Getting mixed signal and kiss got rejected.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:29 pm 
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I'm 19 and she's 22. We met two times and I'm able to touch her intimately, like waist, shoulder, or even kiss her neck and cheek. From the above I suppose she has some interest on me.So in the second meet I tried to kiss her. At first I told her to look at my eyes and asked her if she saw anything, and then she said I see a good child. I was thinking that was a shit test so I simply ignored it, and I told her I couldn't take this anymore, leaned in and tried to kiss her. However she rejected by using the forehead to against my forehead, and said' I don't want to be complicated.' Later on I asked how many guys she had kissed, and she answered me that when she wants to have sex she'll kiss the guys. But she didn't want to put me on bed and make me her friend with benefit. She said she liked me but I don't understand what is her'like' means!did she mean she like me as a friend or what? And then the question comes to my head, if she treats me as a friend, why would she let me touch her intimately?did she just see me as a child or a little brother?

After the night I recalled my behaviour in the two meetings. I showed my intelligence and humour, which she really liked it. She said staying with me is very funny. And as I was really interested on her, I showed almost positive altitude and just pulling her but never push her. And of course she knew I was interested on her, as at the beginning I already told her she'll be my girlfriend one day, and after that I joked about it often, because I saw her laughing and she found I am funny.

Considering all my behaviours, I think a normal girl wouldn't be attracted by me, as I didn't push her away at all, and always keeping positive and funny. My attainability is too high. That's what confuses me at most! If she doesn't have affection on me, she would have resisted my increasing kino, which in fact she didn't! She even let me kiss her check and neck.

I have no idea what's going on with this girl, could you guys give me some advice?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:08 pm 
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It seems to me she's trying to friend zone you but thankfully you don't seem to be waist deep in "Can you buy me condoms for my boyfriend?" ultra friend zone yet.

I would hard tease like they do Joe Dirt (but friendly playful relentless teasing, not bullying) and playfully question her sexual ability. If she gets the uncomfortable look and either doesn't respond to sex talk or tries to change the subject, still tease but without the sex.

If she keeps having the uncomfortable look and changing the subject when you tease her instead of happily nonchalantly defensive, I would call it tricked off. Especially if she keeps trying to talk about another guy she wants. A woman trying to talk to you about another guy she wants is perma-friendzone land.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:18 am 
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I know it's too hard to understand. But the knowledge in the body.

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