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Approach anxiety? Unfortunately it is a real condition, minus the doctors and medicine. Every guy who gets into womanising, whether he’s a complete weirdo or cool as fuck, is going to feel this at some stage. Before you even knew about the creepy underground movement of men cold approaching women nonstop, you would still feel approach anxiety. Maybe you saw a cute girl in a bar, and whether you approached her or not, you still hesitated. This is one of the main reasons why most men drink, and indulge in the liquid courage.

Now that you have come across a community of guys that all suffer from the same problem to some degree, it has now been labelled as 'Approach Anxiety'.

Any guy who is reading this article will completely understand how it feels to get this feeling before approaching a woman. It literally feels like you’re approaching a bomb and that your’re about to die.

I am sure you are all familiar with the thoughts that go through your head as you even consider approaching a woman. The countless excuses that fill up in your mind. 'What is she going to think of me?', 'what are people around me who see me approach going to think of me?', 'what if people see me get rejected', 'what if someone I know sees me'. It starts with really stupid reasons not to approach and the longer you stand around not approaching, the cleverer the excuses become.

And when you finally do make an approach (if you ever have), it feels like you’re literally about to kill yourself. And it usually leads to you being very stifled when actually talking to the girl because of all of this bullshit going on in your head, and you just end up coming across weird as fuck, which then leads you to feel absolutely humiliated for even approaching.

Now imagine if AA didn't exist? Imagine how normal you would come across on the open.

AA is a choice; you don't actually have to have it. It is given to you through the way you choose to view reality. You are basically looking at the world through the wrong lens. Think back to when you last got AA and look at the bigger picture... All you’re really doing is talking to another human being. It's one of the most low value things ever to be scared of talking to another person.

You are clogging up your mind with bullshit. Caring what her or others watching may think of you. Trying to hold onto your little ego and remain 'cool'. Even if you don't approach, you’re still going to have at least some people think you’re weird or a looser regardless of what you do; it’s completely outside of your control. If you want to get good at this stuff you have to let go of everything and stop giving a fuck.

AA is probably the biggest thing that holds guys back, and probably the easiest one to fix. Everyone knows the right thing to do is to approach.
So, what exactly did I do to get over my AA in the beginning? I literally wanted to get laid and achieve success with women so badly that I was willing to go through any pain to get there.

Getting over AA comes down to one question 'how badly do you want to get this shit handled?’ Most of you will think 'oh I really really want to get this shit handled' yet you still won't be able to approach because you don't TRULY want it. Your internal monologue tells you that you don't even need women to survive, so why should you even approach them?

When I first started cold approaching women, it was during the daytime and I literally had no idea that there was advice out there on how to do it. I had just reached a stage where I had a life time of bad experiences with women and it just had to change.
Just remember that you have a set of balls, so literally nothing is stopping you.

Unfortunately there’s no comfortable way to get around this, it’s just something you have to overcome yourself. Be prepared to be humiliated and crash and burn countless times. And remember that the more you do it the easier it will become.

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