The power of sexual innuendos to convey sexual interest!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:47 am 
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In case you don't know, women are much more engaged by what is insinuated than by what is elucidated or directly stated outright. For instance, many guys make the mistake of talking about sex or stating their intentions in an overly direct, rude, abrasive, disrespectful and frankly boring, run of the mill, unintelligent or non witty way.

For instance they will directly convey their affinity for a specific body part on a woman's body to her or directly state their interest in her. Boring, boring, boring! Sorry just give me a minute! I have to wash the tears of boredom from my eyes before we proceed, like the women who have to experience this garbage do.

Ah much better! Okay so movin' on......

So as you can see, women do not find this approach attractive nor engaging. Bottom line! Instead women like it if you "intelligently and cleverly" use wit, humour and flirtatiousness to convey your interest in them or introduce the topic of sex.

For instance, I was out with one of my lady friends over the weekend and I had a bet with her that, within 30 minutes I would take any and everything she said and turn it into an intelligent and witty, sexual innuendo.

I won that bet hands down. Anyways here are a few of the things she said which I turned into something playful and sexual.

She said "Omar, can you open this jar of jam for me?".

I said to her "Ah huh, I see you like to taste gooey things".

We both laughed.

She asked me...

"Omar, what do you want from here?". (we were at a cafe and she was offering to buy)

I deliberately misinterpreted "from here" as "from where I was sitting" as opposed to "from the menu".

I said "From here, everything between your waist and toes is looking mighty fine hot stuff. I thought you were going to ask me what I wanted from this cafe. You are so bad!".

She started laughing her ass off.

See how using sexual innuendos is a much more witty, clever, respectful and intelligent way to state your interest in a woman or to even talk about sex with her? It is much more powerful than to blatantly and boringly talk about these things, like most men.

When you can introduce the "serious and often uncomfortable" topic of sex or your interest in a woman, in a more playful manner, you will have greater success in getting a positive response from a woman. This ultimately means that you will have a much easier time getting her to feel sexually comfortable with you in a quicker period of time.

Now get out there and push the maax!

Omar aka "McMaax"

Omar aka McMaax
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