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Browsing the forum today, I look back @ my newbie days and wish I had such help when it comes to AA (approach anxiety) and being social.

I came up with a great and novel video concept to teach you newbies how to crawl out of that shell, become more social and get laid!

Youtube is saturated with PUA videos which either fall into 2 categories: braggy or sheer ridiculous- ala those S****e P***** scums [just saying]!

Sure a good laugh is cool occasionally- and I love a good 1- but guys aren't learning shit.

For the guy out there who really wants to learn how to be social and get laid, there isn't much stuff of value (video wise) on the net.

Also, I really don't see the purpose (anymore) in posting videos of getting girl's phone #'s. Such footages will not help guys out there to learn but rather to watch good videos for the entertainment value but not to actually get off their asses to participate.

My issue with guys who solely post video tutorials on Pickup theory is that they tend to fall into the mental-masturbation basket where they talk a good 1 but never demonstrate for newbies.

There are plethora of Pickup-tutorial videos on Youtube and other such video-hosting sites but 95% of them have no value towards teaching guys, which is where the concept for this Newbie Mission video project was hatched few weeks ago.

Alright, the other day, days ago actually, I ran some heavy day game solely to put together these newbie mission videos, which as for now, my projection is to make about 30 newbie-mission runs.

For these video challenges, I will be demonstrating as your fall-guy as to give you newbies a better sense of what it takes to run certain routine.

The ultimate goal of these newbie missions is 3 things:

1.) To transform you into a social guy.

2.) To get rid of your approach and social anxiety and awkwardness.

3.) To get you laid!

These 3 things will be accomplished by doing the uncomfortable and the unthinkable.

Without a doubt, I have not 1 ounce of fear or anxiety in partaking in these challenges. But as your commander in getting you over the hill towards bang-ville, I must go with you...and lead! ;)

Also, I want to specify that these missions should be undertaken on "Strangers", unless I specify that a certain mission is to be carried out on a girl whom you know.

Bear in mind: I am NOT sitting in a proverbial-control tower while directing you guys on what to do and say.

I am actually in the fucking field day to day demonstrating for you guys and recording sets!

You'll see such video missions where I approaching random girls and asking them if they'll let me go down on them! ;) ;)

Once again, the grand objectives are these:

1.) Get you to do the uncomfortable

2.) Force you to be social

3.) Train you to be un-stifled and free of inhibitions

4.) Force you to take risks and chances

You are NOT undertaking these missions in order to get phone #'s, good reactions, smiles, laughs or validation.

You will get rejected!

Girls will look at you like you're stupid!

That's the point!

Your sole objective for now is to carry out the missions just as I'll demo in the videos, without any fucking outcome attached!

If you're sitting on your couch right now doing shit; then Get The Fuck Up and partake in the missions with me!

So check out Kenny on his newbie missions doing/saying some pretty ballsy shit to random girls.

The weather should be no excuse!

I'll embed the 6 videos below where you can watch and join me on the mission.

*Newbie Mission # 1: "Attempt to grab a stranger's hand".

*Newbie Mission # 2: "Get under her umbrella...or freestyle it".

*Newbie Mission #3: "Ask girl(s) to buy you lunch/breakfast/dinner"

*Newbie Mission #4: "Ask her to hang up the phone"

*Newbie Mission #5: "Ask girl for some of what she's drinking/eating"

*Newbie Mission #6: "I wanna go down on you"







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