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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:41 am 
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I was in Argentina, had just returned to Mendoza from climbing Aconcagua. The climb team had lunch together, some of the guys went to a place to get mani and pedicures, being out on mountain for weeks mountain in rather brutal conditions takes a toll on ones fingers and toes.

I decided to follow on later, I went to get some ice cream.

After that I went on to get my nails done, no pedi for me, I was ashamed at the shape my toes were in, lost four nails eventually. It was nearing late afternoon when I got to the place my buddies had told me about, Maria was just finishing up on Johnathan, I was next and lady.

So it was just me and Maria, the other guys had gone back to the hotel we were all staying at. She soaked my fingers, did a bunch of trimming and filing, worked on my gnarly hands some more, put on lotion, a typical manicure, no big deal ..... or was it?

I don't speak Spanish, she didn't speak English either, but we tried to communicate, then it struck me that she seemed to enjoy working on my hands, seemed to be a little TLC going on.

I ended up asking her out to dinner, she accepted, I came back s couple of hours later to meet up with her, she lived above her shop.

Maria was quite a bit younger, nice and thin, the way I like my women, longish black hair, pretty face, dark eyes, very exotic. She had changed into jeans and a white lacey blouse when I came back.

We walked around the neighborhood for awhile, in Argentina it is typical to have dinner later in the evening, 9pm was about the time we eventually settled in at a nice restaurant, lots of good food and wine in Mendoza.

We held hands, some touching was going on, she wasn't shy, I was thinking my chances of bedding her was about fifty fifty.

I'm leaving out details here, I'm running out of time...

Anyway, in order to get back to her place we had to walk by my hotel, I asked her if I could check at the front desk for messages from my buddies so we walked in the
lobby, some of my companions from the climb were in the bar.

I nodded my hellos and then, going with my vibes, I just guided Maria over to the elevator and waited for the doors to open, my climbing buddies were surprised they told me later.

Maria and I got on the elevator, we kissed passionately on the way up, got out and went to my room, she just followed my lead!

So the chances escalated 100%, we had our clothes off in about 3 seconds. I have my techniques, she loved them, I can't emphasize too much to you younger guys how important eating pussy correctly is.

Paramount with most women is to tease and nibble, not rushing, eventually working up to licking and sucking on her clit, and then eventually fingering her G Spot at the same time as pleasuring that clit.

I proceed to do so with Maria, after what I think was the best climax in her young life, she virtually demanded that I fuck her hard and deeply which I did.

Ok, I've cut some corners here but you get the jist.

We made love two more times before morning, she sucked me off somewhere in there, I can still feel her
tongue's texture wrapped around my cock.

She had to go to work the next morning, I never saw her again, that my lads is the story of my Mendoza encounter.

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