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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:12 am 
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So today I went to the grocery store to get some chicken and fish. After I picked what i needed I went to the check out lane. I was on lane #2. I looked to my right and I made eye contact with a HB7 who happened to be on lane #5. It was a firm eye contact. I looked back at the person ringing me out and paid. As I take a few steps walking away after paying I looked back again and we made a solid eye contact for the second time. That was my signal.

I slowly walked to my car to give her enough time to pay for her stuff to possibly meet outside. I got to my car and by the time I got to my car she was walking out and looked at my direction. I get into my car and drove to the side of the parking lot where she was located. I pull up next to her, rolled down my window and it goes as follows:

Me: “you know, I usually don’t make eye contact with people like that” (with a smile)

HB: “oh really?” (She’s smiling as she walks towards my passanger window”

(This is where I do a fake out)

Me: “yes really, anyway have a nice day”

HB: “you too” (with a smile)

Then I pretend to drive away. I drove about 5 yards. Then put my car in reverse pulled up next to her again nd I say

Me: “add me on Facebook”

HB: (she comes back to my passenger window while leaning in) “what’s your name?” IOI

Me: “Pull out your phone and add me on Facebook, I would get out of my car but I’m on a hurry (I wasn’t)”

She pulls out her phone. Hands it to me

Me:” I’ll message you later”

HB: “okay” who smiling.

We have been messaging back and forth for the past few hours. Will keep you guys updated. I chose to get her Facebook as oppose to her number because I’ve gone on a few trips recently. Posted pictures of adventures things. She will see those and that will create DHVs. P.S while messaging her she told me putting the car in reverse was a smooth move

I used a more of direct approach without negs because of the eye contact we made.


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