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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:53 pm 
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Badboys. What are they, why are women attracted to them, what can we learn? Can we become like them?

Two things we know about badboys- women, even the "good" girls, our friends and daughters and sisters and our crushes love them, to our detriment and envy and jealousy, and we men hate them and envy them and are jealous of them. That cannot be good. I consider envy to be a sign we should be pursuing the thing. Don't be yourself, become yourself.

Now, badboy and good guy- these are just general terms. Is the badboy a woman's ideal- at least sexually, or is there a higher ideal? I hope so, for that I want to be- a gallant bad boy, gallant in public and bad in bed, wild, and passionate. I'm emotionally conservative like a german, but I have a wild side. The thing is you have to not just know it but show it or women won't care.

I don't think women like getting hit, beaten, abused by some bad boys, but they feel so attracted sexually to them, so they are drawn in, like we would be to a super-model. Badboys are male supermodels to women, but that doesn't mean they have quality character. Someone I'm sure with ALL the positive traits of a badboy, plus positive traits of a gentleman, would be ideal. Try walking the middle way- see how easy that is. But I refuse to compromise, I am marriage minded. I intended to be gallant at the beginning and surprise them with my badboy side, but we live in a fast paced world and I've been beaten out by sudden rivals before I had the chance. Felt they prejudged me but can't complain, can only learn. That is why "speed seduction" idea appeals to me- not the RJ stuff but the idea, because I like to take life slowly, but we live in a fast paced modern world- we don't have this luxury. Think also women are so independent and supported in so many ways, plus they are jacked up on their version of porn, ergo, they have high expectations, they want to be swept off their feet. I could do it, I intended to do it gradually, slowly, naturally, normally like my grandparents, and continue growing with my mate- but our society is changed, under the influences of many things unexpected to our grandparents generation. It's not just what you know but what you show and I'm tired of losing especially to macho or badboy rivals. Try going the middle way, the narrow way! It would be easier to be an all out womanizing PUA but that screwed with my morals and my brain. It would be easy to be gallant as long as one likes being single.

So what makes a badboy attractive? That is what I'm trying to FULLY understand, in MY way. I really want to assimilate it, even if it takes days and months. I want to be born again in this knowledge, on the deepest level. I'm a theory kind of guy- I love theory and abstractions. Before talking about it, I want to go back a bit and say what I realized- about decisions and feelings.

It's not that I don't know what women demanded, desired, wanted, in relationship, romance, sex, etc. I simply had no idea the importance women give FEELINGS when it comes to decisions about whether to sleep or be with a man. I think women make decisions, at least regarding men, in the same way children make decisions that they want to have ice cream for dinner. It is not mind driven but feeling decision. Therefore, it is only a "decision" in the most technical sense. But I also know I must not insult or offend them unnecessarily, for that would not serve me but only my stupid male pride, which often gets me in trouble. Women want to believe they make rational decisions I'm sure. I don't know. I don't know anything anymore except FEELINGS are like sacred signs to them. I love and respect women's intelligence and person, but now when it comes to their judgment on men. Who is to say the nice guy doesn't have a passionate side?

I'm sure we men do the same thing. If we see a conservatively dressed Christian woman who won't sleep with you until marriage, we assume she has no passion, right, or she's high risk. The opposite could be true! Who are we to be prejudiced? Yes and that brings up another thing- people and women especially like to avoid risk. Who are we to make them feel like they are taking a big risk. we have to give them butterflies, romance, attraction, by being strong. I still haven't even gotten to what the qualities are but I've built a foundation. I'm not an expert or a master. I just am trying to break to higher levels of understanding myself so I can if not completely control things, at least avoid the bullshit. I'm kind of a control freak - tired of losing- and an authoritative personality. I expect women and youth and others to submit to me so I can look after them. That is not being a bad boy per se but it is like it in some ways- attractive, if it doesn't freak them out, which it often does. And that is another thing I have to work on, not freaking people out sometimes, from the intensity I can sometimes put out.

It all comes down to understanding feelings, judgments, decisions and women. We men- we act like men, eat like men, sleep like men, and think like men and feel like men and express feelings like men. We have to meet women where they are. We have to speak their language, or our language but send them the right signals, not only in relationships but in the wee early stages of courtship or attraction.

