Another lay by a short Asian. Destroyed LMR by pulling back.

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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 1:06 am 
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Just a few weeks back I've met this hot girl with a huge social circle through social media. Yes social media. At the time she had been talking to this guy for few months who took her virginity. The first date she wanted to hang out in a group because we're teens, and girls at this age girls aren't very experienced with dates with random guys. After the first time we had met up, I day 2 her and she came along with no resistant simply because she has already experienced me. During day 2 we made out and I was worried about being a clown building 0 attraction. I've made a post talking about it. ... h=f23e8828

Turns out she rejected my first few times of meet up because her friends were worried and on top she was seeing another guy. I persisted with a non-reactive non-needy text every few weeks (persistence along with non-neediness; 2 different things). On our 3rd date I pulled her back to my place but the resistance was strong with intercourse. I'm not sure where along the lines I've fucked up, but I pushed through by pulling back every time she said "we're moving too fast, we're not having sex". And suddenly I remembered a line from the RSD instructors (lol wtf). I told her that we're not doing anything she's uncomfortable with and she verbally responded with "Omg you're so fucking hot!". I went on my phone and started playing clash of clan, she was wondering what the fuck was going on. She started feeling me up and things got heated, I already had a condom in my hand and put it on while we we're making out. As I went for it again she had no resistance and said "fuck me". What I learned was that you can never fuck a girl through logical conversation. It's always the emotions you provide her. This is my 2nd lay of the year, I'm very proud. I've been cold approaching since the start of 2016. I have had my social status ruined in school because I've cold approached in high school... Yea stupid right. But that was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. After that incident, I've slowly progressed by simply following the process that was already lay out and tested. I've realized that not every girl is dtf the first day you meet her, different girls have different ways of viewing thing. I'm 17, so not sure if things are different in the older age groups.

Turns out she told the guy she was loosing interest and only wanted to be friends because he was wishy washy and unclear with his intent.
To all of you Asians out there thinking that girls only want the tall 6'2 jacked white guys, you're wrong. My mindset when I first start was that I'm a 5'4 125lb chinese kid, I will never get with a girl outside of my ethnicity. I've fucking destroyed my self-defeating thoughts and got what I've always wanted. Since the start of my journey, all I've ever dated and fucked were girls outside of my race. They were girls that's always been with tall white guys. And you'll have to realize that there are girls out there who only date certain types of guys, but when all of a sudden when you're different from all the chode guys who doesn't approach and take care of themselves. Girls will gravitate towards you. If a girl doesn't like you simply because of the way you look, then fuck them. They aren't worthy of your time anyways. But by no means I'm intermediate or advance, just following the process.

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