success.

Seriously, I’m successful tonight. I don’t care what you say. You can say, “Oh, Aaron, you didn’t get any,” and I’d have to say that I did not penetrate a woman’s vagina tonight. Which is something that I keep track of (if you visit thinkmovefuck.com, my inconsistently updated blog that contained a series of journal entries for MY journal entries… not yours, you’ll see part of what I mean).

But seriously, I’ve exceeded my expectations. I didn’t just talk to two groups (which scared me initially), I talked to FOUR. The first of which I was happy to interact with (i.e. the group with the insecure guy), because he, by contrast, made every. single. girl and set of guys that I would talk to… become AWESOME. Especially with regard to the last one.

Anyway, that’s this post for now. This post has many fine things. As usual, if it’s late at night, I tend to post content right away in a “Fire-Ready-Aim” approach. If you see any tips for improving the content, please let me know.

And always! Like and comment if you enjoyed! Follow and become a homie today!

Thanks bros! Buhhhaayyyy! (PewDiePie style)


(And Ciao For Now)



P.S. Here are some side scribbles that you might enjoy as I wrote this)

(GOD. What the fuck are bars for? I’ve let her down if I don’t fuck her. I’m serious. She needs me to overcome her shit.

Just like I needed Tony Robbins to set me straight and do the shit that I didn’t want to do.)

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That Awesome Day Where You Wake Up And Do What You Need To Do RIght Away (6th Task Assigned and Completed Within 3 Hours)

Today’s task, in short, was an hour and fifteen minutes of working out. I’ve gotta say that it was something I always USED to do–but recently has been giving me the whillies.

So, what I decided to do today, was to take my day’s task, in preparation for my first full day of work at Hooters (yes!), and simply do The Hour of Power by Tony Robbins! I didn’t even have something to play his music with (a big concern for me, because I wanted something to distract me from the hallucination that I was doing anything less than inspiring the best of the people I annoyed), so I went out in the car exhaust-filled world of Kalamazoo to do my run… without music.

And it was awesome! The incantations, because their so repetitive, cause you brain to delete most of the run! Essentially, you just get five minutes of conscious running… and those five minutes are really enjoyable! It’s amazing!

Imagine if you could literally just say a magic phrase, and voila! You could turn a twenty minute workout into a (more enjoyable) hour and fifteen minute workout… and make it feel shorter. Because that’s exactly what happens!

Not to mention that I’m super proud of myself for doing it.

You see, if you can do one thing per day that scares you (which will be editing and creating an ass-ton of audio, here in a bit… I hate editing and my voice is not something I’m totally secure with), you’ll start doing amazing things.

If I wouldn’t done this challenge, if I wouldn’t have set leverage with Tari Manello of Epica.com (awesome journals!!), then I don’t think I would’ve done nearly as well as I have been lately.

Life is so awesome.

(Update! I started drafting this this morning, but I didn’t publish it, so here’s a little update.

Here’s what you need to know about the life that’s available for you (the one that I’m leading): It is FULL of personal growth and development. I have the opportunity not just to cook, but to learn to cook, exercise my cooking skills, offer other people help and solace, help cure anger, build my lady skills, etc.

It’s not just about cooking. It’s not just about girls.

Though I’ve definitely learned a LOT. This thing that happened today… no, no I can’t tell you. It just wouldn’t be right. I’ll tell you something else though in the next post, though!)

Ciao For Now!

Aaron Bell

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How To Increase Your Sexiness By 5 Points In Two Hours Or Less–In A Way That’s FUN (Task Seven Completed)

May the water-damage drift from your mind as your eyes attract to my highly attractive face.

You might recognize that I’m the sexiest beast in the world (see photo above for proof), but what does make me so sexy?

Well, first I add a few drops of AWESOME into my mix of Cool-Aid where I then CHUG IT THROUGH MY EYES so that I can see all the ways that are awesome about YOU. Because perception is projection, isn’t it?

Well, in addition to that, I decide to get up, put on my running shorts, freak out about it being too cold–as well as whether or not I should drink coffee (I generally don’t)–and then read a bit of my blog posts before lacing up and heading out:

For and hour and fifteen minutes.