When a woman chooses a badboy instead of not a nice guy but a good wholesome guy who could also do the job if she but knew, that can definitely feel emasculating. The challenge there is to not spin out of control and make a decision to be someone false or get self-destructive but to commit to a total war and transformation and evolution and growth, which requires humility and purpose. I arrogantly feel I have the nobles purpose of all those on these boards. I'm not saying I'm alone in this but my purpose is marriage, an exciting marriage where I protect and provide, she cooks and homeschools and sexes me and raises children, and we have passion and change the world together and pray together. It doesn't matter, these women need excitement. They want to be swept off their feet. They want to be wooed, they want you to court them- werben in German, same word that means "to apply". That's one thing PUAs do excellently, they apply themselves to a woman, even if they only want her sex. Either she is fine with that too, or thinks a relationship could grow and it is worth the risk of it not happening, or else she is deceived. If not the later, then who am I to judge? This behavior that we do here, I see it now- it makes women feel feminine and that means feel good, because we feel good when we are made to feel manly. I only hope that we don't become plastic, artificial, objectifying. I like being humanizing, authentic, true (like my name treu) but that is what is hard, but to get something of true worth, a wonderful wife, it is not easy, but it gets easier with time. I am only doing online right now because I am out of my home country for 6 months more, and wanted to marry a local, so that is partly I think why I struggle. I am new to it and have high standards so rarely find a woman that excites me, it is a bummer when I screw it up. I have a lot of personal changes to make, including being more purposeful- that's a very big one. That means staying on point, being direct and short. In many ways I have to learn to be a good commander. One of the attributes of a badboy is mystery. Erik is right, mystery is attractive to them, the females. I think I spill a little too much of it, or confuse women with my thoughts, my point. It is dawning on me, I am out of touch with what they are looking for in a man, or expecting from him. We here are not controlling women, we are not "seducing them" unless we defraud them by leading them down wrong paths. We are not controlling them.. all we are really doing is meeting their expectations- that which they expect and dream of from a lover. Perhaps it is a trust issue- without giving them a sign or preview, they don't trust I can deliver. Perhaps this becomes an issue with my pride being offended. I shall let go of it for love's sake. I still haven't even gotten to the attributes of a bad boy. Most of the work anyway has to be done preparing the soil for the seed.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:46 pm 
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This is what I need the most help with but I also understand it needs to be my own journey. How do you change your personality, how do you change your character? Life must change it, through pain and suffering. You won't change without pain exposing the disorder. You have to let grief do it's work.

I am reading articles on being a badboy. One article I read talks about how badboys like to have FUN. I guess this is not something I focus on in my life. I see myself as an old fashioned man and I don't want to be responsible for making my life fun, but I wonder if this puts me at a disadvantage. I can make fun by flirting and so on but I don't want to dissipate my energy through hobbies. I don't want to be stubborn either, I want to get a girl. Most importantly I want my life to have purpose and meaning- even if I didn't get a girl, that's what I want, but I want a wife and kids. I want my meaning to come through marriage and children.

Again I over-estimated mind and thoughts, in trying to get engaged to a woman, and underestimated emotions and especially attraction, challenge, etc.

Also trust and attraction must go hand in hand. I feel when I could get attraction I don't get any trust and they want to avoid me for that reason alone. When I get trust I don't get attraction. The two have to come together, and that is a sticking point. Most of my problems seem to be problems of timing, or getting to a sweet spot, not too much of one thing, nor too little. I would say it seems I have bad luck but I don't believe in that, I must take responsibility.

I think of myself a bit as Beethoven, eccentric and hard headed, and focused but on his own path. I am listening to him now, but I also like Mettalica. James Hetfield is great. They are both great men of european descent. We must be proud as white Europeans. God knows the world wants to shame us and press us down. I am proud of my race, my heritage, my history.

So to be bad, "bad". I truly don#t want to put my needs first, which is what one blog said. I guess that is because I have a need to serve, so I am putting my need first but I have to serve up some fun probably.

But let us look at the qualities they find attractive and compelling- yes compelling, in badboys. If I can make things compelling- well then I win, don't I? I want you also to know I'm not far from going insane- but insanity is close to genius, is it not? I winn so I can gewinn- in the old english, I struggle so I can win. Run your races people. My prize is pussy from a wife, who serves me and I her. That is my top prize and goal, and what I seek to attain and why I am here.

