WORK GAME!! Dating the coworker and possible bf destroyer

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:58 am 
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I'm 30, educated and pretty good with girls. I can go to the club at anytime and get numbers and dates without a problem...but im digging this girl at work.

Cute girl, very well educated, we work the same job... she may have a bf but thats pretty much nothing i know her to be into(, and seems they dont do very much together instead of him taking pics of her and going out for chinese where she takes pics of both their plates but never him. lol

Worked with her for a year, in the last couple months have been hanging out with her lots both at work and at lunch... and we have recently also spoken about hanging outside of work. Shes always coming to me and we do a lot of teasing, banter, flirting and a few people have suggested we are cute together to both our faces.... to which i laughed off that it wouldnt work because we laugh to much and would be not productive because of it... said it as both a disqualification and because its work so i would prefer people to not know if something does happen...discreet is good and badass!

Anyway, in the last couple months i became interested and have started flirting with her. She responderd back the same but in the last 2-3 weeks she has became more receptive and always coming to me and throwing her wit right back at me which i find so damn hot.... im purposely taking things slow and careful because it is work, its a very good job, i really love my job but also there is no interpersonal policy as ive seen married/dating people work together.

3 weeks ago we were working on a project together and both have flirted heavily that day, and in the midst of conversation as if by accident she said she has a bf but she said it in a very unsure way. I brushed it off as it didn't bother at all and now she has not mentioned it ever since. That day though, she was texting me a lot asking if i got home safe and about possibly seeing a movie together.

I checked out her social media profile, she has 0 pics with him and it seems he's tagged into a few pics that he took of her...poor guy lol
Then went into his social media and no intention to be mean, but the dude is a scrawny scared looking nerd, which is interesting because she has told me multiple times that if guys are scared or pretty much anyone with his description, they are not alpha....unless she thinks she can work on him or something.

Last week she stood there at my desk giving me chocolate and we were having a laugh and she got all awkward and said kind of mumbling to herself "you are a very dominant guy and I am pretty dominant myself...I think someone more passive is good for me, right? To which I responded, "what the hell are you blabbing about this time and started laughing. She started laughing and then we went to lunch together.

Also, there are days shes always around me and other days where shes not. Sometimes I also make an effort to go see her but usually its her always hanging around me.

Are these things with the guy and the inconsistencies shit tests or something? I feel like she is doing push/pull technique on me.

Last week we were suppose to go out together outside of work, she confirmed with me the night before and telling me how she excited she is about it and the day of she cancelled stating shes sick and did not show up to work either.

Today I made a lot of touching moves on various obviously non sexual parts of her body - hand, kneck, arm, stomach, back..(keep in mind this is work so I cannot go all out as I would elsewhere) She responded positively to them and literally could not keep away from me all day long to the point I had to start avoiding her a bit to get my shit done haha

What should I do? Should I mention this bf to her and find out more and hit her with the boyfriend destroyer stuff or should i pretend this quasi-boyfriend doesnt exist and just take her out and make a move on her then or should I ghost her for a week or two to see if she will chase me and see if something pans out.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:42 pm 
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Lets condense it....

I like a coworker and all signs seem she likes me too... we flirt non stop and often go to lunches together where i started getting more touchy and more bold than at the actual workplace. So far so good.

A few weeks ago, she accidentally mentioned she was seeing someone...she felt awkward saying it but I pretended like it did not matter.

FYI - shes generally into tough, manly aplha types more like myself, this guy shes seeing is the exact opposite of than, small, wimpy, scared looking..

She has never mentioned this guy again but did in passing state shes going to see a friend.. the city she mentioned is the same as the guy so shes pretty much going to see him for a day in the week but shes not even calling him bf... is this progress for me?

Should I continue gaming her and making moves or should i mention the bf and apply the boyfriend destroyer?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:10 am 
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Well the wisest advice would be "don't shit where you eat" But i was exactly in the same situation and here's how i ended up with a successful f-close without fucking things up at work.

I kept things light teasing/flirting/sexual innuendos which she
was responding to it pretty well and i did it discreetly so it won't bring any unnecessary attention,within 3 days of gaming her hard i managed to pull her,i was on my way out stopped behind her desk and said hey i'm on my way to eat something and maybe have a couple of drinks - i used a call back humor while inviting her out which she giggled and said yes,we went out took her to 3 different places where i gradually started to escalate and use sexual innuendos more often push/pull,qualifying/disqualifying she at some point threw a shit test at me saying "hey don't get carried away nothing is gonna happen between us tonight" Which i responded "We just got out and you think about me licking you from your head to your toes and and and.... And i playfully accused her of being dirty minded ect.. " However i was leading,we went to my place and spent the whole night doing exactly what i told her i wasn't going to to do to her earlier lol

DON'T mention the bf,fuck him,the moment you acknowledge him he'll become a background noise and fuck up your game just focus on isolating her do something together don't make it look obvious like a date or some shit be smooth tell her that you're going to do some activity and would be cool if she joins you and then escalate/kino and pull her to your place and give her the best sexual experience she could potentially have.

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