WHO ELSE WORKS OUT THAT LONG BESIDES A HEALTH NUT? That’s right, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is pure sexjuice when it comes to improving your health, love life, sex life. attraction life, financial life, any life, because he’s the one who inspired me to do this in the first place.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t have my own free will (I don’t), but it’s fair enough to say that his influence is solely responsible for 90% of the results that I’ve created in my life recently. If you want to best enjoyably decide to progress in your life now, then I highly recommend that you: 1) Go to his website and ask for a Free Coaching Session, 2) Use the Coach’s Guidance to help you grow and love life just that little bit more, and finally, 3) Check out Unleash the Power Within, and see if that seminar is right for you.

Only you can tell what the right choice is clicking on the Tony Robbins website and registering for Unleash the Power Within with the best seats you can possibly afford, but perhaps he can make it a little easier for you to grow. Even if you can‘t afford it, you’ll benefit greatly from signing up now for Unleash the Power Within, because you’ll be able to afford so much more in the long run.

I cannot recommend anything else so highly, because this man, this friend, is one person who has mastered the art of influence beyond all else.

Anyway, here’s a couple ideas for fun, because this blog, after all, is about you having fun with my torment and squeals of terror and pure discomfort. While I’ll have fun and talk with you for a while in these posts, you’ll always get these little doses of factual information on actions taken to induce pissage of selfeth. Here it is:
  • Today requires that I do the Hour of Power, which I already did. When I woke up, I felt how I really did not feel like doing the Hour of Power, so I immediately assigned that (relatively) long work out as my task for today
    Normally, another thing that scares me is doing the incantations (as a fun, mandatory, useful part of The Hour of Power’s main workout phase) while passing hobos and homeless people on my run. Recognizing that they need my support the most (ESP. with the incantation, “All I Need Is WIthin Me… Now!!”) I immediately began to increase my volume as I passed them… and I feel so much better having had done it!
    Then, as the last part of doing The Hour of Power, as the last part of doing this hour and a quarter body refreshment session, I chose to wave my hands around like crazy as I crossed this bridge over a highway, chanting, “I BEST DESERVE TO LIVE IN EPIC LIFE!!” over and over again, the semi-truck coming toward me honked like crazy, which started a chain reaction of eleven more cacophonous honks and wails from the cars behind it (“YES! That’s twelve cars.”) I was beaming as I finished my run through the rest of this road.)
    (Update: I had already done today’s “scare,” times three in that I’ve done the Hour of Power, watched PewDiePie play SCP-087B for two videos, and actually called some girls–texting like crazy. But now, I really need to get to sleep so that I can wake up at 7AM tomorrow and do the Hour of Power again as well as “get centered” for an hour before going to work, so I’ll reserve this for tomorrow, even though I’ve planted several seeds. I’ve already texted several girls, and it’s great when I get them talking with me and invested in the relationship) Today, I think my sister-in-law needs my car, so I’m going to invite three girls over tonight (provided she uses it). This will mean doing whatever it takes to get girls over, but the challenge ends whenever I “catch hold” of three girls. I must ask them, over the phone (not Voice Mail or ignore or text) to come over. I can do this in some fun way like “Oh, I’m watching Rio right now, and it’s sooo awesome! I’m having so much fun right now Sorry, you can’t watch. It’s mine… ALL MINE!” But, with whatever happens, there needs to be SOMETHING that makes her need to decide one way or another for tonight. (Stop-Loss, for real though, is 10 girls called. If I don’t get a hold of three girls after ten… Sad face lol)
    If, however, I do get the car tonight, I can choose to 1) Enjoy the Drunken Spelling Bee tonight at Louie’s, and 2) Make out with a girl in that little booth in the second room. But, for now, I’m just going to resort to this the bullet point above, because I’m not hyper-rich yet from Hooters (thank you, reader, for inspiring me to apply there!), there may or may not be a fee to get in, and it’s just not something I’m willing to pay for when I’m paying for gas in change (and no, I’m not going to ask my momma for money unless I really, REALLY need it). Let me know if you think I’m a pussy!! Lol
    That’s it!
So, yeah, you pretty much got a heavy dose of sexual inferno epicness within this post, so I feel that you’ll really enjoy me as a person as time goes on. ONE THING that I must do tonight, that kind of scares me, is get to sleep by 11:00PM tonight. Literally, i need to go to bed and fall asleep ASAP (I can do it because I know hypnotherapy/hypnosis–no joke), because I have work tomorrow, and I need to help out as much as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, coming to work tired is unacceptable. If you come to work tired, you threaten the business by being 1/4th as productive, 1/4th as a capable of handling other people who are short from sleep deprivation, and above all esle, you come to work in a state that’s less than your best. When you work, part of delivering the max value is by doing your best to ensure that you’re “in state” to help as much as possible when you ARE at work–which means taking care of your body, healing your mind and soul through meditation/yoga/pilates/krav maga (I’m serious with krav maga), and then feeding your mind with leadership/communication practices (if you work with people) or technical practices (if you’re in a highly technical position).