They like mystery? Why? They like authority? I know why they would like that. They like strength- I know what they would like that- they want protection and security and geborgenheit. They want passion- I can understand that- and excitement. They want someone to be a leader, to lead them into sexuality, because they as women are risk-adverse, so they seek out the sexual leaders (think esp of Howard Stern for this) so I can understand why this person would compel them- certain of them. If you exude sexuality and they are women who want to express their sexuality, well then, guess what will happen? Will they not be attracted (drawn) to you? Badboys also know what they want more clearly I would assume, and I know this is something women want, crave, need and desire (to the point of it being painful if their mates don't have this quality). Why? Maybe because they want to follow and how can they follow a rudderless person? They want to admire and respect you.

All this so far doesn't sound so "bad" at all. Why do we disparage bad boys so much then? There may be other traits I'm missing but perhaps one of the reasons is envy, and jealousy a second. A third might be different morals- if the badboy sleeps around and conservative people want to live in a traditional society. I expect most people here don't believe in the traditional Christian God. When I was on these forums years ago I was going strongly agnostic. I dunno! Now I have more faith in God the father, who is hyper-masculine and I don't want to offend him. I also think his way is right. Anyway I believe I'll be held accountable for what I do and don't do.

Feelings! Women want feelings but we must be careful to over-generalize. Some women are more mental but of course all are human! If you make someone, anyone feel excited, do you not also draw them?

Hooks- I need to find ways to hook women better and more easily, so they don't get away, so I can slowly lead them to love me. I didn't hook this woman enough and she slipped off the line to my great surprise and disappointment, but I can maybe get her back. I hate to give up, it offends my pride and that's why I'm here. It started out as a quest to get her back and in love and then it became something bigger. I want to be free in the mind.

In some ways Stalin was the ultimate Bad boy. Uncle Joe, he did what he wanted. History has a lot of Bad boys, and not all get punished in their lifetimes either, but man "nice guys" do. That's just history.

How to make inner changes? I have many inner changes I need to make. I guess it takes pain and insight. You need to combine new insights and instructions with grief work and feeling the pains and unmet desires. That's what I think anyway. Life must change us or we stay ridiculous and can't see our own faults. I am only trying to grow in the mind, grow in wisdom and understanding. We have to be careful about beliefs also, as they govern behavior. Assumptions are the most dangerous- they are beliefs that didn't make it through a critical process of examination, and along with them are their opposites, incredulities- those ideas that did make it through but we still are not accepting them. Doubts, in other words, even when presented with evidence. Both are damaging to our functionality as people, as women-seekers. I work on clearing both out of my mind and subjecting everything to criticism but then accepting what passes muster.

I think our greatest, our only main power, is the power of desire, and that is why we must never repress it, even if it hurts. when we accept our feeling of desire, even when we lack, we turn the universe to our cause, we make the necessary changes in our personalities and characters and lives. It is great to desire, and even much greater in the face of failure. I know what I desire, but I'm trying to make it sharper.. I am currently pursuing one, committed in a total war situation. That will be my new M.O. until I get what I want. It focuses me, otherwise I become horribly unfocused, chasing multiple people and still trying to hold a life. I can go without sex and even masturbation. I can't live without focus, purpose. I never put my identity or self-esteem on the line or table--- why would I-- unless I get attached and believe something is happening. That is what happened- I was honestly deluded. I think she behaved scandalously without realizing it, but I'd been out of the game so long and am out of touch with modern culture so she was probably just being typical. Attachment and then loss ALWAYS hurts one deeply, but the same can be occasion for change, life change and growth, which is what I'm trying to make of it, but it is always painful. I think many PUAs don't get attached, and I think that is a mistake. Do they not want love? But at the same time, to get too easily attached is also a mistake.

My ultimate desire and purpose, besides having meaning and purpose in my life and love, is to see the world clearly and understand it. We don't fully see and understand it if we don't understand the role women and their emotions and expectations play in the world, in culture, in history, in male motivation. Women rule us by their expectations- even PUAs. Especially PUAs. We are really just conforming to their expectations, just admit it-- not that we can't also make them conform to ours- especially after they get attached or attracted. We can and should, which is what manhood academy is about, but let us not deny it. We are here to learn to be "bad" to conform to their romantic expectations or desires. People say I am so much mind. I am. If I talk to much like this around women (but on different subjects) I lose them. They say "I'm sorry, I don't understand". Especially the Asians, who are willing. I don't care about them, but they say "I'm sorry I don't understand". This, when done to a woman I care about, is a personality flaw. Otherwise I am a busy man. I need to understand my role and job as a man better, around women. I still can't believe they want me to be leader. Incredulity :( but since it's true, I must figure out what it means in the details, and fulfill their expectations, otherwise I get punished, by disinterest or something. Life is constantly training and shaping us. We all have our paths. My path is aimed toward peace but also love- family love.. if God gives it to me. I'm here to learn how to be exciting, give emotion and attraction, to be discerning and improve my personality to be able to make better impressions on women and gain their trust better. These are things I don't usually give a f about, but I do give a F about getting a high quality woman. My path is in between pure seduction of quantity woman, and the normal slow boring path most men may take in finding their partners. I want to be heroic but most of all successful.

