Visualsiation Tactics for Social Anxiety and the Approach

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I would like to share my tactics for social Anxiety. There are many tools but the one i rely on the most is visualization. This involves breathing techniques, as well as some practice picturing what you want. The idea though, is that the breathing calms your nerves, while the visualization primes your cognitive structure for positive interactions. This also gives you an idea of what it is you wish to accomplish.

Before I go out for the night, I picture myself going into my destination. Everybody I run into is friendly. There are no enemies or treats there, just a bunch of people all trying to breath. I visualize what success looks like, and finding that success with every women in the room (I first herd of this concept from a Style meditation). After you do this meditation, you might notice that you feel really relaxed, but still have anxiety about the approach. Believe me, after doing this everyday. You will feel the anxiety dissipate.

Why does this work you ask? There is a concept in the world of Behavioral Psychology Called "Systematic Desensitization". The idea behind this is that you take a feared stimulus (like approaching a women), and slowly desensitize your self to it by systematically replacing the fear with relaxation techniques.

I know that the Initial approach anxiety feels like hell gentlemen, but we all had to step out of our comfort in the beginning. Don't give up! Keep doing it! It will get better!

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