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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:35 pm 
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BET Weekend in LA, starting to realize how important building rapport and communication is. For some reason tons of people have told me that I'm good at communications but really I think I suck. I don't know if it's anxiety or what, I can't seem to be myself around certain people. I've watched videos on this subject countless times, about how to not be in your own head and stuff. But for some reason I just can't seem to shake it. Man, being able to hold a conversation with someone and not be weird is a constant struggle for me. I mean I want to be myself and all not all showboating and shit for attention, just cool calm and collected. I noticed this other guy who is out here with my mentor and I, he's super good with communications. Just by being normal and knowing shit, like current events and shit, he fits in... that's what i would like to master, just fitting in with a circle of high status people and be able to hold my end in conversation you know what I'm starting to realize, people will go with what adds to their vibe, their energy. The guy who is with me, let's just say he's a natural at building rapport and not being in his head, just flat out can make friends and influence people on the strength of his intellect alone. Is this learnable? If so I can't seem to grasp it. I mean people have told me that I'm super good at communications and I tend to do good. But not excellent, and I want to be excellent at it. My success depends on it!

Life of the party, last night day three of this award show weekend I was hoping for more shit to pop off in terms of parties and stuff. I tended to round up a couple of homies these two guys from back home who happened to be out there for award show weekend and a sassy black chick from work who is Local to LA and was hanging out with me. So we all met up and made our way out on the town. Leading up to this point during the whole week I don't think I did a good job of keeping the action going... I wasn't clever about any of my plans. We link went to meet with some black/Ethiopian chicks. FYI, not that big into black chicks even though I'm African American, more so into exotic chicks. Got all close, major kino with this slimm sassy black chick. Rubbed on her ass, waist, legs wow the other guys I was with were just sitting there talking to the girls, I had action. I didn't fuck this chick, but it was good intimate action. super easy to Escalate on this chick, holding hands, good for practice I guess. I've noticed that my ability in game really wins respect with whom ever I hang with. They kinda get a respect for my ability to communicate with women. Meanwhile, award show day Got this LA Kardashian Booty Havin chick who I bagged amongst a sea of rappers because of my game. She had this black chick with her, cute, but the Asian chick was my target. We ended up getting some drinks and going to the awards show together then later they ditched me. Logistics were kind of fucked up and my game was to shit. Make a long story short I'm working my way to elite game but still got tons of work to do.

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