Look into Bruce Lee R.I.P.

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His books are my favorite. He serves as a guide to help you figure yourself out which he believes every mans duty in life is finding himself out.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:49 pm 
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The three stages of cultivation... Partiality, Fluidity, Emptiness.

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I agree. Bruce Lee is pretty damn awesome. He was a great martial artist and somewhat of a philosopher as well. His book "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" is a classic martial arts manual. I am also re-reading (for like the 5th time) his historian's book about him, "The Warrior Within". I was completely obsessed with him during my years as a martial artist. I have all his movies on DVD including "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story".

He is a true inspiration. One of my favorite lessons of his is to "Be like water" because water is just a natural state of "being". It can carve through rock, takes form of any vessel you put it in, and yet is soft and pliable. This analogy has to do with how water flows and is never rigid. Being a fluid martial artist was important to Bruce Lee.

Another great Bruce Lee concept is that of his school:

"Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation"

What this means to me is that you forge your own path. "No way as way" translates to me as a very Taoist/Buddhist perspective that your fate/destiny is not set in stone. You choose your own path. This can be very much along the path of emptiness or void if you must. Earth, wind, water, and fire are all in harmony with void. These elements make up an important part of the flow in our path to enlightenment. The Tao (aka "The Way") is very much in tune with this empty "way".

"No limitation as limitation" to me translates to being almost invincible. In my Tae Kwon Do tenants (I think), this is the indomitable spirit. Your spirit is so powerful that nothing can defeat you completely. That which limits you once again is only limited by your mind. Let's say you want to master the jump spin kick yet only know the roundhouse kick to being with... With enough practice, you can break past the physical and mental barriers towards mastering the jump spin kick. Another thing would be maybe you have a goal of being a fighter pilot, doctor, lawyer, or whatever else you can dream. Your dreams may take perseverance but the beauty of Bruce Lee's philosophy is that your path towards excellence knows no limits. You can achieve greatness by having no limitations in your path to your dreams.

I can talk for a while about Bruce Lee... I'll just cut myself off before I type too much.

"Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed." - Arnold Schwarzenegger
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