At some point, too, ensure that you go over in mind the next day and overall purpose of you working at where you work. If you don’t visualize the best way to do something, or if you don’t visualize yourself correcting something that you screwed up yesterday, your body, your nervous system, will go in “raw” and unprepared, which leaves your conscious mind preoccupied with making up for the shit that you should’ve done last night (i.e. prepping your nervous system to successfully do whatever it is that you need to do).

Seriously, why you no do this already? This has been said a billion times since the Psycho-Cybernetiks revolution. If you want to really stick out in your work and make people like you best… well, you’ve gotta see it before it ever becomes a reality.

Don’t let other people see stupid shit for you… You’ll be miserable if you do that. The cost of not visualizing is too high, too immediate, too unbearable to even fathom going in “blind.”

Anyway, that’s it for today–That’s the challenge that you get to observe me do. If I can, I’ll get you an extra post tonight. If not, then you’ll get the update with tomorrow’s challenge post. I can only do so much, and prepare for so much, and if there’s a sexy-fun time tonight, then I’m not going to interrupt the experience–which will soon transfer to you–to write a blog post, when I’ll be able to update you tomorrow.

Fair enough? I’m here to add as much value as possible to your life now–whether you believe that or not–so let me know if you’re enjoying this, or if there’s anything that I can do to make it better!

You legitimately make my day now, so I look forward to your support and thoughts! Even though, statistically, only 1 out of a 1,000 or 10,000 every really comment. Sad face

That’s all for now, bros! Lol, like and comment if you enjoyed though! Follow and become a homie today! Stay outstanding.

Ciao for Now!



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This journal is fucking amazing. It's so amazing to see how awesome your life is becoming! I'm following you all the way and wish you the best of luck! Keep it up!!

My Journal (from AFC to MPUA, still a work in progress)

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This journal is fucking amazing. It's so amazing to see how awesome your life is becoming! I'm following you all the way and wish you the best of luck! Keep it up!!
Your support is fucking amazing! It really is amazing, in part, to see how awesome life is becoming... because posting for you and the other people who read this really just makes my day! I'll keep it up... and support you and your journal as well! (Do you have a Wordpress blog that you also link to?)

P.S. Your username is awesome!

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The Hardest One Of All (Eighth Task Setup)

This is the one singular task that leaves me saying “I can’t believe that I’m doing this” when I very well believe that I am.

Today’s Task: Go up to some random lady’s door (or any person’s door) and ask her to clean her toothbrush with mouthwash for 32 cents.

I hate this task more than anything I’ve done lol. And that’s why I’m doing it.

Thanks for checking in on me! I know you’re my awesome, special friend out of maybe five, but I still love you intensely!

Ciao For Now,

Aaron Bell

P.S. Fuck this, lol.

I Really Hate Some Of The Sh** I Do (Eighth Task Completed… Lol)

Hey, I just realized how much of a selfish ass I’ve been with these blog posts recently. If you’re one of the few people who read this regularly, then I’m really happy that somehow you were able to see through my veil of narcissism, because this post and the blog that contains it really are for you.

I have enough attention in my personal life already (IS THERE EVER ENOUGH??), so I think it’s time to share the love with you. The tricky part is that relating a direct experience that I had in relation to you might be tricky, so, for the time being, I need to know who you are, in order to relate to you.

And in order to know who you are, I need to listen to you, hear from you, and love you more and more. For the time, with the knowledge that I have about who’s currently reading my blog, I’m going to assume that you’re a blogger writing your own content (strangely enough WordPress bloggers blogging about blogging tends to cultivate communities better than just about anything I’ve seen). But nonetheless: Onward!

“I think it’s best that you get in your car and leave.” I directly said (I must put something in the rules that says something against this next time) that I was there as a joke, and that I needed someone to just work with me for a minute and let me ask him.

