First time Pulled a Woman Home had sex but now shes flaking?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:21 pm 
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Last Saturday ive done it for the first time after getting Rejected nomourous of Time finaly a Girl from Australia said yes its actually the first time in my Life where i managed to bring a cute Girl home after just meeting her in a Club so im quite happy about that i finaly Managed to do it it took 27 Years do make that Happen haha now to the Story.

I went inside the Club i was a bit Drunk because i allready had couple of Beers on a fest i tried to Approach some Girls in the Smoking the Room but the conversetion died out pretty fast i did not get any Harsh rejection or stuff like that but at the end The girls just walked away. Im not using any PUA Material i generaly just try to be myself and ask them whats their name where they are from i ussaly also make Compliment but ye at the end all all girls just Walked away i continued to dance a bit on the dance floor i have no idea how to approach on the dance floor i really try to Dance near em but seems like im not advanced enough to talk to a Girl on the Dancefloor or in otherwords i just wait till they get a drink or go to the Smoking room thats when i try to "Atack" xD lel

Nothing importment happend then i just tried to keep Approaching Sets i also was alone i had nobody with me allready made some Guy friends inside the Club.

After getting "rejected like 10 times" ive saw a Girl infront of the Toilet with a mini-skirt I Approached and said hi you look nice whats ur name we talked a bit and she emedetly was intersted in me she had i dont know how to descrive that but looked extremly Horny like her eyes were like :D u know what i mean we talked a bit and she Straight up asked me if i want to have Sex with her i never had a Girl being so Straight asking directly for sex i rly did not belive that she asked that so asked her what did u say and yes i was hearing it right she asked if i want to have sex with her and if she could come to my room we walked a bit outside of the Toilet Area upstairs and talked a bit and then i told her yea you can come to my Room i told her i still live with my Parents tough she agreed to come with me so we took our Jackets.

I think she was extremly drunk and Horny and the same time i dont know while we were walking to my Place i hold her hand because it was Snowing and i wantet her to feel secure allready so i brought this Girl in my Room she wantet to go the Bathroom i showed her where the Bathroom .

After that she was rly not holding back she wantet to have Sex verry badly the wantet me to remove my Jeans after some kissing i realised that ive probaly drinked a little bit to much and i couldet get a Boner.. yea well my dick dont wantet go Hard so she gave me Blow job but my dick did not stand hard anyway with i watch Porn i dont have this Problem my Dick gets hard verry fast and without any Problems.

We just kissed each other and had some Oral sex with the 69 Position I licked her pussy and she gave me Blowjob my problem was that my Dick just dont wantet to stay hard for longer then 20 Seconds so at the end we just keep Kissed each other she told me to her what i want her to do i have a foot fetish i dont know it really turns me on when see females feet or massage or lick them but i was a bit shy to told her that i just knew her for some hours i think she was a bit Mad that i couldet really fuck her at the End she just been on my Bed and i was keep touching caress tenderly before she sleeped.

At 8 in the Morning she woked up and said she has to go i asked her for whats up number she said she dosent have whats up and gave me her name on Facebook

Well okei allright that really sucks im actually failing at the easiest Part i think if i didt Drink so much Alkohl i would be able to get a boner i got her on Facebook i Sended her a message yesderday this is how the Texting went i hope i did not make to many mistakes:

Me: Hei it was nice with you I hope you coming good home ;)
Me: Hi **** (Name) your allready at home
She Yeah,Ive been Sleeping
Me:Oh okei :) i hope you also sleeped nice in my bed hihi :P Did you took a Taxi or you found the way back to the **** (Hostel name) im going to eat something with my Parents this night what about you:)? missing your eyes kiss.
She: Taxi im gong night sleeding tonight
Me:Cool sounds good i hope we can see us each other soon we could go eat something together :D
She:Maybe for now Tho im just with my roomy
Me: okei;)
at night before i sleeped i sended her
Me:Hi **** (Name) I wish you nice night and Sweet Dreams i hope you had fun Sleeding.

After that today the Morning i waked up she blocked me on Facebook i think shes flaking maybe i made some mistakes i never made it that far to bring a girl in my Room and had sex with her ok it was just Oral sex but is she flaking just because i did not get a Boner the first time i mean thats just a practice thing i had this problem with som ex girlfrinds aswell i would love to meet her but i cant send her anymore messages with facebook messenger because i think she blocked me is there any chance i could still see her should i make another Account and Contact her? is she mad because i did not get a Boner emedetly? i rly her and on facebook it says shes single im missing her too and thinking about her the whole day cmon even after sex girl still flake? any advide please

Edit: I tried to text her with new facebook account no answer so far... :(

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 9:08 am 
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