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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:02 am 
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Strange memories on that nervous night in our apartment. Ten days ago? Maybe eleven? Too much drinking, too many girls.

Earlier this month a Bulgarian girl that he's gaming came out with the idea of a birthday party for her roommate - quite an ugly girl, and also crazy. I mean not cute-crazy, not smart-crazy, just crazy, mc-chicken-nugget-crazy. In a rush of hormones, my roomate invited both of them, as well as her friends, to our apartment to have a party before going out to drink more. I felt something was off, but he's my wing, a friend, and I had to help him handle the girls and ultimately bang the Bulgarian.

But, as usual, things went out of hand: we were going to have a home party with me and my SPAM, two other guys, an insane amount of alchool and more or less 22-25 girls. Being my SPAM alredy with a target, that leaved us with a guy/chick ratio of at least 1 to 7.

It all started around 8:30pm, when the birthday girl and three of her friends came in, among them the Bulgarian (my roommate target), who started pouring some drinks while I was entertaining them with a weird story that happened to me a few years back, about a beach party and 5lt of pink wine. After more or less half an hour, people start knocking on my door almost at regular intervals: a horde of screaming girls invaded my apartment, as well as a couple of average guys that I’ve never seen before, then a call - my roommate missed the train, I had to buy him time. Remembering the suggestions I’ve received from the community (DJ_Z, itchybrother, Curtis72, Autoregressive, neo87, Charity_, Hubcap, HBwarm-Cph...thank you all, I mean it!) I called a friend of mine to bring also his roommate to even the numbers a bit. What I didn’t know, was that after our call also my roommate had the idea to call a couple of friends more.

Around 10:30pm the apartment was so crowded that you could barely find a place to put your glass, don’t even mind to sit: an international meeting of drunkards dancing and moving around, trying to communicate to each other in at least a dozen of different languages.

With different groups already formed, I wished to try to merge different opened sets. It was quite simple to do: I started a conversation in a group, then created various threads of conversation while locking girls in – hold this for a sec – as well as passing or nearby groups – I’ve got to say you something later – and giving the idea that we had a lot more to say to each other. Having this thing running in various groups allowed me to find common topics of conversation in order to merge groups – oh, really? I was just talking about it with my friends, I have to introduce you. That worked like magic: while moving around I could feel the eyes of the girls upon me, and I could see the first sparks of jealousy while I was speaking with others. Later that day I found more or less 10 more phone numbers in the contact list, that became 3 different Day-2.

Among all other, I saw E. (Who’s E? Check it out here field-reports/slow-game-days-with-vt200080.html).

I hadn’t invited her on purpose, but having friends in common there was a high chance that she would have known anyway, and it turned out so. Seeing her looking at me while I was speaking with so many girls was a delight, as well as looking at her speaking with other guys when I passed nearby. Then she pulled her move – hey old man, let me prepare a drink for you. I accepted, thinking you better take care of me Lord, if you don't you're gonna have me on your hands.

I later discovered that the drink that she mixed for me in my cup was composed in a small part of different fruit juices, and at least 3/4ths of it was simply pure, 40° Soplica, the traditional Polish vodka. Insta-drunk.

The next few hours are just a confuse series of flashes in the dark, hazy memories of drunkness and depravity: our hands touching, the party ending, us starting making out in front of the guests, shots of alcohol and gold, people walking out of our apartment, pulling down her hair while biting her neck.

The smoothness of her young naked body under my hands.

Later I offered her some water, and we talked about us until she felt asleep. After a while I left the bed, rolled a cigarette and start smoking at the window.

In the clear and cold Baltic night I took a look, and under the moon I could see the cold pink glow of the sun rising behind the dark silhouette of the roofs.

K527 you are becoming a degenerate savage! :twisted:

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