Have you ever had something like this where it’s just not easy to get the other person to trust you? Maybe it was because I saw some really stupid shit going on before my very own eyes, in first-person view, that I conveyed an air of “This isn’t right” to the man. Perhaps it was the shit that I had accidentally worn that made me look like a salesman. Perhaps it was the knock on his neighbor’s door that remained unanswered that he saw me deliver that caused this mistrust. Or perhaps it was this man with his overall miserable nature.

After all, I saw an obese woman moving around dirt, unattractively spreading mulch over an unkempt yard (part of the reason I chose this place was because–sorry about this if you’re the person who I talked to!–the place looked like it would be of no consequence if I acted weirdly or not around them) as children roamed around screaming with laughter in the background. Above all that, this man had a stoic face that concealed (or destroyed) all emotions that could’ve ever existed within him.

Perhaps this relates to someone you see every day (and perhaps someone you need to relate with every day), but I’ve gotta say that talking to this man has made me grow. If I can deal with someone like this in a way like this (selling toothbrush cleaning services for 32 cents… in a very poor manner), then I can do anything.

Which brings me back to you. Do you feel like you have a situation where you know you could grow… but you can’t seem to get over how stupid or pointless it is? Well, something tells me that I’ll benefit hugely from this experience, so, with all obvious disclaimers in place (i.e. You are totally responsible for your own actions and behaviors), I highly recommend that you do something silly and outrageous… albeit in another blog, like I did.

God this post needs to be edited.

But whatever, here’s an awesome post for you… It’s done… It’s finished… Voila!

Perhaps you could get me to edit these posts as part of a challenge… though, editing’s more “plain uncomfortable” and not “scary,” so it doesn’t count.

Oh well.

Stay awesome, homies!


Ciao For Now

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Mental-Scare Day (I F***ing H*** Editing ;.; -- Ninth Task Completed)

(Note: This is my favorite post as of June 1, 2013)

What? You think this is bullshit?

You mean of all the tasks that I've chosen, you don't like the fact that I chose editing above:
  • Sticking to a single topic for a paragraph? (Note: I actually ended up doing this with editing)
    Practicing VAK Descriptions (esp. In the form of creating an extended, useful metaphor)?
    Calling more people to express gratitude (I tend to neglect calls)?
    Mind Map via Mindjet the rest of the Unleash the Power Within (Tony Robbins) notes? (Edit: I'm actually doing this today)
    Syndicating all material on this blog with SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, various forums, Flickr, Deviant Art, etc. all in one day? (This one's happening on Tuesday)
    Answering questions in the Activation step of the Photoreading Process for three separate 20 minutes sessions today? (This one's happening on Wednesday)
    Selling a magazine to make up for the $72 lost from not working today? (I'll cover this in a post on An Apple A Day)
    Even with all these in mind, though, the activity that's been chosen for today is editing. And it's really important that this task gets done, because it's a huge tragedy that some great ideas really never get read... when they're legitimately useful, helpful, and super awesome. So, without further ado, I will get this editing done by completing this last sentence, which will transition nicely into the story below that represents why I'm big on editing right now.
I was always a writer. A writer with great ideas. But there's a problem that comes when the writer with great ideas doesn't develop the habit of growing his seeds of greatness, his wonderful ideas, into adulthood. So, even though there were always these great ideas swirling in my brain that needed to become connected with other brains, what would often happen is that the other brains would see a bunch of dirt and junk swirled over the few diamonds that the piece actually represented. And being the outstanding idea person that I was, the person who would put ideas down on paper, it was really a bumming event to see, one day, all of the millions and millions of words that I had generated just fade into the ether. And it was all because I was this "great writer" who lacked the follow-through to ensure that all these seeds never grew to greatness.

I lacked follow through. And it's because I lacked follow-through that, frankly, I kind of feel regretful for my teachers and mentors of past. Whenever I think about all the thousands and thousands of words of mine that my teachers had to read, I cringe. They could see all the great ideas in the rough, but my poor writing habits, developed from years and years of "just winging it," buried my newborns alive in shit. The fact that the work I submitted were "just drafts" became obvious, and my work never became appreciated by anyone--not even me. It was depressing, shocking... and humiliating. And because I lacked the follow-through to revise and edit these seeds (or saplings, if I was lucky) into greatness, I would eventually develop the sister habit of no follow-through, which was a tenacious self-consciousness. This tenacious self-consciousness would plague me for my entire school career.

