Anyone know how to pull off a threesome with the girlfriend?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:29 am 
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Has anyone had any luck getting that to work, and if so, what is your the game plan?
My girl did say she did sleep with another girl once and also went down on her best friend once. (the best friend is not an option) So I'm talking that at a sign that it is a possibility.
Any thoughts would be best appreciated. Thanks.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:46 am 
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Yes, many times. It's all about getting everyone in the same room, and keeping it light, positive and fun. Let the girls do most of the chatting. Sit back and chill like a man.

I try to only date bi girls. And I establish boundaries early on via roleplay in bed that threesomes are ocassionaly required to keep things spontaneous.

If your girl is not on board, you're fucked. It should be discussed often, and you work as teammates.

When you make your gf orgasm, tell her it's a woman's tongue. While you fuck her, tell her you want to see her eating pussy. Build the fantasy, make her equal in it, and you can have "date nights" where you and your gf go out and pick up hot girls together.

Being honest, and stating what you want clearly, has amazing incredible benefits in life.

Edit: and for right now, the best friend is the best bet, lol. Get them partying in the same room, be a charming bastard, and then have them get really close for a couple photos, then ask them to kiss.

I've heard the same "my bestie is not an option line", and then had bestie and my gf blowing me at the same time later on.

Girls don't care, really. Deep down they are amazingly wild people. If you're charming enough, fit enough, and good enough in bed, her friends will want to blow you too. Sometimes at the same time.

Always keep it light, fun, and never be demanding. Pulling this off requires abundance mentality and well-honed patience with women. It can take months to find the right moment.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:24 pm 
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Sure. It's not that complicated. Arch is largely right.

The threesome idea needs to be introduced in the relationship as soon as possible. Preferably before you're even an exclusive couple.

If you've been together for 2 years and never addressed the issue, bringing it up out of the blue will 8/10 times result in your girl taking offense and interpreting it as you wanting to fuck other women.
If on the other hand, it's something you've addressed many times, playful, sexual or a combination of both, she'll know you're just the guy that entertains the idea of a threeway. She won't think anything negative of it.

Dating bi girls obviously helps, but to my experience a vast, vast majority of women are turned on by the idea of fucking another girl. So just tackle it in a light, fun and non demanding way, as Arch stated.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:33 pm 
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My method accounts for the jealous type. When you open a girls mind sexually, she'll do anything for you.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:58 pm 
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The best way to get a girl to have a threesome or go to a swing club or do any type of crazy shit, is to make it her idea, her fantasy, her suggestion, whatever, subtle, do not push it, this is key.
Step 1.- the girl is invested in you, and you fucked her, she likes you a lot (if you got game that should be any fucking girl, if you don’t you probably won’t understand and it may not work)
step2.- During bluff, sex talk, or whatever, you will ask if she has been with other women yes or not? 3 possible answer yes (good experience), yes (bad experience) and no (never done it)… if she said, yes, you will act all exited and horny( i do a lot of acting like a pervert you do not have to do that, this is what i do) and ask for details, if it was a great experience she by telling it and you getting exited(jerk of to her explaining or if you have clothes grab squeeze your dick)she will re live it in her head… If yes (bad experience), you find out why? and then you convince her that it was the wrong girl, situation blah blah, gaming(sales), and then you will make it sound the experience you or your ex or any girl the best shit she ever experience (multiple orgasms squirting blah blah), and it was because it was with YOU!. But you will act exited no matter what, then to kill jealousy, bad experience, whatever, you will convince her that the girl will not mean anything she is just kind of a “vibrator and extra, a toy, nothing real” extra help (this i use with steady relationships), for example “when i am doing you missionary she can play with you clit and nipple or whatever”, always about her nothing about you, if she has never been with a girl you bring the topic to masturbation, “oh you never masturbated thinking about other women?” she most likely say yes, you bs her women are better at oral blah blah, most girls are curious, even if they say no, the key with the never been with the woman girl, is repetition (eventually you will talk about it enough not pushy to make it her idea)… i have done this many times but threesomes not my thing ( boring to me).. Also the birthday present line works wonders (and do half of the work, but you can not be lazy you still got it make it her idea), remember you can bs about you birthday date (girls invested in you will forgive you for misinformation, specially if you fuck them good)… now the easiest way is to take them to a swinclub, no girl will agree to that right out of the back so do not use the word, swinclub… after all the curiosity is built you will be a LEADER, and say i have a surprise for you, dress super sexy, and go to a HIGH CLASS, swingclub is basically a regular club, and in the back you change clothes(naked), and there is easy to have a threesome or multiple threesomes, no matter if you been in a swingclub 500 times never admit it act like you are surprise and is your first time there…. Here is the one i go to:
scenario number 2.- Usually happens when girls are dancing sensual with each other with a bit of alcohol and/or female friends and alcohol. There is no routine or nothing special it will just happen, just make sure you always pay more attention and bust to the main girl.
scenario 3 strip club.- If your girl is hot enough the stripper will want to fuck her, during lap dance or flirting, most strippers are bi… It will just happen naturally, you just let it be, and then jump in.

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couple fuck TPE real doll

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