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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:14 am 
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I’ve been meaning to write one of these for a while. Mainly because some of the lays that I’ve pulled out the bag in my time have had taught me some valuable lessons (that I sometimes need to keep reminding myself of) and are almost certainly worth sharing with others. However, this particular conquest (to the best of my knowledge) was a first for me, so probably not a bad place to start: she was married with child.

There’s a quote in the game where Tyler talks about how he begins to lose trust in women as he sees ‘too much lying and infidelity from girls with bfs or husbands’ when he starts getting good at the game. Up until now, I’ve not myself experienced this too much. However, I know for sure it goes on all the time and although I rank in the high 80s, I can’t remember many (if any) lays where the girl has been taken. Well lads…my eyes have well and truly been opened.

My wing had bailed on me a few weeks before the trip, for what would have been our second visit to Prague. Although I’m not a fan of sarging solo and haven’t done it too often, I had fond memories of our previous trip so I decided to man the fuck up and not miss an opportunity to get my Czech flag. Note: my previous trip I’d only managed to convert an American backpacker, which my wing actually walked in on us mid-way through the act. So maybe this time, it was better for me to go alone after all! There was also a Pakistani girl from Canada, who I failed to break through her LMR – grrrrrrr! And also a Polish girl who I was too smashed to remember actually fucking, but I had used up a couple of condoms and was informed by my wing the next day that she was of poor quality. That’s beer goggles for you.

Anyway, my first night I was in pretty poor form. Only one number close and a handful of approaches. Although someone that night did tell me there was a big festival on that weekend and hence why it was pretty quiet that night, I don’t like to blame circumstances on my failures. Anyway, the less said about that night the better. I was determined for the second and final night to be a success…

As I walked in to club for a second night in a row, I went straight to the bar and ordered a beer. Next to me was a pretty drunk blonde 5, but with some pretty impressive breasts. She’d be perfect to warm-up on, I thought to myself. Through some broken English and a lot of help with translation from her friends, I found out it was her birthday and she was actually over 10 years older than me (as were the whole group). The blonde was instantly giving me IOIs and if I’d invested the time I think I probably could have converted it. However, I wasn’t prepared to suffer the awkwardness of the language barrier all night and put that amount of effort in for a poor quality lay – I’d only had one beer, plus some pre-drinks back at my hostel!!

After some cheeky kino on my part, coupled with a bit of playful dancing to try and build a bit of social proof for myself, the AFOG who’d been the main translator for our interaction started telling me her friend was ‘too drunk’ and not to let her drink anymore. As the alpha female, she was probably used to getting all the attention and was jealous of me giving her drunk mate all the attention etc etc (classic mystery method theory). It was at this point, I decided to make the AFOG my target as I simply could not resist the challenge. The AFOG was being annoyingly over-protective (admittedly in a pretty friendly way, but still!) and for good measure had by this point, casually dropped in to the conversation that she was married. Time for her to be sarged.

After a bit of negging from me about the AFOGs age and her boring life (I’d learnt she only really went out for special occasions e.g. birthdays, as she had to look after her 5 year old daughter) and some fluff talk, I started to get serious IOIs. She started holding eye contact. She laughed a lot at things that weren’t really that funny. She started asking questions etc. when I let the conversation fade away for just a second…I didn’t really use body language as a tactic here. Just some verbal cues that I might get bored of ‘the old mum’ and walk away to find someone else to talk to. I then tried challenging her, as I thought that a bit of qualifying could work wonders in this interaction. I teased her about her age once more and bet her she couldn’t get a boy’s number in the club anymore. She was too shy. I therefore proved my value first. I walked up to a two-set and number closed. (Secret: they actually both had boyfriends and wouldn’t give me their numbers. This was actually of course, not of concern. I needed the target to see me number closing at the first attempt. Or at least appear to number close. So I got the two-set to type in a fake number on my phone, right where the target could see. Job done.) The target took the bait and number closed a guy nearby and probably felt like hot shit for a second.

During the time it took to play this game of mine, I got probably my biggest IOI of them all: her friends had all left and she had decided to drink on alone/with me. They’d all gone to another bar which she’d agreed to join them at later (apparently). She suggested we go join them and as I didn’t want to follow her around like a puppy dog and still technically hadn’t even number-closed her, I suggested I take her number and I’d ‘maybe join her there afterwards.’ I made up some shit about needing to ‘re-join my friend.’ Besides, the night was still young and she would make a nice Plan B. I collected her number and she then stalled re-joining her friends and told me they were actually going to come back to us after all. (I figured she was probably lying about this). Game on.

We had some more drinks. To my surprise I got a kiss-close without being rejected, as there wasn’t a hell of a lot of kino going on and I didn’t really escalate it properly. That said, I started with a quick peck on the lips and then retreated. Then tongued her a few times after that, increasing the length each time and making sure I pulled back first. By this point I told her I was ‘getting tired’ and ‘might head back to mine,’ implying she should leave with me. I could see her cogs turning as she toyed with the idea of cheating on her husband and feeling guilty about it afterwards. I made up some shit about being spontaneous and not missing opportunities, trying not to sound too bait.

It eventually worked. Back to my place and to cut a long story short, my knees are now torn to shit. She gushed all over the bathroom floor – go mummy! She was grabbing my hand with her left hand as she did it – she’d left the wedding ring on, I noted. As she was pulling her clothes back on to head back home to her spouse, I snapchatted the little puddle she’d made on the floor so the boys had something to wake up to back in England.

To my surprise, she messaged me a couple of days after. Maybe she didn’t feel too guilty after all…

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