Perhaps the quality of someone's writing represents the quality of the person. Because there's always the saying that "perception is projection," perhaps my writing represented much of my life. For example, I signed up for an advanced class that I was always late for--perception is projection. I had a bunch of ideas for habit change that I would start and then stop--perception is projection. I had a bunch of coding projects and ideas for starting a band that never happened--perception is projection. So, it's safe to say, I think, that the quality of the writing that happened before clearly represented who I had become as a person then, which I feel slightly remorseful about, if only because I had seen myself as such an awesome, together person (which I was--in areas like self-esteem, video games, and "being cool" to an extent).

A quick note, too, I want to punch my younger self for showing up to class late. Even though I often add a big bag of resentment with every thought of school that comes to mind, I still believe that showing up late for anything is one of the highest forms of disrespect that a person can inflict. Unless you are DYING, you are held unexcusably liable for such disrespect. And, no, traffic is no fucking excuse. You get up and you get out earlier (even an hour earlier, if you don't know how long it'll take you to get somewhere).

On the positive note, though, the younger me can be congratulated for taking time out of school to get laid ^o^ It was fascinating how my self-esteem transformed that day. It was a Wednesday when I had my way with her. It was a Wednesday because it was a late start, and the only days when school would start an hour and fifteen minutes later was on the thing that Mattawan High School calls "Late Starts." There were many reasons to love late starts then (such as doing preparation for the day's test, hanging out with friends, sleeping in), but my favorite reason for having late starts was the reason of practicing my sexual skills on my favorite FWB at the time.

Much time has passed since then. Though this story really doesn't REALLY apply to rule of coherence, it's really a nice story that can help you, if you're a blogger, to really give your ideas the thought, time, and energy to really grow your work. With the time that's passed since the time of the story, and with a minor breakgae of the rule of coherence (i.e. making everything hyper-hyper-relevant), we can use something like 20-30 minutes to make our blog posts better. And to show you the usefulness of this idea, I used the exact same approach to revising this blog post; I set a timer twenty minutes with a recording of "What best would pull me further into the story" looping in the background to enhance this blog post.

And the timer went off ten minutes ago, I should add.

Seriously, that was the task for today, and because the task is editing, I really don't need to add another post to tell you that this task was completed today. Today's task IS this post, so I think you'll forgive me for not adding another post (unless I feel inspired to write about the mind mapping, which I probably won't). But, yeah, this idea of editing every day, or at least doing it on the days where I really feel scared to do it, is really appealing. Because what if we could really transform some really mediocre work into the work of a "great?" It'd be fascinating to see that happen :-D

Now, I'm going to end this post here. Having habituated myself to writing for outstandingly long periods of time, this post could be extended indefinitely, and not ending a post clearly and succinctly is bad for a blog. If anything, ending a post early can help dramatically, ESPECIALLY if you add a cliffhanger or an open loop that will leave the reader BEGGING for you to write again, lol.

Maybe I should start doing that, lol.

Ciao For Now, Friend!

Your Bro,



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Tenth Task Completed With Bonus! (Hour of Power + Syndication)

So, I promised big and huge with today’s task’s bonus. What was promised with today’s task’s bonus was, like, eight hours of content syndication to get things rolling. But instead of getting some eight hours of highest quality content syndication to get things rolling at for this blog, what happened was ONE post got onto pick-up-artist-forum.com plus a series of three dates that resulted from five interactions. WIth these interactions that replaced the highest-quality content syndication for today’s challenge, three girls talked with me for a minimum of twenty minutes per girl–with two girls (who were supremely sexy) confirmed my suspicions that she was with the guy she was ordering a coffee with–I had asked them, “Hey, are you two together?” quite bluntly. So, instead of hyper-content syndication, I chose to upload a single post onto pick-up-artist-forum.com as I talked and flirted with a bunch of girls (AND while talking with this old man, Ellsworth Rea, who taught me the power of comic books and common sense… I swear, old people can be great wingmen, lol).

Anyway, how’s THAT for a long-ass paragraph. It’s about time that you did some legitimate reading (i.e. non-Facebook statuses). Suck my long-ass paragraph’s wisdom straw… lol.

