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 Post subject: 4 types of lady's men
PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:21 am 
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most PUA, lady's men and womanizers get characterized into 4 main groups, the gentleman, the asshole, the funny guy, and the pretty boy. the best way to amp up your game is to see what group you fall in (or characteristic you the most)...the reason i say that is because many guys are one group but try to hard to be in another group and end up failing....now some guys have mastered all groups and those are the greats....here's an explanation of the groups through my experience of talking to other pua's

1. the Gentleman: most confused gentlemen as the nice guy who always get's dissed or friend zoned....in fact gentleman don't have to be nice at all, really they could be major assholes....true gentlemen always look their best (often a GQ style), put others first unless it hurt themselves, have very good manners and usually focus on overall charisma, they charm themselves into a lady's pants, with slower talk, and very good body language...gentlemen are usually very honest and never compliment unless its very sincere.....people who share this trait would be people like James bond, Ryan Gosling Alfie, and archer...also bruce wayne lol

2. The asshole: also called the jerk, and dicks the asshole usually is hated by most men because most men can't see how they get girls....they usually have the highest confidence and take rejection really well....assholes usually only care about themselves or always put their happiness before others, they make girls feel as if it's a prize to have him....most girls like these types of guys because most guys make girls feel like queens of the universe, assholes usually make them feel like human being or less....assholes are either very honest or amazing liars, they make girls feel as if they owe them sex.....also girls love the idgaf attitude.....people who share this trait would be guys like Tony Montana, stifller from american pie, kanye west,....its alot lol just about every movie has one

3. the Funny Guy: are what most beginners in pick up try to be... they usually can get away with pick up lines and have no problem making a girl smile or laugh....these guys can walk up to a group of girls and easily get all their numbers....funny guys are pro's at getting out of awkward situations because they can make anything into a joke, therefore lame pick up lines work.....funny guys are what most PUA's on you tube are, they say everything with a genuine smile and can make a woman laugh off the worst of insults...funny guys are pros at making a girl laugh to get into their pants.......but as a warning some funny guys get put into the friend zone because they are never serious.....funny guys are usually the popular guy at school who never played a sport nor was the best looking....examples would be will smith, martin Lawrence, jack Nicholson, van wilder...etc

4. the pretty boy: the guy who looks the best...alot of times these guys have absolutely NO GAME and lack any personality.....girls usually find them very attractive and want to have sex with them based solely on their looks, some 'pretty boys" have overwhelming confidence and can usually get any girl they want.....some of these guys are the ones who take rejection pretty hard because they aren't used to hearing no....they are pros at pea-cocking and often go out looking their best.......every movie has one but these are real people who might be examples, zyzz, justin bieber, etc

now its possible to be in every group or none but these are the 4 groups most people fit in if they are pick up artist,if you want to add more to another group just reply.....again im not saying every person who's in these groups act the same way but this is a description of the groups based on watching pua videos, movies, and studying people in real life

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:56 pm 
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I would go as far to theorise that we all have elements of all for. Venn diagram style.

I say this because when I look at it I think I am 60% - 1/ 35% - 2/ 5% -3.

I think people would have a dominant group trait with multiple recessive groups to formulate their personal make up.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:33 am 
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this seems true to a degree. I was always the funny guy/pretty boy lol. I'm trying to make my pickup style more like the gentleman. Like a James Bond kind of persona. I see in-field vids where the PUAs act like this and have the most success. There are many different types of PUAs though of course.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:54 pm 
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