I want to destroy a lot of things. I've discovered that recently- I want to be a destroyer. There is a time for everything, a time to build and a time to destroy, and there is a lot that needs destroying. I am reading Carl von Clausewitz! He's my new teacher and inspiration! I believe what Gavroche said, "everyone's equal when your dead", so we should not focus on equality as an idol. Part of my mission or purpose is the destruction of a lot of things. I will make enemies, but they have wanted to destroy me first, my race and the values I hold dear, and my preferred institution and society, so I will be at work and at war setting about destruction of everything I see as degenerate or toxic, as well as destroying my rivals if I can, in pursuit of certain women. I want to surround them and route them and send them running away or make them defenseless. Our only certain weapon at the end of the day is our desire- and it will manifest if nothing else gets in the way.

So I need to keep identifying the positive traits of badboys and incorporate them into my being naturally, and keep myself from the negative, and I need to assimilate also the positive traits of the gallant man. In general I need to improve my personality and be more in touch with the object I seek. Pain is my chief guide. Pain teaches me more than anything. Pain shows me the disorder, either in myself or in society, and since I am a man, up and coming, I must take the responsibility on myself- they put it on my shoulders anyway, for to improve the society for my children and children's children.

I saw a man, eh took my girl from me when I was slowly getting to know her- years and years ago. I had known her longer. I had just started seeing her after the summer on this college trip. I hardly had a chance even to fail or be a loser, be a wuss, which perhaps I may have been but I had not even that chance before he touched her here and there, talked up a storm, to her and to all of us as well. I can't compete against that, even now, but I could maybe short circuit it, by leaning back and tossing rocks into their conversation that derails it and biding my time. I am much stronger now but I wonder, if I had to do it over again, how it would be with my present knowledge. Anyway he kept talking and touching. talking and touching together, in the manner he did, is a real combination. I'm sure she felt flattered, feminine, desire and turned on and opened up by all of this. From her point of view she was not expecting it because she did not expect to meet him. We were all incoming freshmen on a canoe trip up north. So she got swept off her feet- but then dumped. I wonder what became of her. Maybe she suffered as much as I did. I didn't do enough to seek her out in college. I regret that but I did what I could in those days. That experience made me bitter, confused, perplexed and set me on a course, that influenced me coming here. That made a strong impression on me. Maybe I shouldn't have so soon tried turning to tactics like these. Maybe I should have just written that off as bad luck, but it stuck I guess, and the rest is history. But I think I may need to be better at talking and touching. I really believe I know how to do everything, and do it right, and lead to passionate relationships- my main three problems are the window of time I have with modern women combined with competition. Things are not like they used to be. I don't care about what impression I make on people--but perhaps I should care more. Is wearing a little cologne a bad thing, submissive, or is it something that would make her happy, for example, like her wearing a dress on Sunday would make me happy? I don't even want to go fast, because I think it is superficial, but I also don't want to lose. That's where the idea of "hooks" come in- jut get them emotionally hooked somehow and reel them in slowly but one thing is sure- I don't want to lose the girls again and again. They always get impressions. They are most attracted to man's minds, they have told me, and personality, and yet them don't even get to know me, because they get certain impressions. Well again all this has been online because I'm not in my home country, and I want a native girl. I am very angry that this woman did this to me, string me along, broadside me, get me attached, and be so beautiful, and now she wants this other guy whose not even from the same country, and also throw away her nordic genes to a latin and the blond race is decreasing at a rapid pace as it is, and she was prejudice about me not having a wild side. I really feel I can't lose. I can't let this go anyway. but I will use that anger for a purpose of growth and self-mastery if that is possible. Everyone preaches love but I find it ok to hate. If it is bad to hate, let me be bad! Surely the world has hated me. I don't care! But then I will love again. Now that I'm older, I understand Metallica's music a lot better now. I want above all to make a good husband and lover after being man of God. this include being a good lover, and exciting, and I believe I have been and can be and will be but I have to take this side out of me sooner before they grow restless. They can be unforgiving. Yes women can be the most unforgiving, if they are not attached to you. We men, we have honor, we believe in debts and duties. Women will begrudge the littlest thing if they don't want to talk to you anymore, but if they are attached (well sexed and given hormones) they'll forgive lies, cheating, racism, so much- hoping you'll change. Women don't love in the same way men do, at least not generally. What they call "love" is either infatuation or else attachment. My way is hard because I don't sell out to the system of political correctness, nor do I sell out to the other system of Go Fu-k 10 other women and just chase pussy like an object. Does this mean I shall judge? No, but I know what my purpose is and I know what my career goals are now, and I am going forward, closing circles and I have my aims. I don't want to be a bad boy, I want to be a strong man but I also want to be exciting. In many ways Vladimir Putin is a god role model, among other historical figures. What does bad boy mean? In the end, it mean different thing to different people and we must define our terms before we start. Some women giggle at the simplest things, others are ready to strap on a you know what. Are you true to yourself? then you are free as a man, and if you can excite and arouse a woman I think you have what badboys have, but I think you have to show the sexual desire side earlier. I think just as in all areas, women are waiting for leaders, so they are waiting for sexual leadership. The gunwitch ideas are good here. It depends on the woman but I think they need this, sooner rather than later, since being jacked up on hollywood. I just want to sweep her off her feet, and close the deal or get her attached so that I can look out for her best interests. It's hard being the single one without babies, but I can have a magic life, with the gifts of appreciation and self-awareness but I will be working on learning what is attractive about "badboys" and also why attraction matters so much in a woman's choosing to unite with a man and surrender herself to him