Frankly, though, the biggest issue that I had with content syndication was that I didn’t want there to be conflicts with Google’s search-engine rankings with my post, nor did I want to overload the forums with quality posts. But then again, if the search-engine rankings or the overload of forums inspire fear within me, then perhaps it’s time to do just that then because that IS my style, and that IS why this forum was created!

So, yeah, I think I’ll overload pick-up-artist-forum.com They’re a lively bunch, and they’re addicted to reading (LOL… am I kidding?), so I’d be happy to post a bunch of this content onto pick-up-artist-forum.com. But, the posts are all that I’ll record (publically) for today. You’ll receive an update from me tomorrow If you want some hyper-updated content as I overload the addicts of the PUA forum, then it’s a good idea to check out actionablegreatideas.wordpress.com. That blog (made by me) will give you some outstanding thoughts for your consideration

Even though I probably need to relabel it to AaronBell.wordpress.com. If I relabel it to my name, then I’ll be able to build myself as a brand, which will be very, very cool when people start recognizing me on the streets saying, “OH MAI GAWDZ, YOU’RE ABBBB :_D” So, yeah, relabeling the blog will be cool, because I’ll get fame. Lol.

(Ciao For Now)



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Task Eleven: Aaron’s Weapon For Success: Forgiveness

(Note: This has by far been one of the most useful tasks that I've assigned)

Forgiveness has always been something that I’ve been slow to do. Forgiving slowly, though unintentionally slowly, was just my style of doing things. But, when a person forgives slowly–unintentionally or otherwise–the person surrenders massive blocks of energy just for raging at the other person. So, for the productivity porn masturbators, this one should be particularly interesting for you, because if you can recover these massive blocks of energy by intentionally (and later: unintentionally, per the process of competence) through non-slow, fast forgiveness, you’ll explode the kind of results you receive. And you’ll explode the kind of results you receive from doing this, I know, because it’s happened many times for both the people around me–as well as myself, when I actually got around to doing it.

Which brings me to the point of today’s task. Today’s task is to go through a mental process called “The Forgiveness Process” at least once today, if not many times. By going through this process for today’s task–which is something that I really shudder with doing (my old self-image liked to hold grudges)–the world will open up for me, and I can, again, pursue what’s most important to me: Seeking personal beyond-excellence as I ungravify the world. To gain the energy to through this forgiveness process as today’s task for this purpose will be beyond helpful, because it’ll remove:
  • The resentment for my father for lack of health-sense, severe rigidity of ways, unconscious sabotage of my marketing plans, disbelief for my own path, etc.
    My mother for her enthusiasm and love on a path that goes against what I really desire to do with my financial life (i.e. business and investing)
    Myself for missing a day of work–even though I could easily blame it on my manager for not letting me know, I know that I needed to go in and talk with her about hours before I even left
    The lack of focus on the Ultimate Purpose (esp. from the above points)
See? Doesn’t forgiveness look, sound, and feel just overall helpful? And if you’ve seen the Wikipedia article by now, I think you’ll hear me when I say that “forgiveness just feels good–it just feels right,” because it does.

Forgiveness is the renunciation or cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offence, disagreement, or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution” (Wikipedia).

Wow, don’t you love that definition? The love, for me, with this definition comes from the intense release or relief that it provides. The love in this definition definitely comes from letting all that stress, (negative) tension just slide out of your body and then become a more useful, better-purposed energy.

Yup, that’s that task for today. I’ll do, for today’s task, the NLP Forgiveness process (which was modeled from the Hoʻoponopono of Huna–which is from ancient Hawaii, as you may or may not know). and then come back to you later today (later today, because I may do this more than once.)

If You Want To Let Go… Hold On Tighter (To What You Value Most)

