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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:05 pm 
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That one actually happened a while ago, and the beginning of this story dates back to my first days in Poland. It was one of the last warm nights before the Baltic winter, and I was dancing around in the crowded Makahiki Club in Sopot. All of a sudden some of the guys of the group went out to catch a breath, and I find myself surrounded by the rest of the girls: half drunk, sweaty and in desperate need of something refreshing, so I took my chances. I told them I would take a vodka lemon to take a break, and the would have been welcome to follow me at the tiki-bar near the dance floor, and they followed. I ordered drinks for everybody, and gladly all the girls reached for their purses to pay, all except one, S. A tall German in her early twenties, quite an anonymous face, but with what it seemed a nice body under the dress, and a wonderful pair of forest-green eyes framed by a golden waterfall of blonde curls. She looked at me and said something like – What, aren’t you going to buy me a drink? I stared at her a bit – Nope! – I said, and then I offered the drink to all the other girls, who were laughing at the scene at the same time. I felt somehow good, but as a thysis for my hubris I screwed it up later with some newbie mistake and didn’t manage to get laid that night.

Months passed one after the other, and I found myself again in Sopot, at the Crooked House in Montecassino. While drinking some cheap and yet delicious beer, when I felt someone’s hand touching my shoulder: it was G’s, a delicious Italian girl I met a couple of weeks before, fancied by my SPAM. We greeted, talked about her moving to a new apartment, then I joined her table where her new SPAM were waiting…a lovely and funny Spanish, an anonymous Polish, and S., the German. Two guys and four girls were something that we could handle, so I started throwing in a few funny stories that happened to me while there in Poland – usual routines, I sincerely can’t remember which ones – and I noticed the constant gazing of the German at me. I felt somehow flattered, so I glanced her back a few times and negging her telling everybody the Makahiki story as soon as she interrupted my story. I didn’t want to appear too much of an asshole, so I told her friends not to be too harsh on her, it happens to be rude while drunk. Seeing that I couldn’t get closer to her, I invited everybody to join me in a nearby club.

We laughed, we danced, we all had fun on the crowded, hot, multicolored wooden dancefloor, and while amidst the flow of changing tunes, hands and partners we ended up dancing together. Almost immediately she came closer for kiss…which I refused, whispering in her ear that I saw her kissing before with another guy while dancing. She froze, pulled me away, asking why I kept refusing her avances, that never happened to her and she couldn’t understand why it was happening with me. I admit that I was half-drunk, so I did something that I usually avoid to do, I bragged – You see S, it’s like with wine. If you’re an alcoholic you drink everything passing by, cheap and easy and shitty, and I’ve been there; now after a while, I’m starting to be a connoisseur, so I want to drink only the best, and most deserving, wines out there.

As soon as I said so I regretted it, waiting for the well-deserved slap.

…that didn’t come. S., instead, whispered in my ear - So, would you like to taste some German wine?

We rushed to my apartment nearby, were I was able to notice that her graceful body was even better than I hoped for: thin and delicate in build, but strong and firm, like a marble statue of a Roman Venus.


I have the strong feeling that I got laid just thank to alchool, her sexual drive and blind luck. What would you have done differently in the same situation?

K527 you are becoming a degenerate savage! :twisted:

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