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:47 am 
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This is kind of just a running monologue as I process and organize my thoughts. When I go to visit this girl, who is a real prize, assuming everything logistic goes without hitch, then I can guess what my main challenges will be, and for them I am preparing now. One has to learn as a man to be sexual, to come across as a sexual being, who can convince them that their sexuality is safe with them, especially for marriage minded women. Wow, how dense and out of touch I was. It is understandable but looking back I am appalled at my ignorance on the subject, on women's attitude to sexuality and marriage acceptance and believe in a guy's ability as represented by his charisma, charm, sexual energy. I must simultaneously work to demonstrate this- and for that i am reading and re-reading gunwitch, I am listening to romance novels, and I am mostly trying to awaken the sexual beast inside of me and not repress it. That is the hardest thing because it taps one into the pain one feels in one's heart from the lack--- but NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!

I want to prepare myself so I am prevented from getting rattled by her. I will play the Realpolitik game that women seem to demand. Keep your power, keep your mystery, keep your charm, keep your strength, sweep women off their feet, not yourself, get women nervous, not yourself- at least don't show it, keep your feet planted on the ground, don't blow it, but perform well. It is a performance act 100%. They love you for what you do, not how you look, pretty boy. I am preparing myself mentally, like a war. I know what my aim is, my aims are. I know my aims and that is a strength, if I can allow myself to feel my pain and my passion. I must trust in myself. TRUST IN YOU AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

That said, and on this foundation I must go, but that said there is something I want to make a distinction about and become wise about and clear about in the mind, which is important, weighty, heavy. What is the difference between desiring a woman and making her hot and sexually aroused, and attracted and turned on and feeling butterflies and chemistry and nervousness and happiness, versus a man putting out that same energy or a similar energy but she feels creepy, scared, freaked out? This is important. I "know" what the answer is- the difference between desire and desperation, the difference between wanting and needing, of being dependent versus independent. The knowledge that you know she wants sex is empowering too especially. I know this is so, that this is the difference- want versus need, desire versus dependence, but what of the middle areas: craving, yearning, longing? These are what I feel. In that case I should probably become skilled at teasing and tormenting. If it is to be a war, there as got to be torture, and I will do the torturing, extracting confessions! Women don't want pity, at least not more than they want strength. Kill your inner girl. Don't worry, she will never die, she will keep her mouth shut though, until the time is right, if you train her to keep silent. So I know the difference that makes the difference- the difference between want and need and why this matters to a woman, how one turns them on and the other freaks them out, but I haven't really widened this distinction. I haven't fully understood it. I must become smarter here, sharper in the mind, more understanding of women so that I can be insured against being this guy. If I could but see the world from her eyes! Well I can try. If they could see the world from our eyes.