Today was about forgiveness. Forgiveness of a lot of people through the “Forgiveness Process” (source: NLP, which got it from Huna’s Ho’oponopono). If you know anything about this forgiveness process that was done today, then you’ll know that it involves:
  1. Constructing a stage before you
    Bringing on a f***-ton of people in your life (and not in your life, if desired)
    Asking, “Do you totally support my magnificence and the direction that I’m heading?” and keeping their asses on the stage if “No” (and optionally so if “Yes”
    Filling, through a hole in your head, yourself with eternal energy and love, and then have it pour through your heart down through the “akah”–the thin, ethereal, wispy connections between you and the people–to also fill them with love, light, and energy
    After you fill yourself and them with love and energy imagine the akah disconnecting; sever the akah–done visually with a pair of large, guillotine style razors–and chop the connections totally and entirely (asking the question, “What best specifically is a right-brained example of severing the connection between me and them” gives you an outstanding, “complete” visual of the blades chopping through the akah
    Watch the people you’ve just disconnected fly and wisp away, to learn and grow and evolve and become better people. Watching them go away may be the only way they can learn and grow and evolve–maybe find love, seek (and find) their true passion, and evolve to live and extremely happy life
    Imagine a magic donut embrace you, cleaning off the akah from every cell of your body, thus freeing you from the connections (esp. the unhealthy ones)
Doing this series of steps today for the forgiveness process–in addition to incanting “I best am a forgiving person” during today’s Hour of Power–has helped me realign with my highest purpose. Doing all this today helped me realign with my purpose; it helped me forgive myself for the wrongs that I’ve committed; it helped me discover the greatest way to fill the people in my life with value (which is to mentally, emotionally, and physically fulfill all of my needs through best physiology, focus, and language, to best create an “overflow state” that causes all of my good energy to overflow from myself into the other person). Doing all this today, helped me do all of this AND refind the karmic law of focus (we cannot focus on two things at a time, so if we focus on our highest spiritual value in life, anger, greed, sickness WILL disappear–it’s awesome).

Let me know if this helps you a ton, because this process has definitely helped me out a lot. And if this helps you a ton as it has helped me… and you happen to write about your experience, I will link that shit to this post so do it, lol!

And remember, “Fill yourself entirely before interacting with someone or doing something. They WILL feel it.”
  • Awareness — Ask yourself, “Am I best full with my needs, or am I empty and accepting of the other person’s energy?” (Note: You can still receive energy, but it needs to be like a wet kiss, fluids must be interchanged between you and your lover–or in this case, your favorite person (or non-favorite) that you’re talking with)
    If you’re empty, ask yourself, “What need am I empty with?” and then immediately ask empowering questions like, “What best am I loved about in my life?” or “Who best loves me right now?” or “What best am I having absolute abundance/having more money than anyone else right now?” A fun tip that will help you, should you find yourself empty, is that questions–if asked with an upward tonality at the end–automatically redirect your focus. And another fun tip if empty and you choose to use questions is is that your Unconscious Mind HAS to respond to any question you give it–it’s just how we’re built). I’ve influenced people who “aren’t easily influenced” by this approach, and it still makes me laugh–smarter people are easier to influence
    If you’re full, go ahead an interact! Do whatever you want, because it’ll be very likely that you’ll have the energy necessary to create your outcome.
    CUREALL: Constantly ask yourself “How best do I double/triple/quadruple my enthusiasm?” Anything (positive) done with lots of enthusiasm will charge other people. Enthusiasm is the cureall that will juice other people–and fill your wallet, if you apply enthusiasm to your job (Source: How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling by Frank Bettger, ex-MLB player turned insurance salesman. If you only read the first chapter, you’ll probably make at least a 5,000% return on your investment. I’m serious)
That’s all for today! Today has been a very relieving and relaxing day, and if you were to take the time and apply the principles and processes labeled here, I think you’ll find yourself detached from the mundane, sickening, “energy-suck” emotions, and you’ll find yourself in a very proactive, healthy, rejuvenating state that others love!

If you enjoyed this, let me know somehow

Homies Forever?

Your Homie,


P.S. I did the incantation, “Drama is best hilarious” and “Drama best only makes me more centered and on-target” for thirteen times each… I started cracking up when my father started yelling at me. Doing incantations will help you (assuming they’re empowering incantations).

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An Update Before Tasks Twelve And Beyond

