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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:25 pm 
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Sexy nerd chicks are maybe my favorite kind of chicks, but a boardgame-nerd was still missing from the list.

Her name is also S., and I met her on one of my last nights in Poland, at a huge welcoming party for the incoming Erasmus students; I still can’t recall what made us start talking to each other, but I remember it was hard to stop to – I didn’t even want to pick her up that night, just to get wasted dancing and drinking. While we were talking about everything and nothing at the same time, I started to notice the fine cut of her cheekbones, the fine grain of her pale skin - a striking contrast with her short jet-black hair – and warm chestnut eyes framed by large, nerdy glasses. I always felt strangely turned on by girls with glasses, or pale girls, or girls with short hair, so you can imagine how I felt attracted to her: so attracted that I almost didn’t noticed the terrible outfit she was wearing, and I even thought that her gray wool sweater was kinda cute. When we were running out of things to talk about, I heard that they were looking for volunteers to perform a traditional Polish dance with the dancers in costume. I really, deeply, suck at dancing, but I love it so much that I couldn’t resist joining, so I raised my hand and jumped in. I was the only idiot at the beginning, but after a while, more and more people joined, switching partners, and I found myself dancing with her. We both were terrible at it, but we had so much fun. We were close enough to kiss, but I pulled out: I started a relationship with a Polish girl just a few weeks before, and I wasn’t looking for something else. I left shortly after.

Months passed, and one day I received a message on Facebook from her, telling me that she was coming back to Italy and if I would have liked a coffee with her. At the time I broke up recently, so I needed something to ease my mind, and I accepted. Quite a weird thing happened just after I met her: we were walking around the city center of Pisa when I heard a "thud" behind me and saw her freezing in horror. A homeless that was passing by fell on the floor, open a deep cut on his eyebrow, and was having a seizure right in front of us.

Completely forgetting about the girl I tried to help him and give him some kind of first aid - I'm a son of a medic, so I knew something. Trying to remain calm and reassuring, I cleared the space around him and ask S. to call for an ambulance. I put the bag he was carrying under his head, placed him in the standard recovery position, timed the seizures and waited for the ambulance. When the paramedics finally came, I switched back my attention to the girl. The rest of evening went on smoothly, and I simply picked up the conversation where we left it months before. While kissing her at the train track, we agreed on seeing each other in a club the next day. There, I didn’t notice it was a trick.

I drove to her city, picked her up and went together to the club she wanted me to know…where we met all her friends, colleagues and members of the club…a boardgame club. You can imagine how I felt, right?

I like challenges, and even if I felt like an idiot at that moment, I accepted the challenge. While rolling dices, folding cards, and moving pawns I threw in my routines and stories and started some subtle kino with S., who was sitting at my side. By the end of the night, everybody liked me. I still think that she needed to have the green light from her friends about me, or that I at least needed to be validated by her group – what do you think about it guys? Anyway, I took a few long pauses to go to the bathroom, catch a breath or smoke a bit, so they’ll have a bit of time to exchange opinions about me, just to be sure.

Later in my car, while I kissed her goodbye, I clearly felt that she was turned on, but as soon as I tried to kiss her along the neck and the clavicle, she froze and pushed me back. She was nice and close to me all the night, so I ruled it as the usual LMR, and applied the basics.

I froze too, stopped kissing her, and checked my phone for a few seconds, then got back at kissing her. Gently at first, then a bit more passionate from the clavicle up to the ears – following the pulse of the artery instead of the sternomastoid muscle. When I started removing her top she stopped me again, and I froze again, this time for a little bit more. We remained silent for a while, then she literally jumped on me.

I thanked Mystery as we thank our Saints, while I was taking of her underwear, white and pure like a bonbonniere.


Now, usual questions: what would you have done differently, and why? Where should I improve?

K527 you are becoming a degenerate savage! :twisted:

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