How do antacid tablets relate to anxiety? [Read Today]

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Antacid tablets like Tums don't. These antacid tablets, however, do :)

Social Shyness & Anxiety Antacid Tablets!

Don't know what to say?
Feel like you have nothing to contribute to the conversation?
Don't know how to flirt?
Don't know how to hint your intentions without coming off as creepy?
Don't know how to just go talk to a random stranger
Do you lack a social circle?
Do you lack a solid self-image?
Do you feel weird going to night clubs (as well as any public gathering) alone?
Why does the title include "antacid tablets?"

Did you answer "Yes" to any of these solutions? Yes? Then I feel there's something here that might help you... haha. As for why this post's title includes "antacid tablets"... I think this might help quell some of the inner "indigestion" you might have when seeing a girl.

A little history before we start.

If you've ever studied Tony Robbins, you've learned the power of asking "empowering" questions. Whether it's a simple question like "What else could this mean" or a big question like "What must I contribute to life in return for this gift of consciousness?", you get that the process of questioning is important in itself.

The questions applied here are nothing original to me. They are also a product of Tony Robbins's thinking. If you've ever studied his materials, you'll recognize these as "Problem-Solving Questions" (though anyone who knows Tony knows that he prefers to call them "challenges").

To be specific, the Problem-Solving Questions are:
  • What is great about this problem?
    What is not perfect yet?
    What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
    What am I willing to no longer do to make it the way I want it?
    How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want it?
It is fascinating to apply your brainpower, with these questions, to the challenges on this board. If you do that, you'll be utterly fascinated by the results your receive.

These questions work so well for bringing positive solutions, that a good friend of mine even said these were "e-book worthy." On the basis of more field testing, I totally agree--and I think you will, too.

So, without further ado, I present to you, the "Social Shyness & Anxiety Antacid Tablets" a.k.a. The SSA Problems Solver!.


Problem: "dont know what to say" [sic] – (A.K.A. Lack of Preparation or Consistent, Acted-Upon Interests)

1. Simple hour or two developing “cheat sheets” solves this :)

2. Don’t have a free-flowing, 20-minute convo with group/girl

3. Create cheat sheets; immerse self in Cosmopolitan for hours

4. Don’t say “I can’t converse;” stop focusing on self

5. Discover things about deep pains—talk freely about solutions

Problem: "dont know how to contribute to the conversation" – (A.K.A. Poor self-image or poor practice)

1. Can simply see a better you; focus on her

2. Same as above---yet create a powerful emotional response

3. Perceive her as the response—you as the cause :)

4. Negative incantations/affirmations/questions; stop putting anything but positive

5. Paste your face on the pic of Neil Strauss

Problem: "dont know how to flirt" – (A.K.A. Lack of practice and self-image)

1. Just have fun with her—learn her personality type

2. She’s not giving you the doggy dinner bowl look

3. Study David D’s Cocky Comedy series about ten times more

4. Say to yourself “I don’t know how to flirt”

5. Practice on ugly friends—it’ll be different… but practice

Problem: "dont know how to hint at my intentions without coming off as creepy" –(A.K.A. incongruency)

1. Can always realign self through consistent visualization and meditation

2. Don’t have her smiling, pressing her body to you

3. Keep on developing routines and self-image with your words (As soon as you step out of the house, the new thing you’re thinking about doing IS “you”)

4. Do anything that’s “Un-You”—make yourself better at HOME

5. Make yourself naturally sexual—OK to sleep with now

Problem: "dont know how to just go talk to a random stranger" – (A.K.A. Not enough “leverage”)

1. Can always give your friends $20 until you do

2. Don’t have a public commitment that gets you moving

3. Go to now and set an “at-stakes” commitment

4. Avoid public commitment—avoid ignominy—avoid public embarrassment anymore

5. Make it mandatory that you laugh seven times during

Problem: lack of social circle – (A.K.A. Lack of value adding and following up and self-image alignment)

1. You can always just get people loving your contributions

2. You’re not routinely calling people up—offering them value

3. Make a CRM system in Evernote—Follow up bi-weekly

4. Not make a StickK to keep up with this

5. If introverted, pretend the person’s yourself—pretend you’re schizophrenic

Problem: "in a large group i sort of clam up" 3 – (A.K.A. lack of systematic desensitization + self-image)

1. You can just include more people—easy equal convo

2. You haven’t gone out and spoken with mixed sets :/.

3. Just go to clubs—LOOK for people with other people

4. Just focus on the easy prey (become stronger with challenges)

5. Do as Hypnotica did—wear a dildo and skirt

Problem: diffident self-image (A.K.A. Diffident self-image—just keeping it consistent here)

1. You can always repair a self-image; doctors do it :)

2. You don’t have the self-image of Sir Richard Branson

3. Ask “What best is my ultimate vision of myself?”

4. Incant about how you’re a fucking loser; Stop it!

5. Paste your face onto the pic of Richard Branson’s

Problem: "feels weird to go to night clubs alone" – (A.K.A. Uncertainty, vagueness in how people will respond)

1. Can get over that TONIGHT—Just do the following

2. You haven’t gone to the bar and realized solo’s better

3. Go to the bar/nightclub tonight—just sit there

4. Don’t stay home another night! Don’t stay reading forums!

5. Look up people doing night game… alone; copy them

Problem: “Everytime I think of serging [sic], I get nervous” (A.K.A. Overthinking it—lack of commitment & leverage)

1. Can just focus on the first step—make commitments (and it’s solved)

2. Not already out, smiling, getting people laughing, fucking girls

3. Set a StickK commitment—upload 2 hours practice convo

4. Stop staying in the house—stop not setting commitments

5. Need to overprepare—record material—write out best stories

Problem: “am too stiff or let's better say too socially correct.” (A.K.A. Too focused on what other people think of him—has an Unconscious “rule” that says that other people must vibe with him, like him, in order to feel good)

1. Can simply “practice” a new way of thinking—it’s fun :)

2. Don’t have a Metawhore style life—not fucking women

3. Dress up outside in a dildo—skip along sidewalk

4. Not focusing on socially stretching—not focusing on stretching

5. Read Metawhore; apply at Hooters; say random shit more

Problem: "for other interests, I feel awkward if I share them" – (A.K.A. Not letting other people fuck off if no vibe)

1. Reading Metawhore in conjunction with Win Friends solves this :)

2. Don’t have the perfect, sexy COMPATIBLE woman fuck you

3. Just keep on CONNECTING your interests to other people’s

4. Not study other interests; not say “this doesn’t work”

5. Find all the ways to invest in female fashion? :)

Problem: "have to go from a 'Core 2 Duo mindset' to a 'Pentium 2 mindset'" (Last) – (A.K.A. Thinking everyone else is more stupid/ignorant than you)"

1. Seeing the truth means that you’ve freed yourself FAST

2. Don’t have a common vocabulary of girly things, too

3. Be “you”—study her vocab--let her demonstrate smartness

4. Pigeonhole her so much—it’s useful, but stop assuming

5. Imagine for a day that everyone’s “Warren Buffett” smart (see how THAT changes your perception)

A Brief Farewell

I enjoy serving. I also enjoy feedback--so let me know if this helps, bro!

Even if by saying "THIS SUCKS, YOU PIECE OF SHIT." I'll welcome it.

Your Bro,


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