As a result of doing this, the following has happened:
  • I've been working at Hooters--happily--on a regular basis for the past two weeks, and I receive my first payment for an awesome job (really, I love what I do, so the payment is really just a bonus)
    I've been doing the Hour of Power every. single. day. except. sundays. And it actually hurts NOT to run now
    I've centered myself every day (except one) for an hour a day
    I've been kicked out of an esoteric cafe (lol)... which allowed me to discover that one of my friends is really the best friend in the world
    I've been doing Ho'oponopono--or The Forgiveness Process--ever since I first posted it on my blog (which is more up-to-date than this)
    I've felt some amazing boobs within 60 seconds of meeting a girl
    I've made a looot of a people have a good day instead of a bad one (usually through humoring them with my crazy shit)
    I've offered a man to clean his toothbrush for 32 cents with mouthwash
    I've done the football field exercise from The Annihilation Method (I wonder if there's still a way to get to it on YouTube)... which I put off for 7 months (I really mustn't have)
    I've made "incanting" a habit, regardless of the people around me
    I've learned that smiling is always better than a frown, especially if you're approaching girls (if you're the NLP-type and you're asking "What about rapport??" Don't worry, I asked the same thing, and the key is to mimic everything else, but reserve the smile for yourself--not only will your interactions skyrocket in value (like it did today), but you'll feel better, too)
    I've made accountability natural--to the point where it hurts not to hold myself accountable
    I've listened to Tony Robbins's Unleash the Power Within
    I've successfully Photoread a book
    I've blogged every day for almost twice to three times a day on average for the past twenty-ish days
    I now live semi-on-my own--I have my own awesome pad with my brother
    I will be able to really, really afford my own gas for the first time tomorrow
    I've learned how to clean a restaurant, prepare some pretty high-quality (high-quality in TASTE, not actual quality) food, cook some high-quality-tasting food, and then ring it up.
    I've learned that mopping is the most powerful ab exercise that I've ever done (I'm serious--I looked at my body after mopping these past two weeks... it's WOW-worthy)
    I've learned how to build extreme rapport with a friend
    I've learned that some people are really awesome once you break past your first impression
    I've also learned that some OTHER people are awesome when you first meet them, but are pretty dark after you get to know them
    I've learned that every success is fun to celebrate, it's really important to always set a new standard, a new goal
    I've learned that Tony Robbins is by far the 10% of the people I read/listen to/watch that's made 90+% of the difference in my life (no matter how I reason it, Tony always come up in this crazy proportion)... So, if you're looking for just one person to study, I recommend Tony Robbins (especially his Unleash the Power Within Seminar)
    I've learned that sharing and finding out what makes other people happy is the most valuable thing you can do sometimes... ESPECIALLY if the other person has gotten in the habit of "getting money." (Some of the people that I know have been working where they're working for toooo lon)
    I've learned that Spanish is an awesome language
    I've learned that basic coding, while awesome, really is not my passion like I thought it was (though I still intend on learning it)
    I've learned that people love it--always, always, always--when I take down notes from our conversation (I did this at Hooters, and people were both extremely loving and flattered when I started to write things down)
    I've learned that 100% of the time, when you're friendly with a beautiful woman, she will do something extreme--like detach from you completely for a a couple days... just to see how you react. If you give less of a fuck (and do the Forgiveness Process on her ass, for example), she'll become more attracted to you 100% of the time. Period. This is so true it hurts. (Note: It's gonna happen. Always. No matter who you're with. Deal with it, lol)
    I've learned that there are very specific components of leverage that must happen in order for you to behave toward your goal immediately
    I've learned, in at least in a few cases of my past, that if you accuse people of manipulating you or distracting you from something (so long as you find something to appreciate about them) they'll like you more (I got $4 by acknowledging someone's manipulative behavior)
    I've learned that "I have traveled 500 miles to give you my seed" is an awesome opener (it's hilarious yet connecting on a spiritual level)
    I've learned that macaroni and cheese made with chocolate milk is edible--though still a bad idea
    I've learned that you still can't drink a Red Bull within two hours of drinking milk (Check this out. This is fucking disgusting lol--and it happens inside of you if you drink both)
    I've learned that macaroni and cheese with BBQ sauce, ketchup, or tabasco sauce is tasty (but still disgusting healthwise)
    I've learned how to really make an awesome paragraph :D
    I've learned how to learn, lol ;)
    (BONUS EDIT: I've learned that the self-image is absolute bullshit and can be wiped clean every. single. day. Especially through a combination of anchoring, the Forgiveness Process, questions, words, physiology, and overall behavior change)
    (BONUS EDIT That Will Change Your Life More Than Anything Else: I've learned that Evernote is the most effective way to achieve your goals, ever.
So, yeah, this is just a non-exhaustive list of what has happened since the start of this. So, if you're interested in seeing all these things happen in your life, post a message saying that you're committed to making your life happen the way you want it, and then I'll share a secret with you.

Let me know if this helps you for real.

Your Friend,


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