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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:51 pm 
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So I’ve got this Aussie girl coming to town for New Years. I met this girl in Vegas where I live sometime back. This girl is pretty attractive, I can’t say that she is a 10 because I’ve been hanging around playmates, and Maxim models lately so I’ve been tainted but guys would definitely throw themselves at this girl. So the way we met is through a friend of mine hooking us up so that she could score some party favors while she was in town. I’m not a drug dealer but I just happen to have some on me at times for friends that come to Vegas and want to partake. So basically I was like this girls drug supplier while she’s in Vegas.

Since then she has come back to Vegas and we met up so that she could have some party favors. When we hooked up I had two other girls with me and she wanted to hang out with us past the fact of just hooking up to score party favors. So while we were all together I made some advances at her not hardcore but just holding her hands and being really playful with her. The whole time she was smiling and complying with my flirting. So during that time she was in Vegas, I texted her trying to hook up with her. She sort of ignored my text and just brushed me off. Around that time she started following me on social networks like Snapchat and IG. I’m always posting all the fun shit I’m doing in Vegas and I noticed that she’s been following my stories.

Fast forward to now we’ve had some conversations with each other while she was back home in Western Australia. The conversations were long and very intimate in my opinion, she keeps saying how she likes talking to me, she likes the way I think, she likes my voice and also my lifestyle. This girl has a kid, a little boy and is divorced from the baby’s father. She has experienced many traumas in her life and had her child at a young age. She gives me the free-spirited party girl vibe and it seems like she lives the way she does just to escape those things. Plus she deals with a lot of bullshit with her father. Who has recently moved in with her. I think this vacation back to Vegas for New Years will serve as a chance for her to get away from all of that.

I forgot to mention one thing… I sort of talked her into coming to Vegas for New Years to help me promote strip clubs as a promotional model. I’m a strip club promoter in Vegas too. Which she’s not all the way sure if she's comfortable being a promo model but is willing to try it out. So with that being said, I told her that if she’s successful with doing the whole promo model thing she would make lots of money hopefully to even cover her trip here to Vegas. So this girl has been following my snapchat/IG post and she sees me with all these supermodels and stuff and she is kind of gauging herself against the models I’m always around. I kind of started it though because in order to lower her value I would always talk about these models to her because I could tell that she thinks that she’s hot shit.

Since I have been doing this the girl has been sending me nudes of herself, she’s sent me videos of her dancing in the mirror naked, and she sent me a very hot and sexy lingerie Christmas card. On top of this, we have been talking almost every day and sharing pictures. When she gets here in Vegas she’s also going to be staying with me at my place. Sleeping in the same bed as me. I’m a bit confused though because this girl screams that we are just friends, not to expect anything from her sexually, she has told me about other high-status guys that she wants to hang out with while she is here in Vegas, she also threatened to go and stay with other friends that are in town if I don’t want her to stay with me… But I’m thinking, “Why wouldn’t I want you to stay with me? and Why would you not want to stay with me likewise?” It’s almost like she’s trying to hang it over my head like… “You got me, but you could easily lose me.”

Look I’m going to confess this! I’m looking to have sex with her and, “YES” I want to have sex with her! I do have other options which are a girl that is going to be in town for New Years that I met last New Years but even that is a different story. I do plan on getting more options as the New Years week embarks. One other thing I’m thinking is what if this girl is just agreeing to all of my plans just to get my party favors for free and for me to get her into clubs for free and just sort of disappear?

I want to have sex with her before I let her sniff my party favors too. I have a game plan when she gets here to go right in and kiss her on the forehead as soon as I pick her up from the airport to sort of set the tone. Since she’s into wearing lingerie for me I want to have a photo shoot in my room with her in the lingerie that she has told me she’s gonna bring. That should set the mood for me to get flirtatious and sexual with her. I kind of feel like that's the scumbag move but hey…

I could honestly care less about making this a big deal just to get one little piece of pussy, but I wouldn't like to repeat what I am doing wrong in my communications with women in the future. I want to learn from my mistakes and get better at having direct communication, not being a pushover, not letting women run over the top of me, I want to be more Alpha, and prepare myself for bigger and better challenges with the opposite sex.

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