So, I think I get it, but my desire is hot, and I want to really get it, I mean really really get it, otherwise I'll keep attracting the one's I'm not so interested in. 8 days and counting. Total war. Kill all neediness, long live desire! My hands all over her tits, or stroking and caressing them gently, the budding hardening nipples getting firm and erect as I take them in my hands and squeeze them.

That's something of the attitude I've got to have. How hard it is- maybe because men are not naturally verbal, to get him to the point where he can think like this, articulate like this, how much pain he has to go through. Having been a lot on the forums 10 years ago- not claiming to be any master, and having thought a lot about difference between male and female mind, relationships principles, psychology in general, attraction and authority dynamics, etc and just lately started listening to erotic novels- I believe they are the best and fastest way into a woman's mind and into your power, to understand her beliefs and who you have to be. Find one that appeals to you, with the kind of characters you like and can identify with. I've only listened to one and started my second- and do an audiobook, but I can already feel the power- much better than listening to mystery or something- you actually learn their mind, from fantasy. Women are sexual and men are erotic (otto weininger). Porn is sexual. You have to give them erotic enjoyment. They give you sexuality. They don't need more sexuality. That's why they call this erotic fiction, not sexual fiction.

I believe sexuality, broadcasting it, smirking- NOT SMILING like a nice guy, or even like a confident man, but smirking, thanks to wing girl and erotic novels, doing things like this will serve my purpose indirectly of crushing resistance in her, and crushing her thoughts and feelings toward the other guy that are developing- if anything will do it. Not even making her laugh, unless it is a nervous sexual laugh or giggle. I used the laugh method before, and I really got her laughing, and I wasn't a wuss, but did it work? Ha, no. I didn't create the right frame for myself. Women seem to rely on frames and impressions, more than men in my opinion. I go to secure a sexual frame. I believe this is the fastest way to destroy upcropping resistance, and the fastest way to get her to de-attach to him is for her to re-attach to me. Forget about morality, arguing to her why it is not immoral and why she is not committed, or any such nonsense like that. Because women have minds of their own and love their opinions, they want to have come up with the links themselves. they don't want to be puppets- well at least not puppets of the mind, to be told what to think. They want to serve and submit, but through the heart, through feeling, feelings, attraction and lust and infatuation. They will, I imagine, do all the belief modification and rationalization necessary. If your attraction is not strong enough to break their other ties, well I think one must just increase the attraction. I suspect this will work and I suspect there is no other way. We have to make women irresponsible. I am not for this except in desperate situations where you know you are the right man for her in the long run and there is a risk of loss. She's white and I'm white and that makes it all the more right, hehe. Gotta get that racial stuff in there. I don't give a fuck.

I'm really a good guy, but one who has to pretend to be a badboy. Children like when you play with them and pretend things and play games, for fun. Hey, women need this too- who are we to judge, us arrogant men. Arrogance will make you masturbate or go home alone. That's a lesson I need to deeply internalize. I want to be a functional man from the woman's point of view. I will be. I will fight to be, and fight to win her. If I fail I will move on, but I don't think about failure, I think about success and how I am going to accomplish it. Amen. The power of released sexuality. Sexuality is the bomb I was seeking. Sex bomb is a real concept. Sexuality is the gun I was needing to shoot. Sexuality is my weaponry- at least a major part. If my weapons don't function, do you think i will win the war, or even one battle? Something to really think about- I want the best weapons. It matters. It matters a lot, not just knowing how to use them but possessing them highly developed. Blitzkrieg if possible, long drawn out war if necessary, teasing and tormenting to make them hotter faster, paradoxically, in certain circumstances. Desire and preparation are my two weapons. Prove to her I can lead her sexually. They really do micro-analyze. can we even know what a woman's mind is like? A constantly insecure mistrusting overanalyzing grading categorizing evaluating object of curiosity full of compulsion and sudden urges to act and say things- and what's more, they want to lose control. whereas for us it would be torture, they crave it. The hardest thing to believe is generally the truth.. I mean to really believe it. Aims.. it must all be for a purpose. My purpose is noble, so i am empowered. I may fail but I am ready and willing to fight. Nothing else matters. Take down! Be on top! Oversee her falling for me. Hook her like a crack dealer, but on one's love and masculinity. I'm a good guy but I must pretend to be someone I also am. Become yourself. Peace.

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Can we be honest?

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