Your #1 Enemy To Getting Good With Women: Is It POSSIBLE?

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WARNING: In this article I’ll share with you one of the most important things i had to overcome
to get good with girls. I warn you to only read this if you actually want to get good with women.

So have you ever thought about this whole “succeeding with women” thing, and in the back of your
mind thought “Maybe this just isn’t possible for me…”

Have you ever tried to do something like talk with a woman, and after it didn’t go well, you thought “Who am I kidding,
this isn’t me…I’m not the type who is good with women…”

I remember going to my class reunion right after as I “succeeded” with women. After a long journey, I started
having a lot of success with women. I started dating really hot women, and they actually liked me for
who I was.

But as I was driving towards our reunion, I started feeling strange inside.

I started remembering all the negative stuff from my past, like being voted as the least popular guy in class in
the 5th grade.

I remembered how I used to be known as a guy who will probably never have a girlfriend. I remembered
being teased and made fun of by everyone as a kid.

As I was approaching our reunion destination, I felt as if my past self and my present self - collided.

I walked in and saw their faces. The feeling came back. I felt my face getting red and feeling like I was just
an imposter pretending to be someone I’m not.

But I kept breathing, and calmed down, and started talking with them.

And then something really strange happened.

As I was talking with them, I started noticing that most of them STAYED THE SAME.

It was as if someone froze them in time, and woke them up exactly as I left them.

Same thinking, same feeling and same behaving.

I on the other hand, CHANGED.

I was CONFIDENT, expressive, open and social. I knew how to lead the conversation.

Suddenly I noticed couple of them flocking around me and listening to what I was saying.

It was as if my improved self came back to the past, only this time being the person in the driving seat.

It was as if the power switched. I was the LEADER.

It literally felt like I went back into the past and became the popular kid in class.

They were talking with me, looked up to me and were trying to get my approval. They could FEEL my new
confidence and identity. It was as if they forgot who I used to be as a kid.

It was amazing.

As I was driving back home, I felt strange - somehow as if that feeling I had inside of not feeling equal, of not
feeling worthy, disappeared.

I was not aware of this feeling before I went to the reunion. I didn’t feel unworthy or inferior before that.

But that is the power of our subconscious mind.

Even though we’re not aware of our limiting beliefs and identities, they are THERE. And they control how we
behave, walk and talk with people and beautiful women.

So what I want to say is that in your journey of becoming good with women, your greatest
enemy that is standing in your way is YOUR PAST SELF.

Your past self is attached to who you were before. To how people used to see you.
To how people see you today.

If you never had success with women, when you try to get good, your past self will pull you back.

It will come out in the form of self-talk, of your mind telling you that

“Hey who are you kidding, this isn’t you…”

So what to do about it?

How can you overcome your limiting past self?

Well there are 2 ways.

There is the long analytical process where you think about who you were and how you don’t want to be that person anymore…

There’s also a psychotherapy way where you sit on the couch and cry about your childhood…

But to be more practical, I want to give you ONE sentence that helped me a lot
on my journey of getting good with women that can help you too.

This one sentence is this:

“Even though X, it is still POSSIBLE for me.”

Simple, right?

Now, X can be your height.

X can be your past relationships.

X can be your past identity
of a loser guy who can never have success with women.

It’s possible.

So does it work? And WHY it works?

Well your brain basically thinks in terms of POSSIBILITY.

If your brain doesn’t think something has a high chance of happening, it will find a way to turn you away
from it.

Just to give you an example:

Imagine I give you a map to a secret gold treasure in your backyard. If you really believed that treasure
was there, how motivated would you feel to go and dig right now?

On the other hand, if you thought it was a set-up, a joke and that it’s not there, how motivated would
you feel to dig then?


Now the thing to understand is that getting good with women is not some esoteric thing, this
grandiose thing that only the special among us can attain.

It’s actually pretty simple, but it starts in your MIND.

If you believe that you’re just another dude, another wanker, another AFC and that
success with women is reserved for some other guys, then you WON’T have success.

But if you believe that becoming good with women is the same as getting good at anything else, and
that it’s possible for you, then you’ll take more action.

And more action = more success.

The most important thing to believe in your mind is that IT IS POSSIBLE for you.

> It IS possible for you to become good with women.

> It IS possible for you to date THAT girl that you see on the street, who everybody turns their
head after.

It is possible.

Imagine this “It’s possible” like a muscle. I actually call it your POSSIBILITY muscle.

Just like your biceps, if you want to make is stronger, you have to REPEATEDLY lift weights.

That process rips the tissue of the biceps muscle and gives it space to regenerate and get stronger.

The possibility muscle works the same.

If it’s weak, your actions will be weak. Your mind will be stronger than you.

So you have to TRAIN it, by REPETITION.

Whenever you hear your mind say “This isn’t possible for you, who are you kidding?”
you immediately respond with “Even though X, it’s still possible for me.”

If you do this for a week, full 7 days, you will notice changes like never before. You’ll
suddenly feel more optimistic about getting good with women.

You’ll come up with new and better ways to get good. A video or a book will jump out for
you and you’ll find a resource to confirm that new belief.

So try it for a week. Put it on a posted note and put it in your bathroom mirror.

Remind yourself every day that IT IS POSSIBLE for you.

This is where it all starts.

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