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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:55 pm 
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About a month ago met an HB8 at a house party, 20 year old blonde/blue eyes. Chemistry was very smooth, good flirting, and she was very receptive to what I was saying. End up kissing and fooling around by the end of the night on my buddy's couch. Met up with her for a date the next day, we went out and drank a bit, saw a movie, great flirting and chemistry, and I end up fooling around with her again. Tried to F-Close but I didn't have a condom and she said she doesn't have sex til in a relationship. She was in town from OKC, a 6 hour drive away from here. I continue to game her and a week later she begs me to drive to OKC to see her. Normally I'd let this pass but we were both very attracted to each other.

I make plans to go to OKC and when I get up there, after a bunch of talk, dating and fooling around, the second day I'm there she shows me that she's wearing a PURITY ring.... She is very insecure about it and holds a lot of emotion towards it. She was crying after she brought it up because she was worried I would leave and not be interested. Pretty clingy in general and bringing up a relationship constantly. I basically disqualify her and leave OKC. I told her to not feel bad but I want something different out of a relationship and we couldn't work in the long run. The next day I basically do some AFC bs and tell her I changed my mind. I legit felt kinda bad for disqualifying her like that cuz I wasn't thinking about gaming her. For the next several days I try to re-game her, asking her if the relationship is really what she wanted and if she's still attracted to me. She said she's attracted to me but can't trust me and tells me a relationship would not be good. Later on she posted a snapchat of her and some dude together, probably trying to make me jealous. It cracked my frame and I sent her a few messages kinda pissed off, making me look WEAK, she never responded.

I continue to game chicks, trying to increase my pre-selection etc. End up dating another chick that it didn't work out with and now here I am. I am re-gaming this chick from OKC but it's not going well. She's still bitter towards me, saying I "Walked out the door". I already apologized for it the first go around, so not about to grovel. I ask her what I can do for her to get over that cuz she keeps using it as an excuse to hate me. She sends me a long text about what I did to her and her trust issues and how I got pissed at her for dating even though I was doing the same thing. I was calm and collected when discussing this over text but its basically gotten me nowhere and she hasn't responded to my last message.

Do I let her reach out or continue to try and damage control? What would be the best choice if I decide to continue to game?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:27 am 
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Funny case. Your doubts can lead to the fact that she will start return home not by herself anymore and you will reproach yourself even more. So take your eggs into a fist and act! :) Here you can find a lot of examples of guys, who lost their chances in similar situations

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